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  1. sree at | | Reply

    She looks fab! Love that shade of purple.

  2. Ahot at | | Reply

    Awesome song, Awesome vid. Sophie looks AMAZING! Really love her style & Raghav can saxo me any day anytime. *.*

  3. Fergie at | | Reply

    Another ’60s song ‘remixed’ for the millenials…. Is there no originality left?

  4. Tania at | | Reply

    That gown is gorgeous !! I wish Kat wears this once…she’d look fab in that color.

  5. Rana at | | Reply

    I don’t like the video one bit. I understand she is going for sexy but it is borderline scary. She looks much better in pictures. Love her in purple.

    1. Amber at | | Reply

      I don’t understand what about this video is scary!! I love the whole vintage glam feel.. Great hair ,She looks good & I kinda like the song too! Love the colour of that gown!

      1. feya at | | Reply

        It’s the creepy eye contact she makes with the camera and the weird ‘enticing’ head gestures. That, in addition to the fact the she is trying too hard to look sexy whilst singing the song.
        Agreed. Scary.
        If Cruella would serenade, me says this is how Disney would have portrayed it.

  6. Farrah at | | Reply

    no! she doesn’t look half as pretty as she usually does in photographs. equiiiine :/

  7. Adara at | | Reply

    I am not feeling this maxi on Sophie. Does not seem right for her body type. The purple does look good on her. But the model looks fabulous in it. The makeup is giving her a kind of cruella vibe as well.

  8. Ranij at | | Reply

    Stunning gown and looks great on her. Like that she has done something different by her standards. Fabulous hair. Like the song also

  9. prati at | | Reply

    What a fabulous song and the video is superb!! Sophie and Raghav you have just done a fab job. The vintage look is appealing and in tune with the song I am sure most of the people who have commented wont even know much about the original song!! Please keep recreating music as thats what brings happiness to all of us in this world!!!

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