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  1. annie at | | Reply

    she is the indianised version of queenie…always overdressed…too much happening everywhere…and by the way hate those bangs…..bringon a cleaner look….

  2. kind at | | Reply

    ha hah hahahahahaha! must be wanting to save on the laundry!

  3. pamjo at | | Reply

    …repeating??!! i salute that womans confidence…as for p&p…stop it girls…applaud the spirit….!!!

  4. NR at | | Reply

    This close??? May be she forgot to change..lol

  5. aparna at | | Reply

    well, her husband is not an industrilaist but a politician- so recycling is the name of the game. lol. but eww that outfit does nothing for the beautiful ms. pushkar!

  6. ha at | | Reply

    going by the 3rd pic, some ppl were saying thats madhuri with new hairdo haha

  7. pushoffkar at | | Reply

    Have to agree with P and P….this look as all her looks is a disaster! The lady looks a hot,molten mess everytime, well, some folks have style, some don’t.

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