Sonam on L’Officiel India: (Un)Covered

We’ve already seen her don an Emporio Armani for this shoot and here is a first look of Ms. Kapoor in a black Gucci gown for L’Officiel’s May edition.

Can’t wait for pics of the inside shoot. For a sneak pic of what she is wearing, catch NDTV video coverage of the shoot below.


Left: Gucci, Spring 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor on L’Officiel India May 2010


Left: Gucci, Spring 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor on L’Officiel India May 2010

Left: Gucci, Spring 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor on L’Officiel India May 2010

Photo Credit: Style, Facebook

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  1. kanika at | | Reply

    Her pose is too awkward for me to appreciate her dress… people seriously need to stop jutting their bosom’s out – it just looks weird

    1. S at | | Reply

      So true. The cover is disappointing. Hope there are some good shots inside.

      1. Purva at | | Reply


  2. diptiN at | | Reply

    BAD pose, awful dress, hair and make up. I prefer the minimal make up and hair style on the model.

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Awesome face ! Awkward pose.

  4. PennyLane at | | Reply

    Can you say, photoshop of horrors, anyone?
    Or did she get a “back scooping” ala Heidi Montag?

  5. deewani at | | Reply

    omg all that work and they put this on the cover! sad! she should’ve mentioned the name of the local Indian Designer..

  6. dn at | | Reply

    This is probably the worst cover with Sonam. There is so much potential when Sonam is in a fashion shoot and this is what they use as a cover?

    1. SR at | | Reply

      I totally agree with you. From of all the possibilities of the shoot they choose this, it does no justice to Sonam nor the dress.

  7. ko at | | Reply

    they should have used some other shot as cover.. this one is the worst shot

  8. KityPurry at | | Reply

    I LOVE this cover. I couldn’t care less about the pose…she makes the chest jutting out look OH-SO-CLASSY. Lovely face….soooooooo beautiful.

    1. KityPurry at | | Reply

      And the hair ROCKS!!

  9. ariel at | | Reply

    Dont care about the cover but the white dress in shoot is to die for . Did she say anamika khanna? me want dress belt necklace hair shoes…..Want want!

  10. S at | | Reply

    Don’t like the dress and the posture ruins it more. Haven’t seen the video, is there anything good in there?

    1. SR at | | Reply

      Yes, you are going to hate the cover picture more. If you see the videos, tons of superb shots and they choose this as a cover.

      1. S at | | Reply

        oh yes all the dresses in the video were so much better than this.

  11. mala at | | Reply

    i disagree with you guys… she has never looked better, and the smokey eyes look fab fab fab

    1. gargee at | | Reply

      evn i thnk as such.
      dis is so beautiful….
      d dress looks a lot bettr on her den on d model…

  12. Deeps at | | Reply

    it is a fantastic cover! so avavnt garde and non typical.

  13. Delna at | | Reply

    I love this cover. I dont agree, I dont think the jutting out looks vulgar at all. The pose is very stylish

  14. smv at | | Reply

    There is something very innocent and clean about this cover pic.

  15. pooja at | | Reply

    i somehow seem to love the cover…….its very different from the usual ‘Just Glam’ covers that L’officiel almost always has. there is an excellent choice of textures that has been used here. I love how the mountains a so rough and rugged and this is what makes Sonam’s softness stand out even more !! The designer seems to have the guts and creativity to move out of the mundane, monotonous look and try something new! I LIKE!

  16. Bhavesh at | | Reply

    Sonam is looking stunning and more so coz of the way the cover is done! it makes her stand out!

  17. Iceman at | | Reply

    Stunning Cover! Sonam has never looked better! Excellent realisation – good blend of black dress amidst a white backdrop..well done L’Officiel..

  18. Jean at | | Reply

    I am an avid reader of L’Officiel Paris and I happen to be on vacation in India and picked un L’Officel Inde from the Taj. And I have to say that this cover is sans comparaison amazing !

  19. uumema at | | Reply

    i just love sonam her face is so international…she has done justice to most of the covers she has appeared on.

  20. Adit at | | Reply

    can she stop trying to model and act for a change.

  21. Amit at | | Reply

    You know same dress you can see with grace on Anne Hathaway in Instyle US March 2010.

  22. Tee at | | Reply

    I find the whole concept of the cover so random! Just put mountains at the back, and one pretty girl smack in the middle…not in winter clothes no.. but designer outfit in an awkward pose and suddenly it is a *travel special*?? In New Zealand no less. Did you know it was new zealand simply looking at the cover?

  23. sj at | | Reply

    I dunno why i feel like they’ve forgotten to photoshop mountains in between her elbow and waist….there’a a staring space
    her face is nice…but sonam isnt doing justice to the dress

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