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  1. Priyanka at | | Reply

    She does look good but it’s not age appropriate.

    1. krishna at | | Reply

      I dont think there is anything is like ‘age appropriate’ as long as she looks good. she seems to enjoy this dress.

      1. Thea at | | Reply

        Yes, I can’t think of anyone close to her age pulling this off, but she does.

      2. arpitha at | | Reply

        +1 there is nothing age inappropriate about this looks and infact she looks good.
        had she worn some mini skirt/dress that may have been inappropriate .

  2. Deepna at | | Reply

    HOLY COW! She looks amazing. So on point! Must admit, she pulls of AK better than Junior Kapoor.

  3. suhani at | | Reply

    Major problem with you p&P

    stop worshipiing sonam kapoor …. though i love you guys.
    this ‘offering flowers to goddess sonam ‘ attitude must be stop

    1. Sam at | | Reply

      Absolutely. As a neutral observer I just see P&P rave and rave the moment Sonam throws whichever sack on! Sri Devi made my jaw drop! Wow!

  4. sean at | | Reply

    lol it seems like she just landed from egypt..

    1. samir at | | Reply

      Yeah..exactly and that stupid outfit is inspired from Sridevi’s ” Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja”costumes…this is terrible fashion!

      1. Tryme at | | Reply

        Lol..laughed my heart out

    2. khushboo at | | Reply


  5. RM at | | Reply

    She looks good, but I prefer the way the pieces are paired on the models. For me, the armor/bib piece isn’t quite working with the crop and pants.

    1. RM at | | Reply

      *crop top

  6. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Why can’t these events arrange for better lighting? Everyone’s make up looks bad and the clothes look lackluster! The models look so much better in the lighting!

    1. veena at | | Reply


  7. Janice at | | Reply

    Holy Moly she looks good :D

  8. just me at | | Reply

    Been a while since I last visited the site and looks like your Sonam fixation continues – Jr. Kapoor indeed! Smh! I think you just paid Sridevi a compliment and insulted her in the same sentence!

  9. Vidya at | | Reply

    Fabulous! She looks as young as Katrina.

  10. As at | | Reply

    shes such a copy cat !!

  11. Kavya Gowda at | | Reply


  12. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely amaze balls!!!!! Wow!! Even better than a certain Ms.Kapoor

  13. Preet at | | Reply

    She is trying way too hard. Her makeup is always off. Can never pin point what is wrong.

  14. PrettyCritic at | | Reply

    I don’t think she looks like Sonam. She looks wayyyy better. Sonam would have had ghastly makeup and lots of jewels on her and would have looked OTT while Sridevi looks just amazing.

  15. Vinita at | | Reply

    I dont get Anamika. This is not fashion… This is just plain stupidity. Its like taking fashion back to the paul poirot days – Dress up for a costume party. Someday people like u pnp will come to your senses and realise that.

    1. Bhumika at | | Reply

      Oh my god!!! I so agree… The first time i saw this outfit on Sridevi my initial thought was – jewelled blouse , hitched up petticoat and a funny coat ! I just dont see how someone can look at it and call this crass sense of style fashion!

    2. Peachblossom at | | Reply

      I agree….imagine wearing this and being a non celeb…. you’d get LOLd at big time!!!

    3. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

      I so agree. How stupid is this outfit. Never got Anamika Khanna.she looks like some apsara who’s landed on earth .

  16. Steve at | | Reply

    i will get tired talking about how gorgeous this lady looks and how stylish she is.

  17. ruru at | | Reply

    Very costumy but she looks incredibly good for her age.

  18. Tania at | | Reply

    She looks Amaazing !! Way better than Sonam can ever dream of looking so please don’t do comparisons.

  19. Sandhya at | | Reply

    Anamika’s fabrics are beautiful and the embroidery is exquisite but her trends in general, I’m not a fan. They remind me of the draped clothes over the carved sculptures in temple architecture. Sonam (except the filmfare awards appearance that was GODAWFUL) carries Anamika’s stuff better. But Sridevi with her full figure truly looks as if she were imitating the kamasutra times. Thank God for that flowing cape style jacket which saved the day.

    1. mp at | | Reply

      Totally agree with your analysis. While Anamikas workmanship may be flawless, the end product is rarely aesthetically pleasing.

  20. Sandhya at | | Reply

    Continued from above….

    When did fashion become equivalent of costumes in period drama? The way you endorse it, I sometimes wonder whether I am in the dark here on what is fashionable and what is not!

    1. Lulu at | | Reply

      I so agree with you! I don’t get the period drama like costumes. The cuts are ridiculous and so Kamasutra-meets-Amrapalli types

  21. Ali at | | Reply

    She looks ridiculous!

  22. Peachblossom at | | Reply

    Forgot to mention. ….she still looks super gorgeous Xxx

  23. Rashmi at | | Reply

    P&P please Identify the clutch for me! thanks

  24. SV at | | Reply

    All the comments above, every single one of them is super hilarious! Thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments today.

  25. NS at | | Reply

    These pieces are way too embellished to be worn together. Just the jacket or just the top with a simple long dress as a layer would have sufficed. otherwise it ends up looking like a costume.

  26. Puneeta Uchil at | | Reply

    Sonam doesn’t have the pizzazz to carry this off. Plus she would have whitened her face.

    In short, this is like comparing a heavenly mural to a silly teenage girl.

  27. an at | | Reply

    Don’t understand why Anamika designs are praised so much.very pretty embroidery,textiles,jaded colours,fabrics but disgusting silhouettes,cuts ,except a good few.Sridevi looks horrible here from the vibe one gets.Dressed in three dramatic and costumey separates as an outfit.Too much !All the three separates look good alone,when worn together,a joke!Trying just too hard and forced outcome.Sri must be feeling as if she has just handles from space from one of Katy Perry’s videos staright back from Egypt.

  28. fashion-lover at | | Reply

    She looks like Naagin!

  29. Alka Singh at | | Reply

    The dress good great on the model. The dress , the detailing awesome…. but anywhere out of costume party or may be a high fashion family function these should not be worn. Only Sonam can make them work.

  30. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks awesome. She carries of those pieces much better than the young models.

  31. Monalisa at | | Reply

    I agree she looks good, yet there’s something about this look….or maybe her demeanor in these pictures which makes it look like her stylist is trying too hard to make her fit into this uber stylish counting-her-years-backwards chica, which is annoying because Sri’s a beautiful woman. I wish she wears more clothes that lets her strong personality shine through.

  32. SS at | | Reply

    Egypt, Cleopatra, Sonam, Anamika, Age-appropriate…blah, blah, blah!! Sridevi looks stunning. Period.

  33. rosie at | | Reply

    Sridevi is trying too hard, not age appropriate.

  34. arpitha at | | Reply

    She looks fab.
    On Jr.Kapoor the same dress would have looked too madeup, also sridevi might have donned similar attire in her movies man ytimes.

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