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  1. colormenot at | | Reply

    I understand she has dark under eye issues, but there must be a subtle way of tackling it. In the process of covering the dark circles, they made a buffoon out of her.
    The dress is nothing to write about either.

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  2. UM at | | Reply

    u always post her bad quality pics. it just bcoz of camera flashes. There are some great pics on other sites. I have seen her video on red carpet & she was looking gorgeous.

    1. angl at | | Reply

      there are pics of her with PC where she isn’t even facing camera flashes and even in those its painfully obvious which one of the two is desperately white washing her face with makeup

      1. Nina at | | Reply

        I don’t understand the inferiority complex that many commenters seem to have. Sonam is NOT white-washing herself, because this has always been very similar to her skin tone (look at her pictures from appearances in 2007-2009 when she had a better make-up artist)! HOWEVER, yes the under eyes look odd (she’s always had dark circles) but that’s probably because her make-up artist used a concealer that was too light for that area and/or of the wrong consistency. I have olive skin (or fair by Indian standards) and if I use the same concealer I use for the rest of my face, underneath my eyes too, I look ashy and “whitewashed”. Once I switched to a different undertone concealer specifically for under the eyes, the problem was gone. I have a friend of German origins who is as pale as can be but will still look “white-washed” when wearing foundation/powder even though she chooses the correct shade. That’s because she uses the wrong consistency of foundation and then too much powder. For our prom, she got it professionally done, and the make-up artist used the same shade but from a different brand and had better techniques to apply it, and TADA! She looked great!

        1. sarah at | | Reply

          what are you trying to say?

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            I think what Nina is trying to say is that not everyone is trying to look fairer and/or wants to be “whitewashed”. Even after choosing a foundation of appropriate shade, the application technique or the setting powder might give you an ashy look.
            This is essentially the make up artist’s responsibility (considering they are paid quite a bit) but ofcourse is it the star’s responsibility to find the right MUA.

            Disclaimer: Sarah, this is in no way directed to way or anyone in specific or for this post in specific.
            This is a fashion blog and we are all here to critique. However let’s try to make 2016 the year of kindness and use nicer words to make our views known :)

          3. sarah at |

            @AA, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. I honestly didn’t understand the point she was trying to make .Just wanted to know what the rambling was about and what inferiority complex commentators have?
            happy holidays everyone !

          4. Nina at |

            Sarah, just because you and Hansini (who is always commenting on posts talking about whitewashing when there is none) don’t understand english, doens’t mean that someone is rambling. AA seemed to get my point. Bad make-up does not equal whitewashing. Technically the make-up above isn’t good because the foundation is actually darker than her natural skin tone. But no one complains about this. They only complain when she (or other actresses) who are already fair/medium use foundations that DO fit their skin tone. Sonam’s make-up tends to look ashy/cakey because her post 2009 make-up artist (even since she left Doris) isn’t very good, but instead of commenting on that, people say she’s whitewashing when clearly she isn’t dark to begin with. In fact, her make-up artist usually chooses darker foundations for her.

          5. Nina at |

            Whoops, when I said “the above foundation is darker than her actual skin tone” I was actually referring to her foundation in a recent post (“A Separates Story”).

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    Unfortunately Sonam has severe dark circles, that is why the under eye concealer is always so packed on. The MUA needs to go easy on that. It always looks like very stark in pictures.

  4. Meggie at | | Reply

    Surprisingly, i like this look!! Possibly cos she is smiling naturally and uninhibitedly rather than giving her ‘ behold me, the great style icon’ look

    1. Hansini at | | Reply

      Me too, you know…I surprised myself. I like the cheery grin too, must be hard for her to step off that self-erected fashion icon pedestal and just be herself. I think more than the dress itself, its the softness that she is projecting, that I like.

  5. Akanksha at | | Reply

    Oh I looveee this look to the core.. Hair, Lip shade, rings and the gown too!

  6. BlueBells at | | Reply

    The bodice part of the gown is inspired from Lingerie!

  7. MT at | | Reply

    There’s really nothing I like about this. It’s coming off as so messy and bedraggled. The dress is dull, the hair is too messy, the makeup is poor, and I don’t much like the rings.

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    I am not a fan of the dress or hair and make up. The one thing i like about her is her cheeky grin here. Cute! Especially among all the silly pouts.

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    I prefer her other look..This is too run of the mill and she needs to somehow find a way of covering those dark circles. Her eye makeup has been patchy lately

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    I like it that she is smiling naturally – that itself does a lot to redeem this mess of a look. Other than that – nothing works. Hair, make up are bad and the dress itself is not great. She really needs a rethink on her hair. She needs to chop it off and experiment with the length. I always feel that her long hair (I love her hair) don’t go with most of the looks she sports. Why are Bollywood actresses so scared to experiment with the length of their hair?

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    Aunties disapprove :P and same goes to the other Bra look

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    I love the bodice and her cheerful disposition but that under-eye concealer is so bad

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    Fabulous look…Sonam stole the show in this stylish gown.. I love the diamond jewellery shes wearing… I am sure this is from Gehna.. they have some of the amazing designs

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