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  1. Anu at | | Reply

    seriously…what was she thinking…even a 5 yr old has better sense of combination and contrast…but I luv the bag in silver though :-)

  2. T at | | Reply

    what a stunning face though …

  3. CK at | | Reply

    LOL….I think her face looks gorgeous…but below the neck is all wrong. If only she wore black pants and carried the grey bag.

  4. Karishma at | | Reply

    Oh how the mighty fall from grace! The bag by itself is cute I think (I remember when it debuted at the Neiman Marcus website, I was actually quite in love with it for a while), but that blouse along with those shiny slacks/pants I don’t know what they are, is such an eyesore. Such a pity since her face looks so young and fresh.

  5. K at | | Reply

    Wow! I agree with you – it’s a severe case of match much. But what the hell, she still looks SO pretty and radiant, despite the ugly clothes. Purple is so her color.

  6. jiji at | | Reply

    Lol, even in match-much this lady looks so good! But can you imagine this outfit on Aarti S?

  7. Nida at | | Reply

    Ouch, my eyes. Well, it’s nice to see Sridevi flashing that adorable smile of hers again.

  8. keya at | | Reply

    match too munch :p
    purple satin shirt with a purple purse? exact same shade? argg its an overkill

  9. keya at | | Reply

    but love her face… that smole and those eyes… oh she is the one gorgeous.

  10. suchi at | | Reply


  11. Asli Koel at | | Reply

    Shree shree shree !! What have you done !

    I am not going to wear purple for next several months after this !!!

  12. NJ at | | Reply

    this one also qualifies for WTHeyyy

  13. PeachBellini at | | Reply


  14. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Am I blind or does she even have purple contacts on??!! Ouch!

  15. stuti at | | Reply

    I love love LOVE the Dior in Purple. But, the shirt and the pants make me want to drown myself somewhere. :/

  16. Shuba at | | Reply

    WOW..Despite wearing any color our LADY still luks so charming, yound and Glamorous……

  17. pdaervo at | | Reply

    oh wow…that’s hideous neck down
    but GOODNESS that face

  18. Monkey at | | Reply

    My eyes…my eyes…she’s so gorgeous though :(

  19. Adit at | | Reply

    i think she looks beautiful, the blouse is nice the BAG IS HIDEOUS

  20. spur at | | Reply

    hey priyanka … make that two!
    i think my purple mania also died a sad death!

  21. jaja at | | Reply

    she can handle all the purple! she looks great. its still her and not the clothes that shine the most

  22. me at | | Reply

    She is pretty lady caught in 80s and needs a stylist, she has the height, the body the hair and the face for it but not the taste

  23. preeti at | | Reply

    and once again this sreedevi fan will say ” I LOVE U”

    and isnt love all about liking even if its a purple overdose …

  24. Nadia at | | Reply

    That face, that body, that attitude. Sri is one of the few real divas. She was wearing worse in the 80s and still carrying herself like a queen. It’s nice to see her smiling.

  25. EM. at | | Reply

    She can wear a potato sack and I’ll still find her gorgeous :P Despite the purple overload, her face looks radiant.

  26. Padma at | | Reply

    terrible! but by God! is she one gorgeous woman!

  27. Anjali at | | Reply

    What a radiant smile !!!!!! Can’t focus on anything other than her face :)
    GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!

  28. Anita at | | Reply

    where can you even find clothes like that??

  29. Aathira at | | Reply

    She looks lovely(face) and what was she thinking (clothes)

  30. Pri at | | Reply


  31. Antonia at | | Reply

    These clothes flatter her body so well but yes it is a bit bright. I wish she’d picked different coloured shoes & bag especially.

  32. NFashionB at | | Reply

    OMG…..What is this.She dresses so pretty but here…..

  33. veenu at | | Reply

    yikes!!!!!!!!!return of thunder thighs.
    what on earth is this. she got a shirt made from her local darzi and then got the bag made from the left over fabric..

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