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  1. Asha at | | Reply

    Way better than Ash that’s for sure. And I am not even a Sonam fan!

  2. sam at | | Reply

    don’t like the jacket, it looks horrible on her!

  3. sanyukta at | | Reply

    Perfect as ever…! thank god atleast she’s not wearing ALLLL black…!

  4. UM at | | Reply

    Best of luck Sonam !

  5. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    Simple , comfy and smart .

  6. sanya at | | Reply

    I am not a sonam fan but this is a great look for the airport; comfortable, chic and cool. Maybe Ash Auntie can take some tips

  7. aj at | | Reply

    What is with the her ugly long jacket and cannes.
    She did something hideous (magician like) similar to this last year when she was heading to cannes.!

  8. Dheh at | | Reply

    Wow, I did NOT want to click on the paid advertiser’s link. But their site opened when I tried to open Sonam’s pic for a better view. This tactic to send viewers to the advertiser’s site is so not classy

  9. Slc at | | Reply

    Comfort priority #1. She looks great.

  10. Atul at | | Reply

    Loving the jacket and bag on her! Such a fan!

  11. Violet at | | Reply

    Love this

  12. Farrah at | | Reply

    So Nice is hotter than Mumbai?

  13. frm pdx at | | Reply

    Looks good, but here’s yet another celeb wearing a COAT at Mumbai airport in MAY!!!!!!!!!

  14. Fervid at | | Reply

    It’s a nice look in theory but somehow doesn’t come together. What material is the jacket made of? Hope we can get such information on this ‘fashion’ blog instead of Sonam’s layovers…

  15. Mio at | | Reply

    Every time I see her outfits, I recollect times when I’ve bought an outfit on impulse with no place to wear it, then worn it just so I don’t feel guilty. With Sonam, every appearance is like that.

    I have new clothes. I have a jacket. Where do I wear it? On my next trip. So what it its hot here, and hot where I am going..I will wear the jackets for the 40 minutes it takes me to go from my car to the aircraft..taking it off twice in between for security checks! This makes perfectly perfect sense…

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