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  1. Sapphire at | | Reply

    OMG! What the heck of an ugly blouse is she wearing? Eww…

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Haha. Ditto.

  2. mm at | | Reply

    The real princess of Bollywood, beauty & cuteness personified.

  3. Avani at | | Reply

    If this worn by Ms. Saran it would have been called out as a wthey. I call out the same on Ms Kapoor. The blouse is a tackfest. Different skin tones on the same body. Smile and the posture are nice. And that is all there is to it.

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Haha! yes her face is always coated with 3x lighter foundation. Efforts to appear fairer.

      1. Ri at | | Reply


  4. Deepika Anu at | | Reply

    Genuine Curiosity : Where do these gals keep their mobile phones? They must have atleast a 5″ touch phone… Or do they mostly stay away from personal phones?

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Haha! I know, may be their assistant will carry not to ruin the look.

  5. D at | | Reply

    Sonam looks nice, the clothes not so much.

  6. GS at | | Reply

    Blouse is tachy & material of saree looks like gift wraper, the lace one u use to wrap mithai box.. Love clutch though.

  7. sarahsiddiqui at | | Reply

    WTHEY!!! the blouse ?
    what just happened to sonam?

  8. Marya at | | Reply

    The saree n blouse r both super tacky; cut, color n fabric …

  9. kasthuri at | | Reply

    On anyone else, i consider this tacky. But on Sonam, it looks nice. I like that she chose a saree in the first place. Her sweet smile makes a lot of things tick which the hottest pout cannot.

  10. June at | | Reply

    Hideous blouse!

  11. Desimom at | | Reply

    Not liking the saree and hate the blouse !!!!
    Neck up she looks good.

  12. um at | | Reply

    Burn Haters Burn !

  13. colormenot at | | Reply

    Ah, that lace, sheer, net – so sorry! a different blouse might have salvaged it.

  14. Eroshi at | | Reply

    I’m in loveeeeeee with that CLUTCH ?????

  15. Anusha at | | Reply

    People have a tendency in this particular website to see everything Sonam does with a microscope and give her flak for things which she doesnt even deserve just because she is called the “fashionista”? The lace saree is a beautiful piece of art, yes blouse isnt flattering coz that style is too old now but its NOT tacky! And Sonam makes this overall look so beautiful and graceful. She has a classic timeless aura in her, beautiful skintone and a smile which can make her outshine in anything! This is a very risky colour to wear but Sonam is making it look pleasing! Word!

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    2. deena at | | Reply

      Hey Sonam/Anil/Rhea ;)

      1. BlueBells at | | Reply

        Lol hahahaha! Agree. She looks very broad in that blouse. Very ugly “plastic film” like saree and an uber ugly blouse. Honestly, I hate the clutch as well. Further, that hairstyle doesn’t go with that saree. The look is terribly uncoordinated!

      2. Avani at | | Reply


  16. shwetha at | | Reply

    Ugly soapstar saree – wthhey check
    tacky blouse – wthhey check
    Foundation 5X lighter than skin tone – wthhey check
    Bad hair day – wthhey check
    Oh shoot its Sonam Kapoor? – Uncheck all, quickly change to wthhighness……
    Readers go – what the hell????…..

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    3. Alisha at | | Reply

      This cracked me up big time

  17. slc at | | Reply

    Horrendous blouse. Saree ok. Love the clutch and earrings, and, Sonam’s make-up and hair as well.

  18. Shilpa at | | Reply

    Sonam looks nice..the blouse is so terrible though.

  19. Shobha at | | Reply

    The off shoulder blouse doesn’t balance the delicateness of the sari. The bikini blouse may have worked instead.

  20. blah at | | Reply

    Does she have big bodankadonks ? I feel like i’m always looking at some part of it with her

  21. Meg at | | Reply

    Beautiful sari sadly wasted by an awful blouse
    Switch up the blouse and this would have been a 10

  22. Deepika Anu at | | Reply

    Sometimes I wonder…given the current popularity of the blog ; Stars themselves may be coming here and commenting :-P (using obviously different usernames) Who knows, who is who :-P ?
    Apparent ardent fan of Sonam, may rather be her own self (or her PR machinery) ;-)

    So interesting!!

  23. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Love the sari. Abhor the blouse.

  24. saki at | | Reply

    sonam looks lovely, and her smile and poise deflect a lot of the silliness of the outfit… but that blouse! why?

  25. Orchee at | | Reply

    Honestly, I just do not get Shehlaa. Is it just me?

    Why when you have access to some of the best Indian designers would you choose this.

    A sari is a classic look, the more directional or edgy one tries to make it, the less successful it will be. (other thank Anamika Khanna, who is talented enough to make even sins right)

  26. soniya at | | Reply

    dear sonam kapoor’s make up artists i would request you guys to go easy with the foundation!

  27. Archana at | | Reply

    I like the way so am oozes out elegance and confidence with any outfit . She sure does make even a trash bag look buyable . That being said I think this does look good . The off shoulder blouse is a good twist . The bling and material makes it look tacky

  28. Archana at | | Reply

    I like the way sonam oozes out elegance and confidence with any outfit . She sure does make even a trash bag look buyable . That being said I think this outfit does look good . The off shoulder blouse is a good twist . The bling and material makes it look tacky

  29. arpitha at | | Reply

    One particular style suits a person except some lucky people who look good in many but still may people look best in one style. Sonam I feel will look better if she dresses simple and tries not be a fashionista.
    The same saree with a sleevless blouse and simple plait or updo would have looked nice.

  30. Urvi at | | Reply

    The blouse and the hairdo brings the look down. A simple sleeveless blouse and a cleaner hairdo would have done the trick

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