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  1. bollywoodme at | | Reply

    what happen to our bollywood girls.
    I feel that this year the magic is not ‘au rendez-vous’.

    I love Sonam but looks like she has lost her freshness…

    Waiting for her next dress

    1. Sukriti at | | Reply

      I know right! I saw Sonam’s look and my heart sank. After Aishwarya’s blah looks I thought Sonam would give us something fresh and amazing, especially after that Rimzim Dadu saree, but alas!
      Really really hope the next one is a knockout but I’m won’t hold my breath.

  2. Pogo at | | Reply

    She looks amazing, no doubt, but then I was waiting for something more exciting, I guess. And yes, that cut out!!

    1. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

      +1 agree about the cut out and thought she looked amazing too

    2. BlueBells at | | Reply

      Agree. She does look dazzling but then I am left a bit disappointed. More dramatic hair maybe. Cut outs don’t cut a good picture out.

  3. Neharika at | | Reply

    I love it! Sonam always brings the drama. She stands out. I think you need to get better pictures.

    She looks so freakin gorgeous. Love she kept everything else simple & let the gown do the talking.

    1. Melange at | | Reply


  4. Preeti at | | Reply

    Man you guys must really love her. All the pics on the net are bad but u guys posted the only few ones that look decent.
    How do u forgive an outfit that has a half butt trail , a sleeve trail , one sleeve , a shoulder cutout and a neck collar all in one design??? I understand sonam is fashion mad but are there actually designers that can design somthing so stupid??

  5. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks great. Love it. And yeah the cut out cuts a bad picture particularly in the 3rd pic.

  6. Saba at | | Reply

    Hate the choker thingy and cutout… She is always a fail..

  7. Tanvi at | | Reply

    That collar and open hair looks so very similar to one of her previous Cannes appearances.

  8. Ayesha at | | Reply

    I love the drama sonam invariably brings, but this dress seems a bit bridal to me? Still compared to all the other Indian actresses in Cannes at the moment, she stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

    1. Pogo at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts, on the bridal thing!!

  9. Harry at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! This coming from someone who doesn’t like Sonam! I like the cutout. Very classy! But I must say that for the first time she looked nervous! Very unlike her.

  10. Ariya at | | Reply

    I initially loved it but after seeing more pics the gown looks quite silly form the back and side. Her makeup and hair are stunning though.

  11. Kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    I love it! Can’t stand Sonam
    Personally but she looks stunning here! Al cameras and media were on her!

  12. Sarah at | | Reply

    Is the haters club? As far as I can see, she looks absolutely stunning. The silhouette is balanced and the white looks super ethereal.

    1. kritika at | | Reply


  13. sarika at | | Reply

    Thats how you bring drama in a positive way…loved that cutout…gorgeous

  14. Apsara77 at | | Reply

    She’s looking regal and dramatic in the dress! Love the hair and make-up as well!

  15. Fareeha at | | Reply

    Reminds me of Taher Shah’s angel ?

    1. Aria at | | Reply

      Omg dying ….on aside this is a ridiculous dress. It seems even Sonam is not feeling it. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    2. Sup at | | Reply


  16. Fjrkt at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely gorgeous. The gown would hAve looked weird without the cut out. Her hair and makeup is flawless. She looks like a diva

  17. Gossip girl at | | Reply

    Not a good run for the Indian girls . So far all the looks have been bad . Loved Blake lively at Cannes . She looked fantastic . Edgy without looking like a clown . Elegant with the right amount of drama . We need that from ash n sonam

    1. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

      I think that is asking for too much :) Blake owns her style.

      1. Blahbum at | | Reply

        That’s exactly the problem . They are not being true to their style . They are trying way too hard…

    2. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Blake Lively rules the red carpet at Cannes Gossip girl. I love Blake and she never fails to amaze me.

  18. Kirk at | | Reply

    Whats the Pope gonna wear now?!

  19. OrangeJammies at | | Reply

    Drama done right! A. K. A. Fierce without the cray cray.

  20. Anon at | | Reply

    Why do these Indian celebrities treat Cannes like it’s the MET? It’s just embarrassing at this point. Cannes is NOT a fashion festival. It’s a FILM festival. I know these guys aren’t there for films but at least try to fit it. It’s always drama with no ease.

    Look at Freida Pinto. She always looks fantastic without looking like she is trying too hard. I feel like Bollywood has lost the plot when it comes to Cannes. Especially after reading about poor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s story about how none of the designers would lend him a suit because they couldn’t believe ‘someone like him’ was going to Cannes. They couldn’t believe that one of the best actors in our film industry was going to Cannes? I don’t even know what to say.

    Rant over.

    1. Ss at | | Reply

      You said it.

    2. olala at | | Reply

      Because Cannes is indeed a film festival known also for its red carpet. You should see some of the outlandish costumes at Cannes. And everyone wears big gowns at Cannes. Sonam and Aishwarya are usually there as brand ambassadors and NOT for the films per se. We should soemtimes be kind on our own ilk :-)

      That said, Sonam looks gorgeous on some of the pictures I have seen elsewhere. What drama!

    3. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

      I think you have a colonial hangover, that if White people don’t do it, we shouldn’t either. That said, you are wrong, there is enough clothes-drama from all sorts of people. For better or worse, Cannes has become about more than films. Remember L’oreal has been there of their own accord from many years, Ash and Sonam haven’t nagged them into going there!

    4. Neharika at | | Reply

      Have you seen the trails of some other gowns? People do wear over the top gowns at Cannes. Also this is a very elegant gown. Nothing quirky about it so I am not sure why you think she is dressed for the met gala

  21. Fashion4pas at | | Reply

    Not feeling this Spanish matador outfit.

  22. Aria at | | Reply

    This looks like a student project first gown (fail). Long sleeves, cutout, cape all in one done wrong. Epic fail.

  23. apoorva at | | Reply

    This is a major red carpet moment..

  24. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    She looks great and brought the drama. Definitely don’t like the cut out on that otherwise grand gown. What I don’t understand iswhy she chose to wear a dress which is so reminiscent of the now iconic gown Fan Bingbing wore last year?

  25. Nuj at | | Reply

    I totally love this look! The hair and makeup are perfect compliments too!

  26. shanaya at | | Reply

    She definitely brought the drama but I feel she doesn’t have that wow face to pull off such a dress. And her hair and makeup make her look Tired. Hate the choker and the cut out. My problem with Sonam is she’s started to think she’s the last of the fashion Icon’s and the Indian magazines,media possibly make her feel that way too. Too much attitude and it shows.

  27. tanu at | | Reply

    She looks so pretty but just doesn’t have it in her to look like a star on the red carpet..that spark is missing…

  28. Saira at | | Reply

    Table Cloth Alert

    She does look pretty and for the first time the Loreal people got the makeup right.

  29. Shina at | | Reply

    This would have totally worked if she was the brand ambassador for Rin.
    Safedi ki chamkar bohot jyada. ;-)

  30. Amani at | | Reply

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about. She looks great especially on the red carpet

  31. Nandita at | | Reply

    She sure was a ‘stand-out’. Stunning. What confidence!

  32. Jenny at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely gorgeous but I’m not WOWED! There’s just something amiss. And she needs to bring her easybreezy cuteness back. She looks so serious these days.

  33. Ritu at | | Reply

    The hair is lack lustre otherwise its bang on. Loved the gown

  34. Sara at | | Reply

    Thank god U made us proud !!!
    Loved it :)

    1. Nuone at | | Reply

      Or what?India ke izzat pe aach aa jati??Lol

  35. prep-y at | | Reply

    She looks great, a very classy look!

  36. Slc at | | Reply

    Dramatic and she looks just fabulous! She kept everything else simple and let the gown do the talking. After seeing Aishwarya I became a little worried. This makes me feel better:)

  37. Nuone at | | Reply

    She looks great! But may be different hair?
    On a lighter note, everytime I see these cape things all I can think of is “Gogo ji apka ghagra!” :D

  38. Candace at | | Reply

    I’m so surprised at all the comments saying they didn’t love it. I thought she looks phenomenal. I’m not a Sonam fan but she looked absolutely stunning.

  39. Sagar at | | Reply

    The dress by itself seems nice … Dramatic for someone like Sonam Kapoor to make a statement. Yet the whole look falls flat like an overhyped Bollywood movie. This may have looked better in her head than in reality.

  40. Dividiv at | | Reply

    Girl looks fab!

  41. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I don’t like the gown (and not a fan of the cutout) but I think she owns it and salvages what is an odd gown. I do wish they’d done her make up better and given her a stronger lip. I can’t tell if that’s a Chopard choker or a piece of cloth tied around her neck…Chopard should have given a contrast–blue sapphires for earrings and a sapphire ring or emerald large as life boulder like studs and a massive emerald solitaire…something singular in design to complement the gown and not detract from it.

  42. Liaa at | | Reply

    On the day ash wore an ugly dress with multi coloured embroidery plus lavender lips, Sonam wears this and looks like a princess in comparison.
    I think she looks amazing. The cut of the dress suits her to the tee and the embroidered trail gives it drama. Make up is subtle clean and fresh. And gosh her hair looks gorgeous. It’s a perfect cannes look. I have seen other girls on the RC including the much hyped blake lively and this look is unique .

  43. Kirsa at | | Reply

    Man she looks FANTASTIC!! The make up is perfect,the gown is beautiful with a hint of drama. She looks the diva she is. Simply ethereal! *_*
    Now bring on the hate Sonam bashers, I wannna know what critique would now be bludgeoned against her now that she has simply wowed all especially after the epic fails of the Bollywood brigade on the red carpet.

  44. Zen at | | Reply

    Have you guys noticed how sonams cannes looks either portray her as flat chested like here or it’s too much asset showing?..why no middle ground.that cape though total stunner on the red carpet.don’t get the dog collar. But at least loreall got her make up right for the first time not harsh on her.

  45. Anicca at | | Reply

    Thanks Sonam for reaching Cannes, Aish had us all bored out of our wits and now she has started freaking us out too with blue nails and lips…From Staid to scary..
    And you…You look good, really really Good.. Gorgeous actually.

  46. ML123 at | | Reply

    I was looking at pictures of some other celebrities on the same red carpet and she seems a little overdressed..and not very comfortable tbh

  47. Sup at | | Reply

    I don’t mind the sleeve, but the hair and makeup is really lackluster.
    Seems like Sonam herself isn’t feelin’ it.

  48. alisha at | | Reply

    Ralph&Russo usually make stunning gowns but this custom made piece is blah! The train brings the drama but doesn’t make an impact. As much as I love our bollywood girls but why can’t they try silhouettes with cleaner cuts! Blake, Julia anf Victoria Beckham knocked it out of the park in much simpler attires. Lebanese+ a km long train+ feathers+ sequins has been done to death

  49. shwetha at | | Reply

    Very underwhelmed, and the fitting is not the right one for her…if you look at the stomach, the bulge is distracting. and if this is at a photo shot which is a little more of a conscious way to stand, I think in actual the tummy bulge probably showed a bit more.

  50. puglyshugly at | | Reply

    The make up makes Sonam look older.

  51. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    She looks good but not phenomenonal. Agree about the cut out. Sonam looks exhausted. Awaiting a real stunner from her soon.

  52. Vanaja at | | Reply

    Just simply stunning and carries the look well.

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