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  1. Sej at | | Reply

    Don’t like any of those in either versions – the ramp or the photo shoot. I understand that a photo shoot is all about being creative and what not but here I can’t even tell that’s Sonam. It’s so photoshopped I probably would argue with someone who tried to tell me that’s Sonam if it wasn’t labeled.

    1. *S* at | | Reply

      disagree. its not photoshop. sonam is chameleon! this girl does photoshoots so well, that she has a different look in every pic!

      Love this shoot. fierce!

      1. Sej at | | Reply

        Except I can’t tell it’s her. And I don’t see that as a positive. To each their own.

        1. NitashaJ at | | Reply

          Agreed. She looks like Dia here! And the only thing fierce about the shoot are the clothes, which are also watered down by her soft-curl hairstyle. If u wanna do fierce, go all out or else don’t do it at all!

          1. Shivangi at |

            heavily photoshopped…

          2. miss maya at |

            I dont agree with *s*, of course these pics are photoshopped, no magazine would ever put in an unphotoshopped photo of a celeb or model no matter how beautiful without a little retouching!!
            Ive just been looking at the pics of britney spears for the candies campaign pre and post photoshopped.. boy is it a big difference!!

          3. quirky at |

            ditto that !! the girl looks like a cross between sonam n dia :P

      2. Iamfashion at | | Reply

        You gotta be kidding me !!! check out the left arm of the second photo…that arm looks freakishly thin…and while Sonam is not fat ..she ain’t that thin either.

        1. Iamfashion at | | Reply

          errr and to clarify…I am NOT a proponent of thin waifs especially photoshoped ones

      3. sp at | | Reply

        I can tell that it’ Sonam … and yeah I do think that the clothes are fierce but so is she man … just look at her expressions … she can do it

        the Hair doesn’t quite go with the theme …. but I still think it works .. I love it

  2. Kayshika at | | Reply

    Goes to show how much photoshopping makes everyone looks the same. Its uncanny how much she looks like Dia Mirza in the third pic!

    1. annie at | | Reply

      Agrees!! The girl looks like Dia.

  3. Di at | | Reply

    WTHeyyyy stuff!

  4. suchi at | | Reply

    too much photo shoppping, who is this girl!!!

  5. eclat at | | Reply

    Could he have been any more “inspired” by McQueen?

    1. Aarti at | | Reply

      i second that…

    2. Stuti at | | Reply

      Oh my God, completely! McQueen and Helmut Lang.

    3. pinka at | | Reply

      exactly wat i thot…esp the third dress looks like a complete mc queen rip-off….

    4. Iamfashion at | | Reply

      Especially the third dress!

    5. shamika at | | Reply

      omg thats the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the third dress !

      1. Tee at | | Reply

        That is exactly what I thought!

  6. olala at | | Reply

    she looks like bipasha, priyanka and dia respectively.

    1. S at | | Reply

      true the pics look more like they belong to filmfare’s the women we love part 2

  7. monika at | | Reply

    reminds me of starwars

    1. sdn at | | Reply

      exactly!! i was thinking starwars or transformers :S

  8. Sindhu Gururaj at | | Reply

    Photoshop or not, I cannot make out that it is Sonam unless it was mentioned. That IS sad.

  9. RM at | | Reply

    Are you serious that the photos are sonam’s … cant find the sonam we know in any of the photos…
    the photoshoots are sure nice…

  10. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    P&P these are previews from the next Filmfare issue….I am sure there will be better scans when the issue is out at the end of this month.

    I love this photoshoot! I think to this day I am not sure how Sonam looks like! She keeps surprising you in a good way!

  11. priya at | | Reply

    i think this shoot is awesome . if sonam does not try these looks now , when will she, when she s 40 . well done sonam its a great shoot .

  12. ami at | | Reply

    sonam is truly a fashionista . other actors loook at her and get inspired . she truly has the guts to try different things . its coz of her style that the red carpet of all the award shows has become fun to watch. i love her makeup the dark eyes are so beautiful .

  13. pia at | | Reply

    i love the first picture. sonam is looking so beautiful . i wish the pictures were clearer . i love the hair .

  14. Nella at | | Reply

    These dress designs seem inspired (read tried hard to copy) the designs by Alexander McQueen for 2010. None of the photographs portray the essence of the designs as well . A complete No-No from my side .

  15. charan at | | Reply

    She has that attitude but something is missing about these pictures. Its just not as intense as she intent to look. May be its the background, the oh so normal pose. Cant figure out what.

  16. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love the three outfits, perfect for an editorial look. Hell, I would wear the second one out.
    She does look different in all three pictures, but she is chameleon like. Still, photoshop is definitely at play.

  17. ashish at | | Reply

    the clothes are SO SO derived… lets just say mr. p verma has a penchant for copying. each and every collection always looks either like McQueen or Gareth Pugh.
    i really hope prashant is reading this stuff.

    1. prisha at | | Reply

      Totally agree with that…

  18. MAAMTA at | | Reply

    sonam the stunning

  19. viz at | | Reply

    hurrah! she has done it again..totally rocked the hell out of it. the gal does some great photoshoots.
    yes she seems to be photoshopped etc etc and thats not really sending the best message to all the young gals out their.. but leaving all that aside, she has again brought something different to it.

  20. baby at | | Reply

    inspired by mc queen are you kidding it 100% exact copy !i am shocked no one noticed

  21. kanika at | | Reply

    sheesh.. she has to know the difference between effortless and trying so hard. the clothes are beyond ugly. mcqueen rip offs. she looks better when she tries less!

  22. love at | | Reply

    I do not think its McQueen “rip-off”. PV used to work at McQueen and Manish Arora so maybe thats where the penchant for similarity. Its like saying anyone who does red dresses is ripping off Valentino. OR everyone who does Americana is ripping off Ralph Lauren.

    I think the red thunderbolt dress looks brilliant on SK. Even better than what it did on runway. There are very few people in India who would carry off mcqueen, manish arora, or even prashant (considering the not-so-grear photography and styling). Good to her.

  23. Mel at | | Reply

    Prashant est comme une union concepteur. Comme Paris. Je ne vois pas Alexander McQueen en lui, mais je vois un jeune artiste unique.

  24. Moi at | | Reply

    agree!! the clothes are ‘inspired’ lol!!

    But Sonam is great!! I always look up her name here!! always interested in her photoshoots and appearances!!! But this one falls flat, she can do much better!!

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