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    I like the outfit on the runway a lot, but I wish Sonam had worn it a little more open on both sides like the model, so it would be easier to tell the demarcation between the long sharara top and the lehenga so it would flare a bit. but that being said, she looks beautiful and i love her hair/earrings. she has a lovely smile too!

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    m not looking past her face :) its b’ful

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    Not happy with the length of lehenga and the footwear….

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    I really like her hair… But wish she had shown off the pants more.

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    I love Sonam … This gal can Neva go wrong when it comes to fashion .. She’s sooooo stylish !!!!!!!!!

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    Breath of fresh air to see a printed silk outfit. She looks gorgeous.

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    I love it except the red bit is reminiscent of Target’s logo. Not in a good way.

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      Lol right about the Target logo! Sonam looks so pretty…second pic her face is just wow!

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    i love the top . just wish she finished it with fitted pants.. the bottom looks weird.. nevertheless, she is looking gorgeous..

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    She looks lovely!!!

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    Gorgeous. This woman has what they call style.

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    love! love!

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    Love the kurta’ish top. Was expecting to see a churidar or something with the closed top or an open kurta with those bottoms. But still Love. And she looks very pretty

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    She looks so pretty, I love this type of make-up on her. Perfect. The bottom part looks a little off – she should have worn chudidar or should have opened up the kurta at the bottoml. But the white-black-red combo is so nice!

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    Reminds me of the Target stores :)

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    Churidar needed for the bottom for sure as mentioned by another poster above. Amazing hair and makeup.

    She looks good when she doesn’t put it one step to far. There is a difference between being uber-stylish which she is, but sometimes thoda bahoot jyada karti hain, you know what I mean?

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