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    Wow, that lehenga is very beautiful!

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    Beautiful..best dressed of all the wedding events ?

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    Just wow. I’m compelled to comment here! Love the understated minty color and her backless blouse +gajra is amazing. Sophie looks amazing.

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      The whole thing is so quintessentially Indian! <3

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    When someone skips on all other jewellery like sophia did , the look is very stark and bare.It is as if she stepped out without getting the time to put on jewellery. Some light jewellery is always good with India wear.

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    Looking gorgeous

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    Love love love that color !! Wish more of our blingy dresses were done in earthy colors.
    So your cornea survives to see the rest of the design !

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    Love. She looks better than the bride.

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    Love this look. Lehenga and finishing touches are looking perfect. Very pretty look

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    how breathtakingly beautiful!! major envy.. love that lengha so much! want want want!

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    One boob show makes this look very tacky. or am I the lone ranger in this camp?

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      I agree with you…looks tacky!

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    Just beautiful and she looks very classy in this saree. Sophia you are just amazing everything looks very beautiful on you.

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    What boob show I think in a lengha chilli this is how a duppatta is worn. Can’t understand the comment

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    She looks good. That backless though, ooh la la.

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