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Not only was Ms. Kapoor the first to snag Anamika Khanna couture pieces first off the runway, she did the same with the Indian by Manish Arora collection that was showcased recently at Couture week.

Our jealousy aside, how great did she look? Love the look especially the heart earrings which played off of the heart motif on the sari and blouse.


Sonam Kapoor at Filmfare Launch In Delhi


Sonam Kapoor at New Filmfare Launch In Delhi

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. There are so many colors but each color does play off well with the other. Finally a look where its OTT but still looks pretty on Sonam. Orange/Green suits her lighter skin tone well.

  2. Few words….gaudy loud OTT ugly. neck up she luks pretty If this is fashion forward so not liking “the look at me” “look at me” hideous colour palette Now just because she wore it a few will run to buy it frm Pernia pop-up shop!! This should be on a puppet

  3. Reminds me of the gaudy, glitzy packaging that’s on sweet boxes around here come Diwali time. Not a fan of the look – Sonam cannot carry off bling+bling. The blouse looks like its on backwards Those earrings are TACKY! These are very flattering pics ’cause on a different site her make up looked so cakey.

      • I agree totally with “just me” .. this look could b passed on as a cheap tacky sari u find in make shift shops u find on streets.. nothin elegant abt the look except the draping .. i wonder how this gets picked by sonam- maybe because thr’s a novelty in wearing something so outlandish!

  4. Love it! I’ve got such a style crush on this girl! She looks sensational! Loved her look in the denim pant suit, and love her here. Wowza!

  5. hate to say it , but this color combination ( the jarring green and coral) is something which the bai’s in India rock much better.And they buy the same color saree for a fraction of the price.

    • This was my exact reaction. It so reminds me of the bais. And this is like the 3rd or 4th time she is draping and styling a saree this way. Before she has done this with Masaba and other sarees. But of course, the Sonam die-hards, including the authors here will not point that out!

  6. It looks like something out of an 80s over loud song sequence.

    I don’t understand how Madhuri’s look in Manish Malhotra despite being so delicate and feminine did not get the praise it deserved, while this OTT Sonam Kapoor+Manish Arora garish parrot look is not getting the WTHeyy it deserves.

    Sigh. The ways of the world.

  7. Perfect! She just sold me that outfit, not one I’d have ever worn. Just love that this girl wears sarees so often… more actresses her age should do it.

  8. This outfit just distracts you away from her pretty face! The colors are so loud, they are what you look at first instead of her overall appearance. After I was done staring at the colors, I noticed her face and it was only then that I noticed how pretty she looks.

  9. Ewwww…. What is with the mob mentality of people calling this awesome , exquisite etc when it is an complete eyesore and one hell of a tacktastic outfit… The emperor is indeed naked guys… wake up and see it…

    Fashion is not following what the designers and celebrities think are good… it is merely having sense and taste enough to call “a pig as a pig”


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