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  1. sree at | | Reply

    The dress and shoes look tacky. That necklace deserved much better styling!

  2. Naff at | | Reply

    What a fantastic colour sophie is wearing love the entire look I feel that without the necklace it would have looked bare.

  3. Fashionizta at | | Reply

    Her shoes are Jimmy Choo

  4. Ranij at | | Reply

    That colour is amazing on her! I love the shoes. Please id. And that necklace is so pretty. I don’t mind it with the dress otherwise would be vey bare

  5. Khayati at | | Reply

    She has a lot of grace and carries everything well this look you are right is up her street but the necklace is drool worthy!!!!

  6. Tina at | | Reply

    I wonder how is her one shoulder dress staying intact!

  7. Ved at | | Reply

    I love this woman she always is dressed to the nines I personally love the shoes and necklace too :)

  8. Peachblossom at | | Reply

    Nasty colour

  9. Fen at | | Reply

    Love the colour :)

  10. an at | | Reply

    the entire look is off balance.The fact that its off shoulder with a display of cleavage /boob show ,and criss cross asymmetric hem is rather looking tacky.

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