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    wow, looking younger and stylish by each day.

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    It is unfair that she looks so nice at her age :)) Super like!

  4. flowerintherain at | | Reply

    the fit is actually better on sri than the lookbook. gorgeous!!

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    She is overpraised methinks. The model’s bust and waist are not thick, while Sri is great for her age, the dress is a tad tight on top, I have yet to see the perfect Western look on her.

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    She looks terrific, she’s so gorgeous

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    Looks like she borrowed her daughter’s dress…seen her do so much better than this…

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    Her knees are really very unsightly! Covering them up wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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    I don’t know its not working much for me, she does look elegant because the color is nicely downplayed but I dont think this dress is meant for her body type…like the hair and make-up though.

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    dress is too tight-would have made a world of difference if she had gonev up one size

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