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  1. renetta at | | Reply

    Really love Masaba’s look!

  2. DramaMama at | | Reply

    I am going to say this…I just don’t get Anamika Khanna.

    1. Megha at | | Reply

      You totally spoke my mind
      I don’t get it either. I must be fashion challenged

    2. MT at | | Reply

      Thank you, I so agree!

      1. DramaMama at | | Reply

        Oh thank heavens. I was worried I am the only one. I find some of her stuff baffling. Case in point: Sonam’s filmfare dress!

    3. sarah at | | Reply

      I love you for saying this !!!

    4. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

      Me too . Just don’t get her clothes most of the times. Weird

    5. sandhya at | | Reply

      You said it Drama Mama :) The fabric is stunning but the cut is WTHey…

  3. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Love masabas look from head to toe

  4. Puja at | | Reply

    Masaba’s heels are from Steve Madden.
    I have the same pair :D

  5. Tinash at | | Reply

    Both of them looks like horses hind legs with a decorative body cover. Sorry im tired of the silhouette and those net capes!

    1. Fashion bubble at | | Reply


    2. Pritha at | | Reply

      Oh yes! Thats wat i thought too! So funny! Horse hind legs it is.. Hahaha

  6. Bond at | | Reply

    I completely agree with DramaMama !

  7. GV at | | Reply

    Suhani’s shoes are Aldo.

  8. NS at | | Reply

    Anamika’s detailed work is exquisite, but her silhouettes need work. Every designer is struggling with the bottom half of an outfit – palazzos, dhoti pants … anything to get away from the churidhar. But no on has found a solution as yet.

  9. Ex fan at | | Reply

    Im soooooooo tired of seeing these dhoti churidars from anamika! Seriously girl they are just not fashionable. Off late her designs reminds me of superman wearing diapers! Cape – check…. Shoulder pads- check…Diaper churidar – check….!!!!

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