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  1. kashmira at | | Reply

    Wow, this is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hinzi at | | Reply

    i dont like da straps …

  3. Malini at | | Reply

    don’t like the straps either..

    HMMM whose sms IS Making her blush…

  4. Sunshine at | | Reply

    The straps are what makes it gorgeous!!
    She looks a little bit like Anne Hathway in the first photo!

  5. nosh at | | Reply

    she is so gorgeous! This color is making her glow

  6. Anon at | | Reply

    She sure can be a head-turner when she wants to be! Good going! I like the straps!! and the color rocks!

  7. sk at | | Reply

    wow. i wish she’d dress well more often. she so has the ability to look better than most actresses.

  8. chicchica at | | Reply

    Her make up looks off under the heavy lighting. not digging the shoes either. But the lady looks pretty in the blue shade!!

  9. Another Kiran in NYC at | | Reply

    What a lovely shade of blue!

  10. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I LOOOOOOOVE the staps!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are what turn this otherwise normal saree into something spectacular
    This is honestly the best looking saree that I feel I have seen in a hundred years (seriously).
    …Although, that is a very unusual facial expression on her in the second pic

  11. Sharin at | | Reply

    OH MY GOD I LOVEEE the straps.. this IS really a wicked sari!!! I love the colour and the straps it’s fab. And seriously.. whose text is making her blush ;) ?

  12. Karishma at | | Reply

    Love Love Love the whole thing! the color, the strap, the lady, all absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Surbhi at | | Reply

    beautiful.. tabu can look good when she wants to..:) and yeah, i am digging the straps too!

  14. melange at | | Reply

    I love the way she keeps her hairstyle simple. No awkward curls or crazy highlights. This suits her the best.

  15. anita at | | Reply

    @sunshine – i dont find this outfit gaudy at all. and i think it would have been equally appropriate for north india filmfare awards.

  16. anita at | | Reply

    PnP, there are too many comments in the recent posts that I find offensive due to being disparaging about south india, south indians etc. would it be okay if I made comments about dress taste of gujaratis, punjabis or some such regions?

  17. payal (HHC) at | | Reply

    It would not be okay and we have tried keeping the bad ones out(there were quite a few…) What you see on here are what Priyanka and I have agreed to as not being on the offensive side…

  18. salzie at | | Reply

    OMG!! Absolutely stunning!!! The sari’s color is sooo pretty and the straps are so unique! I want a sari exactly like that but then I gotta get a body like Tabu’s! Love, love, love this ensemble so much!

  19. priya at | | Reply

    OMG! i totally lovvvvvvvvvvvve everything abt Tabu in this pic. hair, make up ( a lil cakey but okay), sari and the BLOUSE! the straps r out of this world. awesome! lovely shade of blue too.

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