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  1. Ironsky at | | Reply

    Dear God, her makeup is melting……foundation is totally uneven. What she did is she changed clothes after the lifeok event…I don’t understand her need to change clothes so many times, it unnecessary and time consuming. Instead just fix the makeup.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    I like the overall outfit. But the shoes are definitely wrong. Make-up isn’t that great either.

  3. Undamurgi at | | Reply

    The makeup and hair clash with the casual clothes.

  4. MizThang at | | Reply

    Ughh those sandals the less said the better.

  5. D at | | Reply

    She’s trying to look laid back and effortless like “I just threw this on” but the hair and makeup suggest the opposite. The separates don’t work together at all and those sandals are meh!

  6. Djdjd at | | Reply

    She looks like how we look after we come back home from a wedding and change into pyjamas

    1. Paroma at | | Reply


    2. Kd at | | Reply

      LOL… Exactly

  7. Teja at | | Reply

    It’s almost always happens with Sonam.. Lovely clothes n bad makeup + styling.. Well this look scream “get DAT red lips out of me”

  8. Asha at | | Reply

    That’s a really confused look. The outfit says “casual”, but the make-up has been thrown on with a spade.

  9. ada at | | Reply

    Can I now criticize her here people?
    This look is absolutely ridiculous. Is this way of being more relatable and not “trying so hard”? For a self proclaimed Icon and Fashionista this is laughable.

  10. Parul at | | Reply

    This is so laughable!

  11. Avani at | | Reply

    Her sandals are giving heavy competition to those ugly wedge kolapuris seen on many.

  12. Amit at | | Reply

    Ohhh yes they love the shirt and top. Of course they do, it is Sonam Kapoor fan site at the end of the day. Keep up the good work.

  13. sukh at | | Reply

    instead of a laidback 90s vibe, Sonam looks like an escapee from one of the typical Bollywood movies of that era…I wish she would stun us all one day and wear a basic navy t shirt and jeans with sandals…which is truly effortlessly comfortable, rather than this hideous bed sheet turned skirt.

  14. Prithi at | | Reply

    The top & shirt so reminds me of mine from th 90’s !
    I didn’t know they still sold them !

  15. Sma at | | Reply

    Absolutely nothing works in this look.. the separates look completely mismatched so does the hair and makeup

  16. joules at | | Reply

    That is a ridiculous outfit. Feels like she slipped into something comfortable between shoots.

  17. As at | | Reply

    Hahahah I don’t even know why this look is being critiqued. This was just the clothes she wore while getting ready for the life ok event, and what she changed into after. Obviously not having time to remove makeup. Calm down ppl

  18. Violet at | | Reply

    And she has the gall to Deepika a clotheshorse ;)

    1. K at | | Reply

      Please look up the meaning of Clothes horse!

    2. Ahot at | | Reply

      Well, she is! Boring style & no clue. :-)

      I must be the only one to like this look from head to toe! Just because Sonam Kapoor wore red lipstick doesn´t mean the look did not come together. The milkmaid braid rounds it out well! & it looked even better on screen during their interview.

  19. Whatisthis at | | Reply

    The skirt reminds me of a lungi tbh

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