Trail Blazin‘: Part Deux


Two days of Mausam promotions saw Sonam in two looks featuring Zara blazers. As much as we love the hot pink blazer look, the leopard one has our attention more. Only wish, we had a better pic. (We’re trying to get clearer ones.)

Also spotted on Sonam was a Kallol Datta paper plane skirt. Looks like we weren’t the only ones with paper planes on our mind. :P

P.S. Sonam was styled by Tanya Ghavri in the blazer looks. And that is a Kelly on Sonam.

Sonam Kapoor Before Mausam Promotions

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. Dang girl work that hot pink blazer!! very retro but modern. only concern are those hideous shoes. like really…so not happening. she keeps repeating ’em too ugh!!

  2. Actually I really love the shoes – shes owning the look completely. Sonam is also looking really skinny! Goes to show that Lanvin from a couple days ago really did her no favours.

  3. WHY does she continue to wear those ugly shoes and ruin the entire outfit? those shoes should only be worn when tap dancing!!


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