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  1. Prati at | | Reply

    The structured jacket with flowey pants is so reminisant of the 50’s era kudos to sophie for carrying it so elegantly!!

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Nice simple comfy look

  3. rs at | | Reply

    I know we readers don’t comment on Sophie’s posts as much as we would on Sonam’s or Ash’s. To give her due credit, she always looks fashionable and carries all her looks perfectly. Maybe we need to show her a little more love on these pages.

    1. Ahot at | | Reply

      ITA! Sophie is definitely one of my must-watch too. She has a really good game.

  4. Senorita at | | Reply

    very very nice. this may be the first time I’ve been compelled to comment on a Sophie look. would’ve never believed it’s an MM design.

  5. Ranij at | | Reply

    Can’t believe this is a Manish outfit! She looks lovely. Feminine, pretty, wearable

  6. sree at | | Reply

    chic! but i never would’ve guessed that this was a manish malhotra outfit.

  7. Prettiest_hands at | | Reply

    Awesome! Tres chic!

  8. Neerja Rai at | | Reply


  9. Amodini at | | Reply

    The jacket’s a bit busy, but love the outfit – something I’d wear.

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