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      OMG!!! She looks so damn bloody beautiful!!! She never ages.. sigh!

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    She is looking rather nice. Love the gown, though the hair is truly a let down. She could have scored a perfect ten with a sleeker hairstyle!

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    okay, so she looks amazing for her age as usual…BUT that is like thrice the normal amount of hair that one can have! i wonder how she gets this BIG and THICK hair look. Volumizers work well, but not THAT well that you can’t see an inch of her scalp!!!

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      There’s something called hair extensions!! None of the celebrities are claiming to be all natural!

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        but she looks stunning!

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    Sri always a Stunner!!!!!!!!

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    aaand that is how it is done! :)

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    Nit picking much with the hair??? She looks amazing!!!

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    Beautiful she is ..totally like her gown n the look.love her.

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    Could someone please ID the gown! Thanks!

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    Gosh why do you have a problem with everyone’s hair, she looks amazing!!, it would’nt hurt to give someone a 10/10 once in a while. Your minor gripes are so annoying!!

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    I think she looks perfect. Have no problems with the hair at all. None at all. Gorgeous

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    Sridevi looks her best when she wears her sarees…elegant, age appropriate and regal. Sarees suit her body type to the T.

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    Hair is looking fine to me….She is looking good…she can still manage to look better then many young girls !!!

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    She looks great and she has great skin – the makeup is good too but I think she’ll look as good if she goes for less makeup as well.

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    It appears that the ladies of the ’90s did a better job of looking stunning in this year’s IIFA. She looks fantastic but yeah, her hair is too big for my liking. Is big hair in again?

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    Fab at 50. No one can look so hot at 50. PnP’s being too picky but its Sri so we expect nothing but the best from her. Love how her skin glows in that dress. She’s working that sultry look.

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    Ok. I couldn’t resist saying this one more time. But Damn! She’s working that sultry look.

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    she’s the first indian celebrity to wear kaufmanfranco, and she carries it off so well!

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    I Beg to differ! She looks vampish and so desperate with all her boob show in the recent times! No elegance that should be seen with her age.

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