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  1. crab at | | Reply

    Were they all performing or something?? Hideous, hideous, hideous. I have nor more words.

  2. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Could it be that the attendees are colour blind? I mean, I can’t really think of a reason why you would combine some of these colours (reference BLUE clutch with orange-red-strapless-kurta-chudidhaar enseble), wear such blindingly shiny colours (reference matcy-much blue sherwani ensemble), etc. Star Pariwar people need to get Star Makeovers!!!

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  4. Belle at | | Reply

    yeh…please tell me these were stage outfits?? coz sometimes they wear their stage outfits to the red carpet too…

  5. Belle at | | Reply

    damn i should have signed in, so i could edit my previous post…but i just looked through the gallery…Arjun Rampal looked good too! I wonder where Hussain and company was?

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  7. sraikh at | | Reply

    I seriously thought it was for a wedding or something.
    And there was an black/pink western outfit which looked like lingerie which got my vote for the worst dressed

  8. ena at | | Reply

    Even if they were performing….really…

  9. Megha at | | Reply

    i just got such a great laugh out of that
    thank you!!!

  10. Swishy Set at | | Reply

    This is why I can’t watch TV P & P, because of constantly being bombarded with these images of gaudily dressed people.

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    well, they are soap stars
    nuff said

  12. bella at | | Reply

    I think it’s a disgrace to our country that ‘so called’ stars would do such injustice to dressing Indian.. Not expecting them to be dressed in Cavalli but at least wear Indian clothes with taste!

  13. pan at | | Reply

    these soapers are such washouts…. eeeks wouldnt b caught dead in them

  14. Nick at | | Reply

    OMG.. these must be costumes.. not meant to be worn outside or shouldn’t be worn outside

  15. D at | | Reply

    Soap-y response to the soap-erstars’ clothes: Hai bhagwan, mujhe yeh dekne se pehle utha kyin nahi liya?!

  16. maya at | | Reply

    if this is a competition, the turquoise blue shoes with the turquoise blue outfit gets my vote :)

  17. Artie at | | Reply

    I am going blind! Heeeeeeelp!

  18. keya at | | Reply

    oooh my eyes hurt… they must be all those TV serial stars…… they dress the same on screen too….

  19. keya at | | Reply

    After reading comments here I was forced to check the gallery out… and… god oh god… I hated those outfits out there… Why is that so? whats their psychology behing these looks?

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  21. Gossip Gurl at | | Reply

    OMG!! They all are a new found definition for the word “ghastly”!
    ..could it get any worse! I cannot pick one person (guy or girl) who could come under “WTHeyy” cause the competition has never been stiffer!

    ..Farah emerges as a breath of fresh air amongst these people!

  22. Uzair at | | Reply

    Gaaahh, why is this event even being covered by you guys- isn’t it a given that it’ll be disastrous?! Some ‘Red Carpet’…. :O

  23. Gossip Gurl at | | Reply

    Ohhh….. btw, what is that girl wearing on her head in the 3 rd picture?? is it a piece borrowed in an SOS from a soap-y war show, where those back fighters wore it on their waist?? It sure is hideous!

  24. Uzair at | | Reply

    OMG, The Gallery is so disturbing!

  25. ria at | | Reply

    They got right out of the shootnig set on to the red carpet.
    OMG I have become color blind!!!

  26. pdabre at | | Reply

    Collective WTHeyy!!!!!!!!!!

  27. priyu at | | Reply

    dude…u all need to calm down! everyone but the first two ladies and the last guy was performing and when theyre performing…they wear what is given to them!

  28. saba at | | Reply

    ooohhh this makes me want to rinse my eyes with sulphuric acid…..the concentrated variety!!

  29. Sassy_girl at | | Reply

    seriously whtheyyyyyyyyyyyy.. hideous ..what were they thinking

  30. mm at | | Reply

    i think a lot of these people were performing on stage so i guess they have to wear what’s given. these stars appear in soaps watched by ordinary women, many of whom live in small towns and have simple lives and they appreciate the colour and va va voom of these gaudy outfits. i don’t get it myself but i’m trying not to be too judgemental.

  31. spongy at | | Reply

    they r the soap star but y are u ppl being so melodramatic..cryin omg omg…these ppl migh not be dressed in big brands but they do dress up decent n yeh the last 2 ladies n the first 2 guys were performin..stop being so mawkish..

  32. Kav at | | Reply

    Hmm..i wonder if the prereq for attending these events is to wear blingy clothes, tacky makeup…i know stage costumes are OTT but these are truly awful…… looking through the gallery there were only two outfits I found decent..both sarees, very classic….BTW the lady in the strapless SK (shudder) isn’t carrying a clutch..i think its the invite..

  33. Rani at | | Reply

    Were they going to the Soap Opera Clown Convention, because everything is way too bright and OTT.. BAD ALL AROUND!

  34. tehzeeb at | | Reply

    u know wat the worst part of it is (other than what they are wearin) the smug smile on all their faces like they look awsome…….really…….i mean come on get a stylist and wear sth less blingy GAWD!!!!

  35. akaa at | | Reply

    Seriously… the hyper-melodramatic soaps that these guys act in have ruined their thought process… so much so that they cannot put together a decent color scheme .. they all look ready to do a “baraat dance” in some bhangra number.. this is Indian done EXTREMELY WRONG…
    So many garish outfits all at once.. as someone rightly said .. Collective WTHEY!!

  36. rubywoo at | | Reply

    I have no idea who any of thee folk are apart from Arjun and Farah – but they sure know how to dress up – it’s kinda cute the film world and the soap world are worlds apart but are they really??? – bollywood’s elite often get it sooo wrong when trying to ape the effortless style and numerous trends set/worn by their western counterparts.

  37. Mariam at | | Reply

    I want to poke my eyes out with a pencil…!!!!!!

  38. Fancy Nancy at | | Reply


    maybe they all came straight from the soap-sets…maybe they were shooting..?

  39. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    OMG, I can understand they’re performing but still!! Why would they wear it on the red carpet??!! They can wear their own stuff and still change during the performance! I wouldn’t even wear those hideous outfits for a performance UGH. It’s like they are dressed for some festival or a wedding, seriously. Since Gauri Pradhan has stopped working on TV, no one interesting is left anyone (no one has an iota of fashion sense).Farah, although simple, seriously does not look good. I mean the black material she’s wearing is ugh and I just can’t stand a mish-mash of random jewellery with that. Arjun looks hot.

  40. Kimmy at | | Reply

    *slowly backs away from this post*

    jeez, P&P, I didn’t think that when I saw the title on my twitter text, I would come home to THIS! I almost wish there was a cut- that split pea soup disaster ruined my Cheerios! lol!

  41. Sona at | | Reply

    Noooo my eyes…. P&P are you trying to blind your humble readers??!

  42. rr at | | Reply

    soap hangover

  43. Sonam D at | | Reply

    You dont need designer wear to look good… This is so horrible and reeks tackiness…

  44. Anu at | | Reply

    Just horrible.

    BUT, in their defense, most of them have to wear what they are told to/given to Star Parivaar award. (One of those people said so in an interview, don’t remember her name. But she did seem pretty annoyed about it.)

  45. Gossip Girl at | | Reply

    Some one comented “ppl migh not be dressed in big brands but they do dress up decent n yeh the last 2 ladies n the first 2 guys were performin”

    ..You dont need brand names to dress up decent! It could be a generic outfit but there is something called understated elegance & style, which is what they lack!
    ..as for performing we have seen these same people performe since years but it has never been this gawdy! Cumon Ms. Spongy
    stage outfit does not = downright tacky/ gawdy!

  46. Amrita at | | Reply

    What in the name of all that’s holy…?!

  47. Kaya at | | Reply

    love the comment by pdearvo…

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