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    I’m really not a Sonam fan – not even a teeny tiny bit but this is perfection. The outfit in itself is nothing to write home about but she’s styled – hair, make-up, accessories, all kinds of wonderful…

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    as perfect as it can get! divine! vision in white!

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    I hate the anarkali. Its so ugly!
    Dont like the purse in the crook of the arm either.

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    A small bindi and this would be perfect. Would also like to see how this looks with a little colour – perhaps pink lips or if the dupatta had pink border or something.

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    Where can I buy the heavenly Sunita Kapoor jewellery please? Is it available online?

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    There’s nth wrong with this look … It’s perfect !!!!!

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    No one can match up to Deepika when it comes to white. Period. The make up looks ghostly.. err ghastly here.

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    i hate anarkalis. i find them fugly and dhinchak and garish and and tent like and they should be deleted from this planet.

    except for this one. this one i like. very pretty.

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    i love sonam. i do with all my heart.. and she looks gorgeous here.. no denying that.. but i am kinda bored of her. i dont know why.. its like she has created this niche and is stuck in it.

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      My thoughts exactly…….she is getting so repetitive……needs to change it up a bit……

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        But she does look really good and I LOOOVE what she is wearing. Look is getting old though :/

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    So pretty!!

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    so pretty!

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    Yes. This is just plain boring.
    (Like her face in the middle pic)

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    Seriously? Raanjhanaa was a success?!!
    Other than that she looks good.

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