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  1. Riya at | | Reply

    This look is too preppy and dull for my taste

  2. Ss at | | Reply

    Sorry but this is more suited for a 10 year old. On her, it’s just ridiculous.

  3. Namrata Loka at | | Reply

    I’m dying to see what this look like without the blazer! PLEASE post pictures if you find ’em!

  4. Namrata Loka at | | Reply


  5. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    I think the brooch adds a li’l edge to otherwise mono colored outfit.. If the jacket was a different color the brooch would be not necessary but in this case it’s the brooch that breaks the monotony of the outfit. All in all she looks great.

  6. kamar jahan at | | Reply

    wowsome stuff!

  7. Bigpuffyclouds at | | Reply


  8. shilpi at | | Reply

    Those shoes ???

  9. Liaa at | | Reply

    Disjointed : they add the blazer for a formal look but they why the leopard skin shoes ; ditch those and add high heels. And if they wanted trendy then lose they damn jacket . They got stuck in all kinds of mind .. And then the clutch to confuse us further .
    This look could have been good if they knew what they wanted

  10. Slc at | | Reply

    Love. Broach adds touch to outfit. Lov the color. The patterened carpet as background kills the entire pic.

  11. anaffasyeed at | | Reply

    ehh I wish she skipped the jacket. Sometimes it’s ok to look ordinary, Sonam.

  12. $ at | | Reply

    What i wonder about is…how much time this girl must be spending in her dressing room these days?? :P

  13. wanderer at | | Reply

    Boring… more suited for a school kid….

  14. Liv at | | Reply

    she does play a schoolgirl in her new film, so maybe that is why she went for this look.

    1. angl at | | Reply

      lol this look is a stark contrast from what her character is wearing in the promos.

  15. angl at | | Reply

    its look like these why she often looks like she is dressing for a costume party and doesn’t look effortless.

  16. MD at | | Reply

    I like the brooch actually specially with the jacket. I dislike the shoes though.

  17. ahot at | | Reply

    Love it! The brooch is a + here in a monolook & takes away the preppiness.

  18. T at | | Reply

    Meh. When is she going to outgrow being a 16 year old prom princess?

  19. Sneha at | | Reply

    Reminds me of a “safari suit” :)

  20. KM at | | Reply


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