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  1. saya at | | Reply

    Sonam looks gorgeous. Like the underplayed makeup too. And ghastly is the word for the model on the ramp.

  2. Aarthi at | | Reply

    Wow! Sonam rocks this dress. Model? –not so much!! Almost makes me wonder if its even the same dress!!!

  3. Fashionfreak at | | Reply

    She looks Fab for sure..but dont you think she has striking resemblence with Sonali Bendre??

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  5. salzie at | | Reply

    Gorgeous!!!!!!! I love how she is so versatile. She can pull off any look – hardcore, rock, dainty, sexy, adorable, cute and beautiful. I want to see her in an Indian wedding outfit with the works. Complete opposite of the spectrum and knowin’ her she will look exquisite!

  6. Nosh at | | Reply

    I usually hate this color but she looks so nice here!

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    va va voom! she really looks mind blowing here.. the black nailpolish gives it that edge.. tho the colour is too bright for my liking.. but she makes it work! plus she looks thinner than the model! if that is possible!

  8. anita at | | Reply

    the dress is yummy and Sonam’s hot!!

  9. if at | | Reply

    shes so pretty……that deepika is nothing compared to her.

  10. Deepa at | | Reply

    Its the attitude that is making Sonam look good in pictures lately. But I have to admit she has a great face and body to carry off these dresses.

  11. Shreya at | | Reply

    She looks drop-dead gorrrrrrrrrrrrrgeous.

  12. Dodo at | | Reply

    Looks like Sonam picked the better of the Rohit Bhal creation, compared to Kareena. Still not liking the dress so much, but the colour makes it work.

  13. Raspberry at | | Reply

    I’ve always loved Elle covers and this one is another rocking cover page! Great styling and a great picture! I never warmed up to Sonal during the Saawariya days but I like her more than ever now. She’s extremely stylish and sassy. Or poses to be.

  14. ena at | | Reply

    Femina already put this dress on their cover – last year, on Lara Dutta!

  15. Adi at | | Reply

    Sonam is one gorgeous & sexy lady!! Love this girl!! She is sassy yet she is so adorable and cute!!

    saizie, have you not seen Sonam in L’Officiel?? She has like gazallion photos in Indian wear! And man how sexy she was in those!!

  16. Violet at | | Reply

    i LOVE that green.

  17. alisha at | | Reply

    sonam is turnin more like deepika and deepika is goin the girl-nxt-door look…interesting…
    she loooks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  18. manisha at | | Reply

    she is just superb. shes going to be the next big fashion icon in bollywood… just simply fabulous! the image i had of her from saawariya of being so dainty and good-girlish went out the window.. she’s daring and can pull off different kinds of looks beautifully! go sonam!

  19. Nick at | | Reply

    I love the outfits they pick for her. Very pretty sought of edgy. I think she looks better than the model, i think the jewllery was unnecessary. The pattern on the dress is strikingly similar to the pattern on Kareena’s dress for femina’s august cover. … both dresses are by Rohit Bal

  20. Adi at | | Reply

    @alisha: when did deepika start going girl next door?? i just saw her on the cover of maxim!!

  21. ekta at | | Reply

    you guys have to see the pictures inside, they are fabulous… and this is one of her best covers till date

  22. Adit at | | Reply

    I think she has aced the look. Kudos to the girl, she really is on a roll, and kudos to the stylist for this

  23. k at | | Reply

    Is that really sonam?? She looks absolutely gorge!!!!

  24. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love Sonam for face value, but her attitude bothers me (her reaction to the faliure of Saawariya on some news channel (HT news i think) had Ranbhir even looking embarassed) and I still haven’t gotten the idea that she is a total brat (as implanted into my head with that interview) but everytime I see her out and about I get closer to chaning my resolution becasue she is so damn AWESOME when it comes to fashion
    …But I still have a girl crush on Deepika :D

  25. ariel001 at | | Reply

    sonam is gorgeous. she looks a little like penelope cruz and shes soo gorgeous too.

    & that dress is soo pretty. reminds me of the one priyanka was wearing at that fashion show at the iifa and rohit ball made that too. rohit bal sure loves big ruffled patterned dresses. GORGEOUS!!

  26. shonali at | | Reply

    p & p, please do show us the pictures inside the mag, if you can. i don’t think i can get hold of indian elle in london. sonam looks so effortlessly stunning and stylish.

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  28. Bhoomyka at | | Reply

    Lovely color.. Lovely dress.. loved it!

  29. malini at | | Reply

    love it.. she should be a model

  30. NJ at | | Reply

    Now that’s how a magazine shoot should be done!
    Sonam needs to teach wooden mannequins/ human hangers Kareena, Katrina and Deepika how to put life into designer clothes.

  31. Neha at | | Reply

    She looks fiiiiierrrce (haha). Unlike Deepika Vanilla Padukone, Sonam comes across as interesting and edgy. Loves it!

  32. Ricebunny at | | Reply

    WOW!!! STUNNING Sonam looks F.I.E.R.C.E.!!

  33. malini at | | Reply

    why campare with deepika… who looked stunning on ramp.. and sona is looking hot on covers..

  34. desibuff at | | Reply

    Sonam effortlessly brings rohit bal’s creation to life…she looks beautiful….the model on the other hand, does not showcase the dressmaker’s skill. Looking at the same, I would have totally been put off with the dress. Again, it is the wearer not the garb as I always maintain.
    Now deepika, I think has already proven that models can act….Girl-next-door?? That definitely can never apply to someone as luminously gorgeous as Deepika.

  35. anoo at | | Reply

    is she for real? ….what a transformation from the Saawarya days……… I haven’t seen any of the new breed of actresses dress this well…..very very tres chic…

  36. Nadia at | | Reply

    Sonam will go far because she has that rare ability to carry off any look successfully. Each time I see her in a get-up, she looks like she owns it! There is so much edge, style and beauty emanating from her.

    The Deepika comparisons will always be there. Both ladies are gorgeous but I find Sonam more appealing. She has a very classic and striking beauty. I don’t think Saawariya did justice to Sonam or Ranbir.

  37. hana at | | Reply

    I am not her fan though, but she is looking wayyy beautiful then she been before… and that black nail color is ON THE HOOK!

    wayyyy better than originally worn by the model!

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