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  1. BlueBells at | | Reply

    This looks like a case of the Dress wearing her! Not because it is overwhelming on her.. but because she isn’t carrying it that well even though it is suiting her. Makeup is too heavy!

    1. Nina at | | Reply

      Agreed! The make-up and dress are both heavy. T
      Here’s my analysis lol: Dress isn’t a major fail, but make-up in general needs improvements (although nice to see her wearing a foundation that actually suits her skin tone and isn’t too dark and orange). Her face is a little oily but not a huge deal. My problem is with her eyebrows and lip colour. Her eyebrows have been too thick and dark (I think she shades them in) and they looked much better a few years ago when she left them unfilled, because they’re too harsh for her feminine facial features. Lip colour is also too berry, and I think a light pink gloss would have worked a lot better.

  2. Aj at | | Reply

    P & p did she change her mua?

    1. Nina at | | Reply

      I have a feeling she switches between 2…
      She used to use the same MU who did her make-up & hair for Saawariya (she was great!) but I recall that lady (Doris I think) introduced Ranbir and Deepika (and it’s kinda well known that Sonam and Ranbir were dating like 05-07, so I can see why Sonam could have been a little upset with her). Anyways, after Doris, she’s had the same horrible make-up team who shades in her brows, and uses foundation that is too dark for her skin tone. Seeing that in appearances like above, she actually looks likes she’s wearing the right shade, I suspect she’s switching between 2 people (because in some events, she’s still wearing dark foundation).

  3. Slc at | | Reply

    She looks lovely.

  4. TG at | | Reply

    In love with her demeanour!

  5. Amy at | | Reply

    This looks so mumsy! Very poor styling.

  6. Supriya Mimani at | | Reply

    looks like maternity wear…dont like it one bit

  7. colormenot at | | Reply

    Don’t like this dress one bit.

  8. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks lovely !

  9. surin at | | Reply

    Pretty dress and age appropriate too. I like the shoes with it. It may be one of those dresses that doesn’t photograph all that well. Probably more flattering in person. Like the hair do also.

  10. lizzy at | | Reply

    Sonam looks just lovely.

  11. um at | | Reply

    Absolutely stunning! Perfection from head to toe.

  12. Harini at | | Reply

    U know she looks nice in it with all the minimalism she looks sad in it because she is missing her OTT dressing! Lol…it’s ok Sonam we know you’ve been reading our comments and taking the feedback seriously and trying to tone it down but can you smile please? We will let you go OTT if the occasion demands otherwise you looking good the way you are now! Ok smile please? Lol

    1. NS at | | Reply

      I think it depends on how often the pictures are being clicked. I agree that she should smile more. But when you have 6 pics, some with smiles and without, just means that she took a break from smiling when some of the pics where being clicked.

  13. Ik at | | Reply

    I like it. If she is going to promote Neerja Bhanot the movie, I hope she sticks to this and not go ott.

  14. Melange at | | Reply

    I love the dress and the shoes!

  15. yubba_dubba at | | Reply

    Fraulein Kapoor…very milkmaidish!!

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