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  1. Jennifer at | | Reply

    oh my…

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    Wow horrible fit/design in both cases. Simply horrible.

  3. arpitha at | | Reply

    sridevi….such beauty & figure being dressed in such baloon dresses….looks like she broke her full view mirror.
    neck up though she looks nice.

  4. Jiya at | | Reply

    Is it me who’s looking at sridevi over and over again for one certain reason … or it’s everyone?

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      something has gone terrible wrong with the fit of sridevi’s dress.

    2. Belle at | | Reply

      LoL! hahaha don’t worry, you’re not the only one. perhaps the only brave one to admit it :P

  5. mary at | | Reply

    I’m sorry but Sri Devi just doesn’t do it for me. I have been the biggest fan of her unmatched beauty, acting chops, dancing skills and comic timing on screen but in most of her recent appearances she seems to lack the charm and grace of so many of the celebs her age (and older) like Hema, Rekha, Dimple and even Madhuri and Juhi. In the words of so many of my fellow HHC junkies “she just seems to be trying too hard”

  6. Seerat at | | Reply

    Both ladies are looking super big and black is not helping them .

    1. Ratna at | | Reply

      Yeah.. and black is supposed to be a “slimming” color.

  7. samy at | | Reply

    Shahana is looking gorgeous neck upwards…stunning. But the dress…my god! why cant they choose dresses with care? What’s wrong with ethnic wear guys!!

  8. anonymos at | | Reply

    the black dress on sri is prada and the neck peice is chanel, other than the fitting i think its tres chic ;) very audrey hepburn, classic, elegant and dignified, but what i dont get is that when she wheres fitted clothes u guys r like its too tight n when she losens up a bit u have a prob with that too, make up ur mindss goshhhh… nyways she obviously knows better and has seen more of the world to know bout fashion….
    that sahana chick dress is cheappppooooo

    1. Sabita at | | Reply

      Just because she wears prada and chanel, it doesnt make it any better…the fit is atrocious and her twins look like they are ready to burst out…while we all love our brands its important to remember that its the person who makes the brand and not vice-versa…there are people who can wear a sackcloth and make it look absolutely haute coutere …you dont have to be dressed head to toe in brands for it…

      1. Sabita at | | Reply


  9. ZI at | | Reply

    I reallt didnt find anything majorly wrong with Shahanas outfit.No comments for Shridevi’s

  10. kritika at | | Reply

    i like everything about shahana. her dress is lovely, including the accesories, but the dress doesn’t go with her body type.

  11. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Ok i understand whats wrong with sri’s dress fitting. But can someone explain whats wrong with Shahanas ? I think the fitting is ok, no ?? Its not a dress i would ever select and its exposing arms, cleavage, legs etc which is a bit much. But is it too tight or what ?

  12. SS at | | Reply

    Sridevi is big on top and she has always looked weird in similar outfits. No one has a perfect figure and she’ll look fine if she understands her flaws and dresses accordingly.

  13. Ekta at | | Reply

    I am not bothered about her dress..neck up Sridevi is glowing. She has got such a luminous face.

  14. Annonymos at | | Reply

    I’m not saying anything cos it’s prada, it ain’t such a big brand compared to many others she’s worn ether, n she’s worn a couple vintage no brands as well, the dress by itself is CHIC or maybe that’s just coz it’s on Sri, but with a better fitting I wud kill for that dress…I don’t get how u guys can’t see it
    Sorry if I pissed Sabitaa off
    just telling u guys what she wore…lolzzz didn’t really think that cud tick someone off lolzzz sorrayy

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