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  1. Praneeta at | | Reply

    U r soo right. I actually thought its a variation to the other gown. But I kinda prefer this one more… Don’t know y!

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Woah…its hard to believe these two dresses are from different desginers….great resemblance…this one has ruffels..i prefer the one which is not ruffeled…but DP’s gown was sheer..making the belly part looking a bit odd…prefer this one on that front

  3. Arohi at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the layered bottom half of the gown! meh

  4. Lola at | | Reply

    Very beautiful and looks great.

  5. Amber at | | Reply

    She looks stunning! Gowns may be similar but I prefer this one. Fab hair and makeup

  6. Slc at | | Reply

    Not bad.

  7. Sere at | | Reply

    Are those jhumkaas???

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