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  1. Namrata at | | Reply

    How come everything about Sonam becomes “She wears it well!”
    Come on P&P, cut the bias.. this dress does nothing to show her stunning figure, she looks flat, plus the make up is so patchy!!

    1. just me at | | Reply

      How did you post exactly what was on my mind, Namrata!? :)
      I think it was on HHC or maybe another site where one commenter got it bang on – with Sonam it’s not that she wears her clothes, its the clothes that wear her! Except for her confident stance and her pretty smile I think she adds no personality to any of her outfits, all of which have so obviously been painstakingly, time consumingly, pointedly put together. Therefore, for me she is no fashion icon and how she always ends up “wearing it well” is beyond my comprehension! Now a Sabina Chopra otoh can wear the heck out of a paper bag!

      1. Shwetha at | | Reply

        Make it a triple ditto from me

        Such undeserving bias, just because.

  2. tosh at | | Reply

    i really hate when she dresses like this. she looks like such a bhenji

  3. KJ at | | Reply

    Runway version looks so much better. Sonam ruins it by wearing the dupatta this way. The dress falls weirdly on her waist too.

  4. Ritu at | | Reply

    Sonam dear this is not expected from u! Or may be we r expecting more. Such a behenji appearance….. The otherwise nice dress is killed because of bad fit, bad hair, bad make up n that duppatta thats taken in an unflaterring way!

  5. prags at | | Reply

    there is just sooo much goin on with the hair >>dupatta >>makeup>>>>all she needs is t0 de-cutter ….

  6. jamila at | | Reply

    a very bad dress. it is making her look pudgy and that is last thing aany woman wants to look like.

  7. Pri at | | Reply

    Uninspired. Hate it..and I rarely hate anything she wears..

  8. Heaven at | | Reply

    Eeks .. she ruined a beautiful dress. It looks great on the model.

  9. just casually at | | Reply

    shapeless and way over-processed.

  10. Anoo at | | Reply

    The runway version is waaay better than what Sonam is wearing. I think Shilpa also wore the runway version as well.

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