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  1. tiquebou at | | Reply

    it has a weird air-hostessy vibe…overly structured…looks uncomfortable

    1. bhelpuri at | | Reply

      Lmao @ “air-hostessy vibe” so true!

      1. aaroohi at | | Reply

        agreed overly structured!
        However, props to P&P for adding that video, epic!
        Saree pants – didn’t work then, doesn’t work now.

        1. rhutzz at | | Reply


  2. BlahBum at | | Reply

    I cant look at anything other than those gorgeous earrings.. Me wants!! Time to go shopping !!! :)

    1. June at | | Reply

      Yeah me too!

  3. Madi at | | Reply

    She has always been fashion icon but in this look she certainly looking stunning! Love her hair & makeup.

  4. Puja Singh at | | Reply

    draped sari-pants style is as ridiculous today as it ws yesterday..
    And it look cringe-worthy with these footwear and shoulder bag..
    Sonam look all caked up here, way too much of makeup.. hair style is odd she looks like a bobble head toy..

    i find the Ferragamo Shoes very average..

  5. Nel at | | Reply

    My God, she looks flawless! Love the sari-pants combo!

  6. SS at | | Reply

    I love the hair but not on her. Her face is too small to pull off the gigantic top-knot. He looks very weird.
    The shoe is so disappointing. I would expect something like this to be on Payless shelves, not Ferragamo!

    1. SS at | | Reply

      Oh and Rhea did the same look with a Ganesha brooch on Diwali. Saw on her instagram. :D

    2. NYNYRocksss at | | Reply


    3. it at | | Reply

      Payless sells these kind of shoes? which payless do u go to?

  7. Nina at | | Reply

    She pulls this off sooooo well ! She is looking perfect. This outfit is really not made for anyone, so kudos to her, because it worked !

  8. Uzair at | | Reply

    Its a little too busy and not in great way, for my liking. I think the earrings could’ve been skipped even though they’re beautiful. The neckline is busy with that print and hence the earrings feel a little too much.
    I would like to see a more subdued top knot, the hair overwhelms her and the outfit. Maybe a Malabar girl hair style ala Raja Ravi Verma would’ve been fun. I don’t know.

  9. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Love the blouse, earring and pin, but not all together, especially with that hair style. She looks OTT, too much happening. Love Anamika Khanna, she always comes up with something unique.

  10. karishma at | | Reply

    i love the video! sonam’s outfit is the same colour combination as the lady in video! i like sonam’s earrings and the embroidery on the blouse is beautiful too.

  11. dork at | | Reply

    Love the look minus the grandma shoes shes wearing. Shouldve worn something lighter or strappy sandals. And the bag. A small hand clutch wouldve worked better

  12. Starbasher at | | Reply

    I know you guys drink the Sonam Kool Aid but still it’s a “costume” she’s wearing and it’s not pretty, neither is her make up nor her hair fabulous … The only saving grace are her earrings and her smile …just to think you guys found aishwarya’s look cringe worthy compared to this !

    1. Heaven at | | Reply

      I agree. This look is more WTHeyyy than a wears it well. It is so obvious that she is trying too hard to be a fashionista by wearing any costume that looks different or edgy.

    2. arpitha at | | Reply

      I agree. What she wears mostly looks like a ‘costume’.

    3. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      So what if it is a “costume”! The shoe is apparently going to be in some Ferragamo museum…she looks royal and elegant- costumey indeed! I think it works for this event!

  13. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Stunning!! How does she do it over and over? Truly a fashion icon…..

  14. KJ at | | Reply

    Front zipper on the blouse? No I don’t think so. Disco station was fun! Thanks for reminding.

  15. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    Fashion-forward and fun! She’s working the outfit.

  16. Kayshika at | | Reply

    I think anamika khanna is very inspired by the Hyderabadi khada dupatta. This looks a lot like one. Except khada dupattas look regal and this looks like something from she put together from Chandi chowk.

  17. Anjali at | | Reply

    Sonam looks Gorgeous!! She pulls the whole ensemble off beautifully. Kudos to her for always trying new stuff and changing it up! PS. she has such a beautiful face.

  18. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Sonam is taking her fashionista tag way too seriously..She looks more ridiculous than fashion forward. The whole look is so cluttered. Only the earrings and brooch were beautiful.

  19. Ritu at | | Reply

    This is perfect….i totally love it. Though i feel the hair is bit big on sonam’s face but she looks good. I love these pant saris from anamika.

  20. pooja at | | Reply

    P&P could you please ID the earrings?? they r to die for!

  21. kim at | | Reply

    I like the look apart from the earrings. They are making the look very heavy. She should have gone for simple studs instead. As for the shoes …. its like my local podiatrist making shoes for me. If we are going for comfort…that is

  22. Hsap at | | Reply

    Except for her close up where her beautiful face & spot on make up could be seen + that drool worthy blouse ( minus that ZIP) , it is a big time fail. I wish I couldn’t have seen the full length picture, the outfit is totally a la disco station, accessories are all nice on their own but not a single one is working with that outfit.

  23. Reitu at | | Reply

    The shoes are disappointing.. But she looks gorgeous..as ever!

  24. colors at | | Reply

    Love the jewelry. Like the hair. But Sonam looks very stiff and not herself. And her face did not need so much makeup. Sari-pant look does not feel right for the event. She looks over dressed for some reason :)

  25. shyba at | | Reply

    Didnt like at all!!!

  26. crown princess at | | Reply

    OMG she looks super avant garde!!! Love the earrings!!! I would wear this in a heartbeat.

  27. HRH at | | Reply

    Is she the flop Dita Von Teese of India? Cant find flaw with the outfit but every time she seems to be posing like a model ( with one hand on waist)with no credibility on her belt…
    great idea to be fashion Icon but then at times it falls flat when you see not much substance behind it… the ferregamo heels looks average…
    oh yes the hairdo looks towering only if the tower had some worth…

  28. monika at | | Reply

    She is so beautiful but she should do something about her weird eyebrows!!

  29. sab at | | Reply

    too much going on at the same time, heavy blouse, statement earrings, statement broch, high hair… not working for me

  30. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks good but I am not digging the hair. Heart the earrings. But is it me or her custom shoes are tad underwhelming but I prefer them over Priyanka’s custom ones anyday…

  31. Ashi at | | Reply

    How can anyone not like this look?? She looks gorgeous!!

  32. Ayelet at | | Reply

    I am not a fan of that outfit but have to concur that Sonam Kapoor pulls it off well. Much as I dislike her in the films, I have to say that she is one of the most stylish personality in Bollywood at the moment.

  33. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Seriously people here!!! Sonam looks stunning!! I can’t take my eyes off her!! She carries this so well no matter what I think of the outfit!! She is rocking ittt!!! So jealous of the girl- she has a fun life!!

  34. SLC at | | Reply

    It’s an interesting look. Love the jewels.

  35. Amy at | | Reply

    I have never seen Sonam in such high heels. She prefers flats and kitten heels. Then why have your name on something that is so not you! I think the shoes would have been a hit if her stylist had been during the designing sessions. This is what you get when Sonam tries doing stuff herself.

  36. JustMe at | | Reply

    loved the look!

  37. Aparna at | | Reply

    Where is customisation in Ferragammo now? Can someone help?

  38. Lola at | | Reply

    …not feeling this look in any way. Looks like a movie get-up.

  39. jasmine at | | Reply

    perfection!!! I love this girl! such a stunner. kisses sonaaaa

  40. just me at | | Reply

    In Sonam’s case, the “remove one accessory” rule should be re-written as – remove a dozen accessories at least! The sari-pants look will never be a thing and Sonam fails to pull it off aided by her typical over doing it! And the less said about those plain “customized” shoes the better! The only redeeming points in this look are those delish earrings, and Sonam’s pretty face (good that she toned down the make up).

  41. June at | | Reply

    Wow, amazing memory P&P. You remembered Reena Roy’s outfit from Disco Station.

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  43. Madhu at | | Reply

    I think she looks phenomenal !!

  44. Ohwe at | | Reply

    So bored of your Sonam fixation guys!
    There are many more beautiful better dressed women out there!
    Designer doesn’t mean stylish

  45. Supriya at | | Reply

    PC’s were jus shy of tacky… but these are blatantly meh…

    1. Supriya at | | Reply

      that aside, Sonam looks lovely.. somehow makes it work even though i totally agree with the “Air-hostess” comment…
      maybe they should make this the uniform for AI :P

  46. Tinker bell at | | Reply

    I like the look very much. Love the blouse. Sari-pants? She makes it work though I don’t see myself buying them :)

  47. sanjeet at | | Reply

    OMG .. THREE cheers to high heels to put the look and the video together……..lol

  48. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Only Sonam can carry off this look! Kudos to her!

  49. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

  50. deemelinda at | | Reply

    she just has the best hairstylist! always so inventive with her hair and perfect for every outfit> thats where she stands apart- her face looks diff always. Its a complete look!

  51. Trisha at | | Reply

    Love love love the whole look saree pants, bronzer and all!! On a side not the Ferragamos are soo meh!

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