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  1. S at | | Reply

    OH MY GOODNESS. How stunning does she look – that necklace is perfect with the saree! Love.

    1. dsi at | | Reply

      Exactly!!! OMG– how can someone be so beautiful! awestruck!

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1. Totally agree. So event appropriate. She looks amazing !

  2. ash at | | Reply

    Pretty? She looks so freakin’ beautiful!!! Wow!! *mouth wide open*
    Yes it is a little much, but she’s Sridevi so who cares.

  3. KK at | | Reply

    Sridevi looks stunning! Love the necklace and I think it looks great.

  4. dn at | | Reply

    Her attire is so befitting the occasion. Even the necklace. I am so glad she went with a traditional saree instead of boring designer saree. She looks like a million bucks!!

    1. Vishakha at | | Reply

      Sri looks absolutely fantastic..Glad that she chose a traditional sari over bling.
      does anyone remember what Priyanka Chopra wore while receiving her best actress award from President??

  5. Preeti Sikri at | | Reply

    OMG She just looks amazing.

  6. crack at | | Reply

    Love thy necklace! *swoon*
    While I personally agree that necklace is too much, it reminds me of how my mother insists on me wearing a neckpiece every time I wear sari to a wedding. She thinks whole look is incomplete without some jewellery and bindi.
    Mummy wins here, as usual!

  7. tom boy at | | Reply

    super super damm super…

  8. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks amazing!!! Love this.

  9. Pratheeksha at | | Reply

    Perfect for this occasion. Lovely!

  10. suhani at | | Reply

    That additional necklace Only she can carry off like that ! I m kid of 90’s but she puts all actresses after n before her to shame in Dress up game

  11. Daljeet at | | Reply

    A nice, proper look for the occasion. But the makeup needs to be reduced by 10 kilos.

  12. KayAar at | | Reply

    Sridevi looks good alright. With makup, heavy saree and jewellery
    But look at the guy standing behind her. How handsome he looks in that uniform :)))

    1. dimpy at | | Reply

      lol…and I thought only to me such a thought came ;-)

    2. farrah at | | Reply

      ahahaha … exactly my thoughts … i caught myself looking at him longer than i did sri … LOL ..

      1. Bhoomi at | | Reply

        I was thinking that toooo :)

      2. veenu at | | Reply

        So that’s a proof we miss some good-looking well-dressed dudes on this site. But how handsome does he look..

        1. just me at | | Reply

          Co-sign on how lovely Sridevi looks and on the handsome hunk!

    3. Melange at | | Reply

      True that!
      Men in uniform anyday! (not police uniforms….sorry)

  13. se at | | Reply

    she is so well dressed…………..

  14. Arti at | | Reply

    She looks amazing!!!! Love the sari and the necklace,

  15. karishma at | | Reply


  16. lavender cake at | | Reply

    Nice sari, but i forgot about her, i was busy checking that guy in uniform behind..he’s soo handsome :)

    1. maddy at | | Reply

      The same guy from Kajol’s award ceremony (with Prathibha Patil).

  17. Myla at | | Reply

    I think she looks beautiful. Love the necklace with saree as well. Just out of curiousity, what kind of jewellery you have accesssorized that sari with?

    1. Myla at | | Reply


  18. anon at | | Reply

    She looks lovely….I like the addition of necklace as well as gajra.

  19. B at | | Reply

    That was my chin hitting the floor.

  20. olala at | | Reply

    Please remember this when you compile a best-dressed o’ 2013 list.

  21. venus at | | Reply

    All that bling actually gave me a headache :P but she looks good :)

  22. KalaJamun at | | Reply

    Such a gorgeous face!

    And Sridevi looks good too :P

  23. Neha at | | Reply

    She looks so damn gud..nothin wrong with the necklace or makeup…Thats how u dress in traditionals…sometimes a little bling is gud..;)

  24. asmozonic at | | Reply

    Traditional TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

  25. dips at | | Reply

    If I were getting a Padma Shri, I’d deck myself out too- maharani necklace and all!

    1. dimpy at | | Reply

      agree.. +1 ..think there is nothing wrong here..she is perfectly fine and necklace suits the sari well..its traditional and elegant unlike midriff…one boob pallu bearing flimsy sarees most recent actresses don…

  26. neha at | | Reply

    * WHISTLES * she looks uhhmazing……just love her

  27. Mads at | | Reply

    I WANT that neckpiece!!!! Sridevi is the epitome of stunningness!

  28. Vibha at | | Reply

    A big WOW and a thunderous applause for this magic since decades. Wondering, how she makes ppl drool over her even with kgs of attire on a 50 yr old body. HH, there are a lots of better Quality pics of this event all over net. Specially in a pic clicked on her way to the stage and all eyes on her from behind. She knocks out all those so called cool hot babes of todays.

  29. vandana at | | Reply

    love the sari.

    I think the earrings need to go, the necklace is ok!

  30. ispy at | | Reply

    Are u kidding me payal ???? seriously the necklace is too much ? Whats up with you guys these days ?She is decked perfectly from head to toe and removing the necklace does not do justice for the look . I am almost on the verge of quitting reading your blog with your judgements these days !! What happened to the gals who started the HHC ??? Please bring them back !!!!

  31. Adara at | | Reply

    How lovely/classy. Seriously, no one can rock a sari like she does. <3

  32. Mrsa at | | Reply

    In the absolute minority here, wish she’d picked a darker color traditional saree that was less shiny and toned down on the makeup! I think the saree is too gaudy and makeup garish..

    1. Arpitha at | | Reply

      She looks beautiful, like the necklace. By far the best dressed actress for the event.
      But little overdressed.
      I agree that little less shiny saree with simple necklace would have suited the event better.

  33. bindu at | | Reply

    sometimes bling is just the thing! beautiful!

  34. Shalima at | | Reply

    SRIDEVI – Luminous. Gorgeous. Goddess. Period.* sigh at 50 !!

  35. Shalima at | | Reply

    Luminous. Gorgeous. Goddess. PERIOD.

  36. Slc at | | Reply

    Oh my. I’m speechless! Stunning.

    1. Slc at | | Reply

      By the way please post Sharmila Tagor’s pic as well. She looks lovely as well.

  37. ramzi at | | Reply

    Dont u guyz think dat it was given to her so late!!!
    she deserved it in 90’s, but dats the irony of india..

    neverthless she looked damn good …a GODDESS!!!

  38. Sheetal at | | Reply

    Love the saree, the necklace, the gajras but not the blouse. It is a mismatch.

  39. monika at | | Reply

    Stunning!! & unlike you have no problems with the necklace but have a minor gripe with the blouse. Wish she had chosen a plain one.

  40. Appy at | | Reply

    It is criminal to look that good at that age! Damn!

  41. sagar at | | Reply

    Sridevi looks fabulous and love how she rocked the silk sari – @50, she is more stunning than wannabes who are decades younger than her!

  42. Nikita at | | Reply

    The word “sublime” comes to mind when looking at this. She’s practically glowing – love it!

  43. Éclat at | | Reply

    SO overdressed!! The blingy sari, jewellery, blouse- just too much.

  44. azul at | | Reply

    Sigh… so beautiful! She gets it right almost every single time! Mogras, perfect makeup and appropriately dressed for the occasion. Dyamm!! How does she do it… even at 50 !

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