1. I don’t know why, but Sophie just seems to make everything look so trashy! It just doesn’t work. It might be her pageant poses, too high hemlines, and her boring Bollywood hairstyle perhaps. She needs to dress in a chic but edgier way, and cover up a bit more. I’m thinking more Roland Mouret or Victoria Beckham, with Kirkwood or Olympia heels, and a sleek pony tail or pulled back hair. Come on Sophie, you can do waaaaay better!

    • I agree…she makes everything look trashy….its always either tight or short or as in this case, both.
      I prefer Yana’s look cos it looks easy…comfortable…easy to move around… And well, its just nice to see yana covered up a bit.

  2. really??!!!
    well I dont like either….but out of the 2, i definitely prefer yana’s…kind of bohemian…sophie’s print is sooooooo tacky!!! eeks!

  3. I’d say ‘neither’ for this one. While Yana’s dress is boring (bed spread, anyone?), Sophie’s pink roses seem downright tacky to me (a pity, since I do like pink n black).

  4. I second that Grozny, the dress can look chic on a stick thin model but on Sophie, just looks like she’s trying too hard to look sexy.

  5. Maybe i am alone on this but for sum reason i m tired of seeing Sophie in this same silhouette…v predictable…and though not a big fan of Yana’s outfit somehow it is close to being an “Easy Chic”…not liking those shoes though…

  6. Yana yana – thats a boring Mango dress and you can do wayyy better! and yes totally agree Sophie needs to notch up the class tad bit…

  7. Come on guys I think that Sophie looks lovely and definitely not trashy I don’t think that I have ever seen her look trashy and I do like her new hairdo:)


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