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  1. shopgirl at | | Reply

    pretti Win for me bcoz of her shoes chose and bcoz abhay pose witth her in the pic :P

  2. rvc at | | Reply

    Oh good, they’ve made Abhay look like a hobbit.
    The L’Officiel editorial is so very incredibly silly – Preeti’s hair, her stupid pose and the absolute lack of chemistry between her and Abhay. Seriously, when the focus of the editorial is their relationship, how did they choose a pic with absolutely no interaction between the two? And then there’s the godawful photoshop.
    So Sonam wins, despite wearing clodhopper shoes (chunky peeptoe booties need to die).

    1. ad at | | Reply

      cud’nt agree more!!

  3. beezee at | | Reply

    i love the preeti and Abhay shoot .They look real together and i love the way the two of them are propped against one and another . seemed a fun shoot .

  4. nijoo at | | Reply

    preeti and abhay 4 me 2
    looks like they had fun doing the shoot…in fact sonam looks a bit awkward

  5. Puneet at | | Reply

    With those boots and that weird pose, the dress on Sonam looks too pushed… love the way it looks on Preeti, L’Officiel’s shot’s impeccable- James Bond with his hot girlfriend straight out of an Aston Martin… guess I’m picturing too much..hehe

  6. Manners at | | Reply

    Arghh, why couldn’t it be a FAB photoshoot with Sonam and Abhay….they have so much chemistry. Sonam fares better…Abhay and GF have no chemistry at all.

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