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    It’s Sridevi’s cousin Maheshwari who designed this, I know her. Not Manish Malhotra.

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    sridevi at her traditional best! so lovely

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      I agree, Sri in her traditional best. This is the look she does best. She looks amazingly young at it too.
      P&P, earlier, when i clicked reply, i could see to whom i am replying. But now, the reply comment box is also at the bottom of the page. I preferred the old version.

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        Good point. We’ll try and bring it back. :)

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    Please could you change the background to black. The white irritates the eye, somehow!

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      I agree! Black background was easier on the eyes!

      (sridevi’s pleats look very messy)

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    Not MM. This look was designed for Sri by her cousin Maheshwari who also styled her for the Padma Ceremony.

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    A liitle overdressed for my liking, but heck she looks really good.

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    The word “resplendent” comes to mind. You’d think this much gold-tone worn all at once in the form of clothing, clutch & jewellery wouldn’t work but it does; the gold being a subdued shade of gold (or is it champagne coloured??) and of course, Sridevi being Sridevi. Tastefully done. Rekha could take a leaf out of Sri’s book.

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    I dont like the horizontal stripes on the saree…otherwise sri is rocking here !!!

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    Gorgeous without a doubt!

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    She looks nice beautiful as always…understated outfit…
    P.S. – PnP love ur new look…quite sleek n stylish..crisp fonts..what a Fashion blog should be.What I am missing is some background image on sides…its all white kinda newspaperish…
    keep up widd the good work..:)

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