In Dolce & Gabbana


For a product launch in Delhi, Ms. Kapoor picked a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Retro-inspired wavy hair, red lip, sparkly earrings, black pumps and a Dolce clutch finished out her look.

The silhouette of her dress just wasn’t the most flattering. And the earrings caused bit of a visual clutter. That said, Sonam makes this look work only the way she can. But… Are we spoilt and wrong in expecting more? Absolutely not.


Sonam Kapoor At OPPO Mobile Launch

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  1. Retro styling? check. Princessy frock? check. Overdone make up? check.
    The photographs from the wedding were so fresh and bright. I’m super tired of these retro looks Sonam keeps churning out. Sometimes, you know, the organizers wouldn’t mind if she turns up in jeans and a shirt and a scrubbed face. We won’t all die from shock.

    • I don´t think the organisers of this event would be happy with her showing up in relaxed gear. :p
      Nothing against jeans but they certainly are NOT glamorous & glamour IS her signature. This hairstyle is actually pretty modern, i am surprised it qualifies as retro.
      I do agree with P&P about the fit around the waist & the earrings (gorgeous!), although i think that her posture is the problem here.

  2. Red lips with that satin pink dress look so odd. The dress is glamorous enough, she didn’t have to amp it up with such a bright lip color. Fresh nude makeup would be the way to go here.

  3. OMG this is such a snoozefest. Sonam was considered a fashionista because she gave looks that were fresh, new and inspired. Now all we see is retro, more retro and just more of the same. Yawn. Real big yawn.

  4. Seriously why can’t she ever do skinny pants, nice top, natural hair. She doesn’t seem to tire of the heavy OTT makeup and retro hairdos.

    • She cant !! Like she said in an interview if she had body for that she would.
      Simple clothes highlight her body and she doesn’t want that.

  5. This is probably one of my least fave Sonam looks in recent times. The hair/makeup/outfit all look bad and are wayy too overdone for the event in question. The dress itself isn’t fitted properly at the waist. Overall it’s a below average look.

  6. I am in the minority here, but she looks fab. Refreshing to see somewhat different dress after all the ball gowns we’ve been seeing of late (not that they weren’t glamorous). My only gripe is the lip color as well as the blush…..should have used softer shades.

  7. Just toooo much,even in the ad (video) of the product…A simple look would have been much better,here we can see only the dress not Sonam…


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