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  1. karishma at | | Reply

    she’s a beautiful woman who normally dresses very well. strange that she wore this bizarre outfit.

  2. wannabe at | | Reply

    Is that her hair shine or is she going grey??

  3. sarah at | | Reply

    OMG @ her white roots showing!

  4. kara at | | Reply

    Is it me or she needs a dye job?

  5. GossipGurl at | | Reply

    O god! What is she thinking!! Her outfit is hideous, hair are completely in a mess (someone’s way over due on the salon visit) and I think she needs bigger size shoes!

  6. SS at | | Reply

    Is that a one-piece dress? Bigger question is .. who came up with the idea of that cluttered neckline? Looks so odd!

  7. KK at | | Reply

    Why isn’t this a WTHeyyyy?!

  8. ltblmr1102 at | | Reply

    Yes. And she looks so tired too.

  9. Bloo at | | Reply

    Whats with the comments about her grey roots? She wants to be natural… hardly something to criticize…

  10. Rancy at | | Reply


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