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  1. KK at | | Reply

    Rani’s dress – no wait her sweater/top is embarassing!! It’s sad that someone of Rani’s calibre has to resort to these cheap tactics (like skipping pants) in order to promote her movie!

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      yup yup

      1. kaya at | | Reply

        but then this is ALSO a reflection of her calibre right ;)… unfortunately, she doesn’t see all this, or does not want to see. Black hangover??

    2. monika at | | Reply

      Yes……..it is hardly a dress….. It is a top!!

  2. bubs at | | Reply

    I suppose everyones going to gush about how ‘fantastic’ Rani looks.

  3. Sej at | | Reply

    Hands down Sophie looks a lot better. Rani-embarrassing. I CRINGE every time I see her in that thing.

  4. Carol at | | Reply

    I HATE this look on Rani. The dress is very unflattering and the clunky shoes plus limp hair make the look even worse. I hope she never wears this type of outfit again.

    Sophie looks okay but if you are going to dance on these shows please wear a longer dress or pants. They are flashing the audience members.

    1. fashion outsider at | | Reply

      I agree. How the heck do these women pretend to be comfortable in dancing with such short clothes? If you know you are going to be dancing at an event why cant you wear appropriate clothes?!!

  5. Nidhi at | | Reply

    I was appalled when I saw her on the show! She might have lost weight and all but surely doesnt have the legs or thighs to carry off such a short dress.

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      Agree, she is delusional. Completely. Koel wrote well on her on her blog.

  6. KS at | | Reply

    No many can come close to her acting BUT recently Rani=wannabe.

    1. KS at | | Reply

      *acting skills

    2. uumema at | | Reply

      she wasnt tring to showoff…she was enjoying herself infact she was more like a cute schoolgirl then a sexy hot girl…n if u watch da show her outfit looks ok..not great but not as embarrasing as sum ppl hav declarad it!

      1. KS at | | Reply

        I meant no offense. I am huge fan. But lately it is her persona that confuses me. she is trying very hard to fit in with the new girls with the way she carries herself.
        The old naive charm of Rani is missing.Even if she would be fat or badly dressed she would be equally loved by the audiences. It is just that she hasnt found her style yet. She is no kareena or sonam and honestly she doesnt need to be them. she is far better actress. And she just need to embrace who she is.
        Also It is not about skin showing or legs, she used to do it earlier(as some one pointed out above in KKHH) too but some how good or bad she owned it..it looked very part of her personality but not any more.
        And again i don’t mean to offend anyone.

        1. Sharin at | | Reply

          How did the comment above me get approved? It’s completely judgmental, barely talks about what she wears other than the one part about how she used to “own” short dresses but doesn’t anymore.

          Yes, she has always worn short dresses, I don’t understand why people are only commenting now.. check out all those movies she did with Aamir, KKHH and tons more movies! She’s looked the same then as she does in them now.. not better not worse for her body type..other than the colours and the styles varying to keep up with the times! Whether she feels comfortable in it or not is all in people’s heads. It’s your perception and I find it funny how people keep commenting as if they are stating facts when they say: “She is trying very hard to fit in with the new girls with the way she carries herself.” That looks like it’s a fact (the way it is written) but CLEARLY it is not because no one can say that 100% that is what she’s doing.. no one expect for Rani Mukherjee herself. So PLEASE refrain from making useless, BASELESS comments on how SHE FEELS or what she’s TRYING to do because it has NOTHING to do with how she looks or what she’s wearing since no one knows how she feels except herself!!! Goodness. I do not think she would have that expression she has in the top pic if she was uncomfortable or not “owning” what she was wearing (own meaning rock).

          1. KS at |

            Hey hey relax girl! It is my view verses umema’s.
            And yes no one can say what one is doing 100% but one can have their opinions based on what one sees (not just this post) ,which can be different from your’s.

            @P&P Plz remove it if people are so touchy. I do not wish to make this lovely site into a war zone!

          2. Sharin at |

            KS it’s not you personally its just that a lot of people agree with you and feel and write the same way and my opinion is that that is wrong. If you had said “it seems like she is trying to fit in with the other girls by the way she’s carrying herself” it’s a different story you see what I mean? Cuz that would show that that is your opinion and of course you are entitled to it but when you state something as if it is a fact, that is when I have a problem.

          3. KS at |

            I get your point sharin. i guess i could have articulted it well coz that is what i meant.
            Peace! :D.

          4. Jazz at |

            Okay so Sharin, Ur trying to say that this person should’ve specified that it *appears* to her that Rani’s trying hard or w/e. I mean Hello? Isnt it like, so very obvious that “it appears that way to the person”… GOD

  7. reah at | | Reply

    ever thought how difficult it is for her to survive in an industry dominated by skinshow..

  8. P at | | Reply

    Whoever said Rani was “back in shape” – please eat your words. eat them now.

    1. deewani at | | Reply

      lol… funny comment…btw does no one say lol anymore or what??

      1. Belle at | | Reply

        No…I suppose we’re the only few…I remember once this chick (I’m guessing) wrote in msn lingo and received a lot of flak for that…so…yeh LoL

  9. charan at | | Reply

    I am sorry to say this… but soon i know i am going to wish that Rani didnt have a makeover. I expected so much from her. shhhh!!!

  10. Neha at | | Reply

    with this dress – Rani wore a black sequinced inner-wear…does any one have an idea…as to where to buy such stuff…

    i got a dress recently from BCBG with a very low back..i need something with good straps to show at the back

    any suggestions please?

    1. debs at | | Reply

      there are backless bras available. a particularly good one comes from a brand that scary spice endorses…the name slips me at the moment.u can google it. i know its available in UK, dont know abt US or India. its pretty popular.

    2. cv at | | Reply

      hey neha you get these things called stick on bras they work beautifully for bacless stuff or low back outfits… just ask your regular lingerie shop . your dress sounds fab hopw you find what your looking for :)

  11. Megha at | | Reply

    i really didn’t want to get into rani bashing but this dress(??) is seriously ridiculous

    and how is it that with the same amount of legs on show sophie looks cute and sexy and rani looks SO BAD

    1. fashion outsider at | | Reply

      Honestly, I see no difference between Rani’s and Sophie’s legs (atleast in these pictures). I think our perspectives of fat and thin are seriously screwed up these days.
      And besides, even if she did have meatier legs, so what?! Isn’t it all about being comfortable in your own skin and taking pride in your body?

      1. Megha at | | Reply

        My comment had nothing to do with the size of the legs…i actually think rani’s legs are fine
        i just think the dress makes her look bad
        i’m sorry if what i said sounded offensive
        i certainly didn’t mean it to
        i actually like legs with a bit of meat on them

      2. rr at | | Reply

        but sophie’s hemline is a good amount lower than rani’s which makes all the difference.

        1. Sej at | | Reply

          Take out the brickbats-I am ready to face ’em. But to me Rani’s and Sophie’s legs DO look different. Sophie’s look trimmer and like they could’ve pulled off what Rani is wearing. And yes the hemline bit too as mentioned above makes a world of a difference. She may’ve been comfortable been in it but that doesn’t change the fact that IMO it looks really bad.

  12. akaa at | | Reply

    Finally .. you guys have posted ‘THIS’ dress . I have been waiting for it for days..

    This just proves that Rani is trying so hard to fit in.. when she clearly does not need to .. she used to be leagues apart .. Its very SAD!!
    Why Rani .. why ??

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      once again.. how did this comment get approved?

  13. priya at | | Reply

    Rani just looks UNCOMFORTABLE in anything that is revealing! she should go back to how she was. if Rani had to wear something supershort, she should have worn a SHORT DRESS. wearing a sweater minus pants is just….i don’t know, embarrassing to look at.

    1. uumema at | | Reply

      i saw da show n rani was lookin comfortable n confident in her outfit..n da dress wasnt lookiin embarrasing ATALL.infact she was enjoying herself…n these short dresses r so inn nowdaz….n if rani shud go back to wat she waz ..then this is real rani remember her in KKHH n GULAM.its just tht now indians r so fond of fair skin n tall n hot figures.

  14. annie at | | Reply

    OMG!! this is shocking. I guess she is competing with her 2 costars, rakhi sawant and sherlyn chopra, from the movie dil bole hadippa.

  15. Saira at | | Reply

    Rani doesn’t look too great here.. However, if you all have forgotten, Rani started out in this type of gear. In Ghulam and KKHH [esp Koi mil gaya] her hemlines are outrageous! So she is not suddenly trying this look out to get more attraction. She has managed to stand as the number one actress in Bollywood by movies such as Black [which required no skinshow].

    1. KT at | | Reply

      so right..! well said.
      its just that recently we have not seen rani in such outfits, so it appears a little shocking and rani is never going to be the super skinny hot chick! and come on guys.. she doesnt look that bad!

      1. charan at | | Reply

        I dont have a problem with Rani wearing short clothes… the point the one she is wearing in the show looks totally incomplete, like she forgot her pants. Where as, Sophie’s even though short, looks complete.

        1. rr at | | Reply

          I agree with Charan.

        2. padma at | | Reply

          agree! that is the only point. If she wore a short dress instead, it would have looked nice. I dont think meatier legs/thin legs in the question. The length of the dress and whether it is really a complete dress is the question here :)

    2. the mad momma at | | Reply

      well that is the look the styliists gave her. she wasnt seen at film parties or events dressed in those outfits.

  16. gaga at | | Reply

    i think rani looks absolutely fine. if one has to talk about thick legs please have a look at alicia keys at the VMA 09, now that’s what i call heavy legs. but look at the grace and confidence with which she carries herself and her dress.
    i toatally agree with fashion outsider…our image of thin/fat body type is really messed up. there are very few women with “a perfect body” and the rest of us need to accept and feel good about how we look.

    1. Carol at | | Reply

      If you read the comments, you would realize that Rani looking bad had nothing to do with thick or thin legs.

      Most people felt the dress was unflattering and too short especially for dancing on a show.

      This was not a body image issue. It was an unflattering outfit issue (dress, shoes and hair for me).

      I get the impression that some see any critique of her outfits as related to her body when it is not the issue.

      1. the mad momma at | | Reply

        i agree. its not the size of her legs. look at how queen latifah carries herself. its just a fashion faux pas.

      2. Sharin at | | Reply

        some people did say that they felt that they thought Sophie could have carried off what Rani wore (there is one comment on how Rani didn’t seem to have much of a weight loss and another on how someone does see the difference between Sophie and Rani’s legs so if you read the comments you would realize that some do feel that way although I agree that most have only mentioned the length of her dress as opposed to her figure. I think the dress is short when she’s standing straight but in the top pic it actually doesn’t look that bad but maybe that’s just because she looks like she’s having a lot of fun and really comfortable.

  17. Isis at | | Reply

    Sophie dresses up really well. Great sense of style. I don’t mean to sound condescending but how does she afford so much designer stuff?? She doesn’t seem to be in that many movies.

  18. fatima at | | Reply

    I think since she hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time its a shocker to see Rani like this, however I think she looks absolutely AMAZING, I would have prefer to see her in something more traditional. My only gripe are her shoes, Rani clearly needs some help in the shoe department. Loving the look though, HADIPPA!!!!

  19. Nick at | | Reply

    I don’t like both of them… there is nothing new about Sophie’s oh so tight! and not easy to squeeze into dress. Rani’s outfit on the other hand could be a dress or a top ..whatever it is it looks like it needs pants to go with it. I like the hair, makeup and the rest of it… it is maybe a nice change to see Rani put in a little bit of effort. I have no issues with how her body looks like or was before.

  20. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I don’t get it guys, HOW DOES SHE LOOK UNCOMFORTABLE???? IN ANY WAY??? Personally I think she would have looked fab had the dress been a few inches longer and her hair a bit bigger but alas. I think her legs look fine ..and I’m no fan of hers.

    1. pdaervo at | | Reply

      I mean I feel uncomfortable, but she doesn’t look it.

      1. PeachBellini at | | Reply

        I agree with you, she doesn’t particularly look uncomfortable here. I have no problem with rani trying to dress like the new crop of stars/starlets, but if she has to do it, then she should do it properly. this is no longer the 90s, where one slaps together anything trendy and it automatically looks good.

        this particular outfit, i feel, needed a nice, oomphy pair of shoes, and better hair.

        1. the mad momma at | | Reply

          i dont think she looks uncomfortable but i am guessing the rest saw her on the show itself. i havent seen it. but i do thikn the dress looked like a sack. it was for a taller skinnier model. most stuff just looks better on the ramp

    2. akaa at | | Reply

      If it had been a few inches longer, it wouldn’t have looked as if she didn’t wear pants ; and if the hair were better, the look might have rocked .. and that’s precisely the point everyone’s trying to make ..
      I don’t think anyone is discussing her body here ..its just that the dress looks unflattering on her with that length!!

  21. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    rani’s legs? nothing wrong with her legs. the dress looks like a shirt with no pants and that’s the problem. poor choice of dress. rani has worn shorter dresses in her movies and looked just fine coz those dresses didn’t look like she was missing pants.

  22. Kiwi at | | Reply

    While Sophie looks better-Rani is fine, I would just change the sandals-nothing else. I loike her spirit

  23. Ash at | | Reply

    U guys! Rani is living evrybdy’s nightmare! She forgot to don her pants! :( Poor girl

  24. Bubbles at | | Reply

    Epic Fail!! Rani forgot to wear her pants!

  25. gauri at | | Reply

    Both look great, and both look like they’re having fun. I can’t wait to see DBH.

  26. lazyU at | | Reply

    I actually kind of like what Rani’s wearing.. it’s cute.. I remember this style from ages back.. Everyone was wearing that shape with tights and sometimes not.. I guess I’m more familiar with people wearing stuff like that so it doesn’t hit me like it’s hitting a lot of people

    I guess most people are offended by the shortness of it rather than anything else…

  27. Sharin at | | Reply

    One thing about the big “comfortable” word that everyone is using (how the person wearing it should feel comfortable.. as if we know if they’re feeling comfortable or not but anyway..) I just wanted to say that Priyanka wears A LOT of clothes that are about this length and all people usually say to her are comments on the colour or coordination of the outfit. Everyone’s just like oh yea another short dress but no one is like WOW priyanka looks so uncomfortable and she’s trying to show off skin to make it big and fit in with fashionistas Sonam n blablah and she’s completely delusional.. and the only comments about her legs are the ashy knees and body makeup. I just feel like there are double standards because no one mentions how Priyanka looks uncomfortable yet when you see her episode of say that Sa Re Ga ma pa show or w.e where she wears that miniskirt (denim) with the green tube top (major skin exposure) she keeps pulling on the hem of her jean skirt! Major sign of uncomfortableness lol

    Basically I think Rani looks good.. it is a short dress however I don’t really feel that it is TOO short.. I think if you compare it to what a lot of people have worn it is fine. Malaika, Priyanka, they’ve all worn dresses as short as this.. if it was revealing up top as well then I would not like the length but she’s covered on top and showing off some leg and I think she looks gerat. I also like the hair I’m surprised everyone hates it.. does everyone need a blow out and curls.. can’t someone just straighten their hair :S? I think it looks sleek and makes her look young.

    1. Jazz at | | Reply

      Got to agree. She seemed perfectly comfortable wearing that on the show! She raised her arms up and no the dress didnt come up. It was well fitted at the bottom. Not once did I see her being concerned about the dress

  28. Danny at | | Reply

    Rani has exposed her legs that should be the good news for all leg lovers. such a beauty exposing her legs i feel so lucky i wish her dress was a little more short for us to explore her beauty! No wonder her lover will be a lucky man !

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