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  1. SS at | | Reply

    She wears it well and I’m no fan of the saree either. The white embroidery looks like some random floral patches here and there.

  2. KJ at | | Reply

    And I actually love it because of the white. It adds that zing to the otherwise boring saree.

  3. sev at | | Reply

    I think it’s a hideous outfit and no person, howsoever adept at dressing up, can salvage such an outfit.

  4. chaltaphirta at | | Reply

    I dont remember her hair being this full even in her heyday!!!

  5. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I like the sari and she looks great. Anamika khanna is one talented designer, must check her out the next time I am in Mumbai.

  6. soumya at | | Reply

    OMG…if I can look even half of what she does at her age I will be so glad

  7. Saya at | | Reply

    Saris were made for her! She looks so damn beautiful in them.

  8. zombieink. at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous! no second thoughts. But if i take away the colour white from the saree, it’s a very Sabya reminscient.

  9. S at | | Reply

    Hmm, I think the contrast of the flowers looks rather nice actually.

  10. Akhila Gona at | | Reply

    OMG I totally love it !!! wonder how sree looks beautiful each time..!!

  11. Simmy at | | Reply

    This is a lovelyyyyyy sari I think and Sri carries it so well…in love with her dressing sense and the ease she carries herself with…total love!

  12. Rumzoo at | | Reply

    The classic combo of black, white & red can rarely go wrong. This combo in a sari and further, being drapped by THE Sridevi….jus can’t get any better than this!!

  13. SS at | | Reply

    pink nails with this saree?

  14. WittyWman at | | Reply

    Loved the saree and sridevi..:) the white , black n red are great ..such a stylish everyday saree kinda look..

  15. fashionista at | | Reply

    I understand the designers imagination ran too far away from sensibility but y would sri choose this? anyway she wears it well and makes it a tolerable look!

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