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  1. pdabre at | | Reply

    I was waiting for this post eagerly…. I think she did it well too… however now I feel she is just trying to maintain that image of a fashionista… and so is trying too hard..thats my opinion.

  2. Carol at | | Reply

    Is this what passes for style now? She looks like a hot mess. Please no fashion tips from the Olsens.

  3. Prem Rogue at | | Reply

    Wow that’s some pretty direct inspiration! To Sonam’s credit she carries it off splendidly. But I think true style is when you can take any trend and make it your own. In this case Sonam’s ensemble comes off as somewhat ‘wannabe’.

  4. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    This is an imitation of The Olsens at best. Plus the gladiators over tights is beyond horrible. I love the girl, but this, doesn’t look one bit effortless or chic

  5. KD at | | Reply

    she looks fab…..she can pull anything off!! love her shoes

  6. charan at | | Reply

    She pulls it off really well.

  7. Shilpa at | | Reply

    Love her. But is it not too hot in Mumbai to be wearing all that?

  8. malini at | | Reply

    wonder if the index finger ring .. is ash inspiration.. lol

    don’t like the shoes.. she looks sick..
    love the red shades though

  9. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Also looks like her top is transparent…tights are too but that’s okay

  10. blueice at | | Reply

    Looooove the wayfarers! isn’t shahrukh also wearing them in the post below?!

  11. blueice at | | Reply

    btw why is manyata dutt tagged in this post? :S

  12. FPDP at | | Reply

    Sonam carries this look so well…love it! Even though I really really hate those gladssss! Bad!

  13. Nick at | | Reply

    Sonam looks more casual than chic.. but she looks good. I could imagine any young gal be dressed like that. Not a fan of tights worn like that tho

  14. JS at | | Reply

    This is probably the best mess I’ve seen on an Indian celeb. And she pulls it off with such ease —- SWOOOOP! and its done!

  15. fopa at | | Reply

    sistah workin it!

  16. Pavani at | | Reply

    I love her too, but why does she need to be all decked in designer wear for every event? Why couldn’t she simply be in a jeans or tee or a kurti? This is just voting geeezz. Also isn’t Mumbai too hot to be wearing that full sleeve long shirt?

  17. Su at | | Reply

    doesn’t look effortless at all!i it just looks ODD

  18. mj at | | Reply

    i think she pulls off the whole look with elan, as always.sure it seems like a direct lift from mary-kate olsen, but it still isnt easy pulling it off. actually looooove the gladiators over the leggings…she makes it work!! BTW, the olsens are not the only ones rocking the wayfarers…all of young holywood is- natalie portman, anne hathaway, kirsten dunst.

  19. cleopatra at | | Reply

    I think she looks good but i wonder how effortless it was..

  20. Nasrin at | | Reply

    If you look closely, I think she’s using the scarf to cover up the fact that her shirt is transparent under the flashbulbs.

  21. FPDP at | | Reply

    @Nasrin: yes it seems so and it works so well. ha ha. imagine if that wasn’t there we would all be going like WTHEYYYYYY!! Good thinking Sonam. And the girl is sick I think that’s why she has the extra layer!

  22. namrata at | | Reply

    isn’t it like super hot in mumbai? why is she in a cardigan and scarf in this heat?!!

  23. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    she is definitely looking like a wannabe and is trying too hard to keep the fashionista tag. i don’t think this outfit is effortless, i think it was very deliberate, to the point where it’s looking overdone.

    sonam’s style has always come across to us as “in your face” trendy, but now it’s more like “in your face” desperate.

  24. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    and to carry a chanel bag with that outfit?!?

  25. sugarandspice at | | Reply

    The big opal ring she wears is not to copy Aish, it’s to do with astrology.

    I wouldn’t say she’s inspired by MK. The whole look is just very casual and layed back. Ray-Bans are a classic anyway.

    Also she isn’t head to toe designer, she is always mixing things up and always has at least one high-street/bargain item on. She does wear alot of designer stuff, but thats down to wear she shops and what she likes. Sonam aint no wannabe like the rest for sure.

  26. krish at | | Reply

    she looks great aside from the sunglasses….i h8 them reminds me of glasses kids play wid (well dats my opinion)

  27. anon at | | Reply

    ya, i definitely think it’s too hot in bombay to be wearing that.. i don’t like her shoes AT ALL…

  28. anon at | | Reply

    also, what brand tights are those and where can one buy them from?

  29. hmmho at | | Reply

    ouchie wa wa..
    this looks like too much effort to effortless for polling booth at two mins distance from home….

    neverthless.. olsen twins never should be copied.. they look like bagladies.. most of the times

  30. K at | | Reply

    one word: w-o-w!

  31. meha at | | Reply

    only bollywood actor who can pull this look off. love it. kudos.

  32. R at | | Reply

    the shades look like the $5 ones that u get at forever 21… other than that, she looks like an avg fashion-conscious gurl next door. definitely not effortless…

  33. Anonms at | | Reply

    If anybody can pull off this outfit… its definitely Sonam! Love the outfit!

  34. deewani at | | Reply

    gosh ppl will copy any mess in the name of fashion.. e.g these glasses.. they’re hideous.. i don’t see young american teens wearing these kinda glasses…they’re smart to know what should be followed..

  35. PJ at | | Reply

    Rachel Bilson was sporting a similar look as well sometime back..

  36. --- at | | Reply

    I LOVEEEEE! I hope she & ranbir are actually getting closer as rumors state!:)

  37. Fatima at | | Reply

    yeah she makes it work but it does look very inspired too…hmmm maybe cuz u guys mention it and back it with pictures… :P

    i’d like to add that i’m glad she’s showing all her fingers in order to highlight that she voted, unlike Mr. Bachchan and daughter-in-law, who’re posing with their middle fingers stuck up! now here in england i know for sure that wouldn’t be taken tooo well…hehe

  38. Ria at | | Reply

    Anyone can come up with this look, all it is are leggins, top, cardi and long scarf. If you all are branding this as a mess, than this is one HOT MESS! Sonam looks FAB

  39. mina at | | Reply

    please why in the world would sonam copy anyone? This is her own style, she loved mix matching, we’ve seen that already! Plus the girl has been down with food poisioning, i dont think she had time to think all that!

  40. mina at | | Reply

    also the cardigan/tunic/leggings look is really in right now, well in the US it is…so yea Sonam tried to copy each and every girl here who dresses like that …please!

  41. sony at | | Reply

    even though i think think she is super fasionable , i still think those tights are horriblr its the 2nd time she has worn those…she needs to stop wearing them

  42. Saya at | | Reply

    Agree with Carol. Fashion tips from Olsens is a complete no no. The layers/tights are justified in MK’s case but in India’s heat? Whoa!

  43. AnnieS at | | Reply

    isnt it like 40deg celcius in mumbai right now? why is she dressing like it’s fall in NewYork with a scarf n leggings n an outer slouchy long jacket-thing etc.? the olsen twins are dressesd for NYC fall – replicating that in hot n humid mumbai summer is an idiotic thing to do -smacks of the desperate fashion wannabe but desperately failing to be

  44. Nadia at | | Reply

    I can’t see her eyes but I think she looks lovely au naturelle. I like that it that her hair isn’t super straight, it still looks great! I love the scarf but the shades are too cartoonish.

  45. sugarandspice at | | Reply

    She is dressed like that because she is ill, as mentioned above, she is down with food poisoning but came out to vote.

    She was ill, she may have felt cold so she through on a long cardi and tights. Why is it such an issue? Everyone dresses for comfort when they are not feeling too well, right?

  46. CocoNUT at | | Reply

    I dont think she’s trying hard at all, she pulls this look off pretty well

    and i was wondering the same thing, isn’t she hot with all those layers?!

  47. evesy at | | Reply

    CocoNut its explained right above your post that Sonam is sick, she’s down with food poisioning, so obviously she’d be in layers :)
    I dont think the Olsens invented layering ;-)

  48. pdaervo at | | Reply

    lol@ deewani
    sorry love, but they do (because they are RAY BANS and AWESOME)
    she looks good, if a little unoriginal- I don’t think her sense of style is AMAZING (most ppl in my school- not to mention all of young hollywood- dress like this) but …yeah

  49. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    So next time Sonam wears a Kurti with white pants and carry a big bag she will be copying Neetu Singh. Oh wait I have already done that look…Neetu Singh copied me and how! I don’t like the look and the red ray ban does look a little funny but somehow she looks good!

  50. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    God, some of you need to stop taking things so literally! Her look is uninspired and unoriginal in general. Like pdaervo says, half the people I know dress like this. It’s nothing novel. And, she might have food poisoning, but her fever can’t be SO high that she’s layering in that heat! I mean, a simple long sleeve top would be more convincing about the illness. This is simply trying too hard.

  51. evesy at | | Reply

    Seriously, I dont get how a long cardigan is “tyring too hard” its not like its a jacket or a wool sweater…its just a light sweater that is perfect for a person thats sick. Nothing abt this is as bad as you guys are making it to be.

  52. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Sonam seems to generate a lot of discussions at HHC. I think it has to do with the fact that she has been tagged a fashionista by the media. And I think there is already debate about what qualifies someone as a fashionista.

  53. zara at | | Reply

    I’m not a fan of the hobo chic look, so I can’t really warm up to what Sonam’s wearing. I do agree with some posters that while she is stylish, her sense of dressing is no different than most trendy teenagers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and not everyone needs to have a unique sense of style. But lately, I’ve been a little underwhelmed by her outfits, simply because they don’t have the simple elegance of her previous appearances.

    As a side note, I hate the phrase “trying too hard”. While I do agree that are certain universal fashion faux pas, fashion is ultimately subjective. It is ridiculous to label a person as “trying too hard” if she follows certain trends, just as it is ridiculous to label someone unfashionable if she doesn’t.

  54. Archana at | | Reply

    I dont quite follow young hollywood fashion…but I have felt a lot of times that Sonams taken her influences from London high streets where girls naturally dress like that

  55. Deepa at | | Reply

    Sonam may have copied a million other people. But what may not have looked good on others (olsens for example) looks fab on her. That’s all that matters.

  56. vivi at | | Reply

    HIDEOUS OUTFIT….though she almost doesnt look so bad in it….BUT TO MUCH HAS BEEN MADE OUT OF HER….

  57. alisha at | | Reply

    he olsen sister on the right has a ring on her index finger as well!!!

  58. NJ at | | Reply

    I don’t care how ill you are, it is still too hot and humid in Mumbai to wear full-sleeved layers! One part of being fashionable is to dress according to the occassion and the weather and she fails miserably on that front. The red shades and the gladiators are a bit much as well. It is Mumbai, not London or NY…cottons & linens are not only weather-appropriate but trendy too. Doing the whole Lycra routine seems so odd and forced here!

  59. ena at | | Reply

    She looks good, if a bit overdressed for a hot summer morning..

  60. Ratan at | | Reply

    To be copying the Olsen twins doesn’t speak much for your sense of style (or maybe on the other hand, it rather does!!) Anyhow, the outfit is alright though I do wish she had worn a larger pair of the Wayfarers like Kate Olsen…..these look too small for her face!! Almost like kiddie sunglasses…..

  61. Hema at | | Reply

    She looks good but she looks like she tried too hard with this outfit .

  62. deewani at | | Reply

    @pdaervo… well maybe u have seen kids wear such glasses where u live.. in my school( college) I haven’t seen anyone wearing such hideous glasses

  63. deewani at | | Reply

    btw @pdaervo, why does clicking on ur id send me to thynameiswit link…something to do with u or jus random?

  64. Sharin at | | Reply

    HAHAHA lol this photo is just as funny as the Bachchan photo to me. I hate labelling people as “trying too hard” just because they’re not caucasian and therefore are supposedly “wannabe’s” and “copying” but this time I actually do feel that she is trying too hard, simply because it is never fashionable to be sporting too many trends at the same time which is what she is doing. End of story.

  65. U at | | Reply

    Her clothes are very very transparent. I think the layering was an attempt to disguise that.

    And she manages to look good while attempting that. Nice!

  66. Nepali at | | Reply

    Many effortless looks are carefully put together, if not some amount of thought has been given; it’s not randomly picked from a pile of clothes and done, some manage to look effortless, some don’t. In this case, the picture reference isn’t helping. It’s a casual done by a fashion conscious girl, who is into this trend which has been around for more than a year. I don’t feel the need to give her a crown or rip her apart. It is inappropriate for the weather, but some are saying she is sick. Anyway, I have frozen myself on few occasions to attend some parties in winter at a queue or in reaching a venue, and I have seen many others doing it too.

  67. Nepali at | | Reply

    She is young and her skin is good, she doesn’t need too much make up as seen in some of her previous posts. In keeping the humidity, sickness, etc., aside she looks pretty good.

  68. Sharin at | | Reply

    OH and just wanted to add that I think Aishwarya (if you guys could post a full length pic of what she wore) was dressed a lot better than Sonam.

  69. jazz at | | Reply

    NO!! Those glasses.

  70. maya at | | Reply

    copy cat.

  71. Nepali at | | Reply

    If we are to spot further inspirations, I am afraid the originals will be those in sari and salwar kameez.

  72. suchi at | | Reply

    not too impressed. looks like a typical US teenager

  73. sid at | | Reply

    Sonam looks FAB!!!! Any one who questions that has no clue about Fashion… Her Galdiators look good… She has pulled it off very well.. An about wearing all that stuff in summer and feeling the heat.. One line for you guys.. ‘If you wanna wear it, You gotta bear it’! She looks Fab.. without doubt…

  74. Mita at | | Reply

    This does look effortless and young Hollywood(the Olsens,
    Lindsay Lohan, Kiki Dunst etc) and its done well. However, I cannot imagine wearing this in stifling Mumbai heat, may be on a cofee run in LA or on a relatively warm and sunny day in May in NYC.
    Its just too much for Mumbai weather.

  75. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    I don’t get it, why is she labeled as trying too hard? This is how so many fashionable people dress. They have a good sense of throwing on accessories and colour combination. How is she any different? She has proved time and again that she is stylish. Period. Here again she gives a hit. And P&P I completely agree with you that copying and taking inspiration are two different things.

  76. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    And she looks much better than MK:P

  77. wella at | | Reply


  78. preeths at | | Reply

    sonam does look good here.
    i would like to add that anyone who disses THE rayban wayfarers probably dont know that the wayfarers are the highest selling sunglasses of ALL TIME, even more than the aviator and are an ICON.. and yeah ive got 3 myself :)))

  79. preeths at | | Reply

    and Payal,

    quite disappointing to see you “defending” sonam. probabaly the same reason she never ends up as WTHeyy?

  80. pdaervo at | | Reply

    lol, I live in SoCal ;)
    and that’s my …blog

  81. Kissmytiara at | | Reply

    Poor thing…she needs to copy florida fashion not california…i would have that expression too if my stylist made me wear this in mumbai hear…theres no place for cardis and tights she should be in a tank top with scarf..that would be effortless…why are you guys always giving this wannabe a thumbs up?

  82. amna at | | Reply

    she is trying tooo hard!!! and its no way near working for me!! and i agree with you preeths. i request you to please stop definding her!!! even when she gets things totally wrong for ppl she is never in the WTheyy category!!
    and YES!!! she is such a big copy cat!!! so how can she be called a fashionista!! i would like to thank you for the reference. if she actually came up with something by herself then this tag may be given to her!! she is copying styles and the weather is not rightfor it!! lool

  83. fashionista at | | Reply

    uhh, shes wearing a mq by alexander mcqueen dress , which that raheja chick wore to the jewellary thing and she was really sick and she went at seven in the morning, so i dont kn ow about you guys but i as sick i would wear a cotton layer over a cotton.. she aint copying anyone.. if she was trying hard she would have worn makeup and did something to her hair.. she looks casual and good

  84. deewani at | | Reply

    hey m in southern cali too! I live in Pomona!! How abt u??

  85. deewani at | | Reply

    The above que was for pdaervo :D

  86. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Actually, very close to Pomona! Diamond Bar :D

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  88. Antonia at | | Reply

    She looks very cute. & so what if she is inspired by the Olsen twins? They are fashionistas themselves – whether people like their styling choices or not.

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  90. girlie at | | Reply

    Nothing original at the same time inappropriate for both the weather and the occasion. She is hardly effortlessly casual. Those gladiators are bad.

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