Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2011: IWC Dinner


For a dinner event, Sonam quickly changed into a fun polka dot Masaba sari worn with a full-sleeve blouse. Here are pics shared by Rhea and Masaba.

Some of you may not like the full-sleeve blouse but the cutout-back makes the look rather interesting.

Update: Added pics from the dinner. The makeup looks much too bronzy for the look, especially in the center pic.

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2011: IWC Presents Peter Lindbergh Exhibition

Left: Masaba, LFW Summer/Resort 2011
Right: Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2011 Prior To The IWC Dinner

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Twitter


    • Totally agree. Sari was draped rather clumsily. The polka dot pattern and material arent working. The cutout back looks hot though! :)

  1. Wat? Such a let down look . Bad! Is she portraying an air hostess or a receptionist? Why spoil a sari in this way? She could have option for so many other saris which r unconventional but this is mediocre.

  2. the one thing i appreciate about sonam is that she takes risks with fashion….fashion is meant to be fun..that being said sometimes it just doesn’t work out as expected and here i think the blouse is amazing but the draping just makes her bottom look heavy. Seeing that the pattern of the sari and the blouse have enough of an impact, her stylist should have just draped the sari in the traditional manner as it would have cut down on the bulk.

      • Hehe…bang on Sabrina!! My first reaction was, ” Is Sonam’s trying channel her inner Indira Gandhi”? :)
        The back of the blouse is plain weird…the draping of the saree is BAD, the bindi with that hair looks random and the Kohlapuri flats are pulling down the look even further!!

        • Lol! Couldn’t agree more! The blouse is interesting and looks good in the Hotel room pics but at the dinner it looks so bad! And that polka dot Masaba print may work in India as ‘Avant garde’ but here it looks rubbish! Not a good choice for an international event. The make-up is the same from the red carpet but looks terrible with this so-called ‘Sari’!

          • Agree! she looks ghostly in the center pic and the pose with her boobs jutting out is such a downer! Horrible!

          • Lol at Sabrina’s comment. With a figure like
            that I bet Sonam would have looked like a million
            bucks if she had gone with a sleeveless blouse and
            proper draping of the saree.

          • agreed! and the make up so dark..i guess she forgot to freshen up..i doubt if anyone saw the sari as a fun print…more that they wondered wth it was!!

  3. Weird draping that is.. what is Sonam hiding? First the lamp shade on the butt dress and now crazy draping which makes her look like a politician! Let down!!

  4. Edgy is one thing but this is plain horrible. She looks like a weird circus performer with those giant polka dots. WTHeyy for sure.

    • i am on the fence on this one.. i kinda find it bit too much esp the draping and make up.

      but other than that, so glad she chose a fun sari for an international event. it does feel edgy…

  5. Love the blouse, hate the sari (sorry Masab).. With such amazing (non-Manish Malhotra) woven sari types in India (Kanjivaram, Benarsi, Tanchui, Baalucheri, Patola, Mysore Silk) she could have used this opportunity to show off the history & beauty of them all.. But, I have to give her credit for wearing a sari in the first place.. :)

  6. Love the sari blouse, she has a beautiful back. I also like the fact that she has show cased the work of a young Indian designer, but i am not crazy about with the big dotted sari. She certainly carries the young funky sari look very well. Her make up, hair and minimal jewelry get a big thumbs up. I saw her mom in Beverly hills last Monday and she looked really good, was wearing a beautiful necklace. Is she a jewelry designer?

  7. You know, I think the pressure on Sonam Kapoor to be consistently edgy and on trend may be taking its toll. Her choices, while once fashionable, now seem like she’s trying way too hard.
    I think we should take a step back and let her actually build her style before knocking it down.
    All the interviews/comments pre Cannes about how she MUST knock it out of the ball park must not have been easy to deal with. Lets cut her some slack.

      • yes, what a sensible thing to say ‘ only Aishwariya should wear sarees’ !!?? WThey!! I for one think its fab she chose to wear a saree to Cannes, the polka dots are a bit over whelming but at least she’s showcasing the saree in a more fashionable way as befitting her age.

      • lets add Katrina and Shilpa shetty on the list of people who wear a saree extremely well!!

        Sonam looks quite terrible here. Awful saree and make-up.

    • Same here. Love that she wore a saree. How many young actresses even dare to showcase their cultural identity at an international event? Like the saree in the sense that I would wear it. However it looks dowdy, very bloated (like it has been starched too much) and seriously badly draped. I like the blouse, but not on her, I mean she is nice and tall and has a lovely back, but the front of that blouse is not in the least bit forgiving, it makes her look like she is doing a period flick on freedom fighters. While this may be funky, its the sort of funky you’d wear to an art gallery opening, or maybe your college farewell dinner. She’d do much better if she chose a saree that draped better and had more colour. I also agree that she could have chosen traditional weave. But I still appreciate her will to be bold, girl just needs to stop trying so hard.

  8. This is the WORST possible choice of clothing to Cannes, I have ever seen! She had the option to wear anything she liked and she always otherwise managed to look graceful and the one time she is in a global limelight, she goes and wears some cow sari! What a bad representation of Indian fashion, women and beauty!

  9. Okay, this is just not working. The saree is just so poorly draped and those chappals are….well come on!!! And of all the sarees, seriously? I agree with some of the comments, she can’t carry off sarees well.

  10. Oopsie! what a let down! For a moment she was looking gorgeous in that beautiful gown and then she pulls it down with this sorry sareee!! I guess she should just stick to western wear :)

  11. Masaba must be on a high. Cannes . Wow.
    Very bold of Sonam to wear this onock b her first trip.How i wish the sari had diff color shades like peacock blue and (smaller)gold polks dots with an itsy bitsy bra(read jewelled gold bra). Dn like the blouse from front.Ethnic kundan jewellery and a neat bun wde been so indian and spot on.
    Never the less kudos for daring to be diff when she had the option to wear ANY dress on the planet.

  12. since last night I’ve been trying real hard to like it…even slept over it but no, not liking it. She just doesn’t look good in it. Just look at her, where is the prettiness? Am so disappointed :(

  13. During the past couple of years people way of dressing in the big metropolitan cities in India has completely changed, everyone is in western clothes, very few young people wear saris. I think what sonam is trying to do is to give the sari a modern look. I think Masaba’s sari fabrics are very modern and beautiful and this event is the best place to show case this look

  14. i know this outfit looks better with her hair bunched up but i personally believe Sonam’s best looks are where her hair is open or in a girlie do. this look makes her appear old and the opposite of elegant. and, oh the drape.. this is why you need mothers not sisters around! a sari worn badly is such a shame :-(

    • I completely agree.. The saree is not at all for Cannes…to top it all its draped very clumsily… The full sleeved blouse isnt working either.. Sonam’s pulled up hair make her look old and the bronze make up makes it all the more horrifying.. The chappal hampers the already dull and horrid look… Complete no no for an international festival..

  15. Though I “tried” to be satisfied with this outfit, I am unable to. I didn’t expect this from Sonam and that too in an international platform!

  16. Is this the revenge of the make-up Gods or something? What’s with that terrible eye-shadow making them look like they are part of a Halloween costume party? First Ash and now Sonam. As for the sari, the less said the better. I liked it on the model but on Sonam it looks not so good. Hating the stewardess blouse and the too loud polka dots too.

  17. Self proclaimed fashionista fails ..epic fail!
    all the money, stylists etc at your disposal and you turn up in a polka dotted bed sheet.

  18. I want to like this, but I can’t. First off, the makeup is an atrocity. My God, horrible. Second, something about the draping that throws me off and third, the polka dots remind me of the circus. The blouse is very interesting and I like it. She looks pretty, but don’t like the look.

  19. what a piece of crap…..this is just not cannes stuff….sonam looks horriying…:| she just cannot make the sare work…:| she might have a great sense on fasion but this one is just not working…that too at cannes :( how can se allow this to happen ? guys..anyone remember deepika’s saree from last yr…she looked stunning… too much of experimentation with fasion led to this fiasco….WHAT A SHAME ! did she forget to look in the mirror after washing the face wid the bronzer … if you dont know how to play with the saree , please leave it alone for God’s sake .

  20. bring on the coutire in India where they only want to be seen in the Gucci’s, Dior, Versace..but lets take that to pieces on an international platefom and embaress not only urself but us as what is acceptable take on current fashion! the GPG gown on the red carpet fab! but this…please explain???

  21. The kaamvali is back! .. She wore this at Cannes???? Maybe we should just leave the ‘representing India’ thing to Aishwarya. Cause Sonam sure is spoiling our name there. The make up is horrible, and she sure does not know how to carry off a saree.

  22. Kudos for wearing a sari, for pushing the envelope and for wearing a new Indian designer. Sadly, thats where it ends – the look is just too severe for her and too far of the mark for the sort of event Cannes is. Plus, the makeup needed some serious toning down – her face looks like a paintbox! and the smudging under the eyes makes her look like she has dark circles.
    Loved the JPG look though! a Lot!

  23. Oh no!!! Of all the outfits she could pick why this one??? The Polka dots are overwhelming. If she HAD to wear a saree even a Sabyasachi would’ve been far more elegant. If its edgy she’s trying….it ain’t working.

  24. I think the fit of the blouse is weird from the front, Sleeves should’ve been fitted. I dunno bout the design of the saree…the pleats just look like a mess there…plus wearing a saree above navel?? No no. 40 yr old aunties do that!

    I can see wat she was going for…but I dont think she gets there.

  25. I dislike this look intensely! The saree itself is very average, but the draping is AWFUL. Totally distracting. And while the back is interesting, the full sleeves add to the severity of the look. Finally, what’s with the weird makeup? Major thumbs down from me.

  26. Wow! Now wearing a pleated pallu is trying to “channel Indira Gandhi”/look like a politician! I love the saree and the flats(she’s 5’9”. Give the woman a break! She can totally wear flat if she wants.) But the make up totally killed the look. The makeup makes her look overbronzed and oily and tired.

    • I don’t know about others but for me the severity of the pulled back hair, the high neck – long sleeved black blouse and pleated pallu immediately reminded of Mrs Gandhi.

      Sonam’s 5’9″ and doesn’t need to wear sky high heels all the time. But the chappals she’s wearing is not going at all with the funky, edgy look she’s going with.

      I quite like the saree actually. But to me it looks it’s not wide enough to cover Sonam’s entire frame and heels (if she was wearing one)…as a designer Masaba should have fixed that before sending this disaster out to an international arena!!

      The same saree, draped normally, with a less severe blouse, flowing hair, fresh makeup and kitten heels would have had people sing a different tune altogether!!

  27. same practised smile everywhere sonam…wats up?! house-maid drapes her sarees better than this..nd believe you me ..i m not kidding here..nd ofcos wears better printed sarees..!!

  28. love it in bits and pieces, she could have worn this to a play, movie premier or some such,

    however have to admire her courage, whatever the look you have to hand it to her for taking risks…

  29. she looks terrible… really bad makeup and the horribly draped saree adds nothing..


    i didn’t find her other look anything special either….

  30. Sorry, this is an awful look. With all the classic and classy India produces, she had to pick THIS one? Ugly is ugly no matter how you look at it. Poor Sonam.

    And who did the poor girl’s make up? She is young, she is fresh but with the make up she looks slightly battered.

  31. This could have been great if the saree was draped well, the chappals were different, & the make up not so bronzy & greasy!!

  32. She looks great in this Masaba sari, Ash takes herself way too seriously, whereas Sonam’s telling the world that Sari’s can be fun! Just because it’s silk/woven you guys are all saying she’s emulating Indira Gandhi?! Come on!! It’s so not about the bling bling chiffon/zari work saris of Mr. Malhotra anymore… and I’d like to think that fashion’s come a long way since woven saris were limited to polictians…!

  33. Why o Why would she wear this! Firstly Masaba is such a bad designer, she should have opted for a better designer! This is a Fashion disaster!

    • what are you saying?!?i love masaba, she is great!!! but this look was too matronly for sonam, along with BAD make up. she could’ve worn so many other sarees why this one?! she looked so beautiful at masaba’s store opening i think last year : that was stunning. this not so.
      i do LOVE her for taking so many risks though.

  34. Was there a screening of 101 Dalmatians? What a tacky outfit for an event of this calibre. Such a letdown..tch tch!

  35. oh noooooo! I kove sonam and can see the concept behind just abot everything she wears…but this? She looks like a khadi wearing school teacher trying to be edgy.

    The sari is godawful- if she really wanted to go edgy with a masaba sari, she shud’ve gone with the chiffon and silk one with palm prints on it that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the lower half of the body and is actually edgy. In this polka-dotted confection she looks like “dot” from those archies comics.

    And why wear flat chappals/ sandals with the sari- always makes you look dowdy. And what’s with the pageant=y hair and makeup.

    Soooo disappointed in her :-(

  36. To all of those who are doing this..please stop making this an Aishwarya vs. Sonam post. This is not a gossip blog, its a fashion lets stick to fashion. Thanks!!!

  37. i love the blouse! nt liking her saree bt i must say she has the gut to wear it, and she is pulling it of well!! thats y i think she is so stylish cx she takes risks and still she looks confident and comfortable wearing jst any outfit… well i like 2 things abt this looks 1.its that shes wearing a traditional outfit for an international event and 2.she is wearing the saree properly bt ignoring the one boob trend…nt much fan of the saree bt overall i think she rocked it!!

  38. this sari is just hideous. the ONLY redeeming feature is in fact the back of the blouse but that alone isn’t enough to save those hideous sheer sleeves, short pallu and awful cow print. not to mention the 10x bronze face. poor sonam-maybe the jetlag made her think it was ok to wear this

  39. This is what I was afraid of… Dark eye shade NEVER suits Sonam…she made this mistake throughout Aisha…. her eye make-up ruined this look….

  40. the makeup sucks and it wasnt the best choice for Cannes. but then I’m not sure we have to wear a kanjeevaram or a manish malhotra to cannes. it was a risk that didnt pay off, but mostly because she cant carry a saree too well. she always looks so awkward. LOVE that blouse. going to get me one.

  41. I understand she has received good reviews the last few times she has worn Masaba but that should’nt make her so blind that she cant see the flaws – ill-draped saree,slouching pleats,even more slouching and ill-framed blouse.
    The tweeted pictrs r proof that not only her but her entire support staff have gone blind….
    2ndly…isnt she supposed to represent the 20 smething image for the brand tat is the reason she is there…if yes,ten why is she trying to carry the Indira Gandhi look with d over bronzing and the blouse…
    Also,wats with the l’oreal team… tat messed tress hair-do luks just like aish’s day 1 do..
    Llastly if i hav to believe all the pr statements released about her takinga beauty nap to luk fresh seems such a lie…bcse her skin luks tired ,tanned and overdone…

    PS : on a second thought if that “costume” which was worn to look edgy had been draped simply and neatly…it could have worked on her favor…

  42. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I hated it on first sight and then I saw the picture of her the back and then saw the first pictures again in a whole new light. It was a gamble but if anyone can pull it off – Sonam can.
    P.S: Love the way she did her hair :-)

  43. OMG… of all the things she could have picked she chose this sari??? What? Badly draped, too prudish and unflattering! If she wanted to do ethnic she could have worn Anamika Khanna. So much better than this!

  44. I like her look.I like the blouse and the saree.I am not liking two things though- The ugly beige thing in the middle of the saree and the pleating is done badly. and also d flats that shes wearing…it looks fugly with the saree! She should have taken a better footwear with the saree…it would have looked better.

  45. I wdve MUCH preferred an MM blingy to this .
    We all know Sonam is all edgy and experimental but THIS was anything but short of it .
    If she HAD to wear this i wdve gone for a diff color pallet: peacock blue base with smaller gold polka dots and a gold bustier -sequined blouse .And better make up ofcourse .
    all that aside – Masaba must be HIGH like never before .

  46. Hi PnP, how come my comment has not yet been posted and is awaiting moderation? If you dont like what I say, atleast reject it.

    • First, we can’t reject a comment. Just approve or unapprove, which means you will continue to see it if you access the site from the computer you entered the comment from. :)
      Secondly, turns out we missed approving a whole page worth of comments. Just cleared them all. You should see it now.

  47. Ya P&P do you have a personal vendetta against some respectable critics ? I dont see my comments “approved” either.
    On another note – why does a 24 year old need to cake up sooo much makeup ? Surely, the thing that differentiates her from Ash is her youth – why not go easy on the face and play up fun & flirtatious

    • Maybe we are going blind but I don’t see any other comment on this post from you. Everything that should be approved on this post has been.


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