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  1. amna at | | Reply

    usually (the western scenario for sure) dresses look better on models but lara has brought this dress to life –
    summer here i come! GO YELLOW!

  2. Anonymous at | | Reply

    lara dutta looks ethereal and beautiful in that outfit…anyways i am a fan of hers in the way that she carries off certain outfits…esp jeans and white shirts..no one else can look as good as lara in that combo!!

  3. sherry at | | Reply

    lara looks amazing, but then again photoshopping takes some of the credit. yellow is a beautiful color and can hold stand by itself. but when highlighted with gold one has to be careful not to cross the fine line between glam and too flashy. thats what i see between the 2 pictures. it looks so appropriate on lara but on jesse it looks too intimidating to approach

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Both are buddies and I think it looks great on BOTH! so there

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