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    I’m absolutely loving the cut of her blouse and she definitely carries off that blinged out saree!! :)

    My all time favorite color combo for Kanjeevarams, great to see the same colors in a less traditional version!

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    It’s such a fun sari, and the blouse is sexy without being OTT or non-existent. Sridevi rocks the look.

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    She looks stunning! After looking at Sridevi and Rekha looking so gorgeous at 40+, I hope I age well.. :)

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    WOW! she looks amazing? Is that a sari with a skinny palla? doesn’t look like it’s folded over her shoulder. Beautiful!

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    simply fabulous and she looks so divine.

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    need more pics! like a back shot!

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    she is smoking hot!!

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    That is a way to drape a saree.Way to go Sridevi! You rock!
    Totally unlike the slutty one boob show that today’s actress have adopted.

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    WOW she looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aww, so pretty. Love the color coordinates on the saree.

    P&P: Are you guys originally from Chennai or ever lived there? I remember, the mention of Chetpet in some post of yours. Just curious. :-D

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    See what happens when both boobs are covered nicely with the pallu…magic!

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    I love the Sari and blouse. And Sridevi looks stunning in them.

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    What a nice saari !!
    She is still the best…

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    Stunning!! Man, is that a perfect attire or what. Even the back shot was awesome.

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    wow looking great. look at her great arms, perfect for sleeveless, and yes none of the ridiculos one boob show!

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    a sari’s never looked as good on anyone as it does on sri….remember the roop ki rani days…..she looks just as stunning at 40+….

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    I am floored ! She looks awesome !!

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    simply gorgeous.. ..

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    im so jealous
    how can she look this good at her age!!!!

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    I don’t like the saree. It reminds me of a Christmas tree but she wears it really well.

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    Either you have an eye for good stuff or you don’t….Sri has always dressed well! I am such a big fan, used to argue with my brothers and almost all my classmates in highschool…about how she was much more talented than Madhuri was…it seems silly now but it was such a big deal to me back then!!

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    up close and personal the embroidery on the sari is very tacky….
    but she carries herself well….

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    she carries off a really not so easy to carry off outfit. Plus one of the few times that I have seen red nails not look tacky.

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    she is fabulous … soooo beautiful …and no one can carry her sari so well as she does …

    This is whats known as sex appeal …u dont have to bare all to look hot …she is the Hottest one …

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    was only yesterday i was wondering where she has disappeared to..

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    WOW! she looks fabulous! the only thing i don’t like in this pic r her red nails. subtler nails wudv looked better.

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    Gorgeous…..absofreakinglutely gorgeous.

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    I want that saari!! lol! She looks awesome:)

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    the sari looks soooo blingy nd cheap…..anyone else wd have been in wtheyy!!!she looks ok….nothing soooo WOW!!

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    Where can I get a sari like this one?

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    The sari looks very similar to one Katrina wore at the Zee Cine Awards in London, where she got the British Indian Actor Award.

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    Sridevi is stunning! My favourite. I also did the same… arguing with others for her and still do at the age of 29 lolz. I just can’t understand that how she and Rekha have not been awarded Padma awards. I mean she has an immense contribution to the Indian film industry not only Hindi but Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam. Anyway, even with 0 awards, I would have been equally mad for her.

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    Love Sri!

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