In Falguni and Shane Peacock


With her character Naina wearing Falguni and Shane Peacock quite a bit in the movie, it isn’t a surprise to finally see Sonam wearing one for the promotions. Except while I love the dress and the look is edgy, can’t quite get past unsightly bumps at the hips.

Update: None of us have perfect bodies (us very much included in that list). When I mentioned the bumps it was more matter of fact that it was something that could be fixed with spanx. A tiny misstep that could have been easily corrected. And I should have been clearer in the post that it was more the dress clinging to all the wrong spots which happens to the best of us. :)

Sonam Kapoor at Inorbit Mall For Players Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. yea, have noticed that quite a few times now. does she pad her hip area or is her hips just naturally like that? flattering look except for that.

  2. what unsightly bumps? U mean her hips r not perfectly curved? cos my body looks the same in dresses and I thought it was completely normal!

    Also I think talking about anyone’s body in a negative manner is not allowed in HHC, let’s stick to that rule.

    • Am not talking about her body, am just saying the figure hugging dress clings to the hip weirdly. As for hips not being perfectly curved, neither are ours. In fact, they are far from it! Hallelujah for Spanx!

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong in referring to a weird bump ! Instead of wearing unflattering clothes its much better to wear something that suits the body type- in sonar’s case her waist and try and take away the attention from the hips. However, here in the bid to accentuate her waist sonar completely neglected her hips!

      • p and p, squats and lunges sort out those lumps and bumps effectively. it’s good to do them every other day. and then, no need for spanx!

        • Ha ha ha..if that were the case then I should have a Heidi Klum body. Shyla I am assuming you are in your twenties. Sigh! Such naivete tsk!tsk!

      • lwhat has the world come to…?? P&P being criticized for criticizing Soonam Kapoor ;)) many other i too have that bump.. and choose to not wear dresses that make it that obvious.. simple..don’t get what the argument is all about

    • I agree, Deewani. Exactly what I was going to say. That just seems to be the way her hips naturally are, and they look perfectly fine. Each woman has a different shape. To call it an unsightly bump (even if you say you are referring to how “the figure hugging dress clings to the hip weirdly”) is in bad taste.

      I think Sonam looks pretty great here.

      • The one time PnP dared to say anything negative
        about Sonam turned out to be like this !
        I am not sure by unsightly bumps if they are referring to
        the material of that dress folding to cause the bumps or
        if they are referring to the actual hips. Either ways these
        days Im feeling we( yes, including me) are being too hypocrytical about the women featured here. Yes, they are public figures and are prone to being judged. But I feel we are creating a whole new level of brand-crazy, figure-consious, superficial breed whose self esteem might be affected by our over-judging about their hair, earrings, bangles, shoes, innerwear, outerwear, hair color, hair-cut, the way they stand, sit etc etc…
        It used to be for fun that I used to visit fashion blogs before, but
        these days its becoming meaningless…

        I just wish we all could take it a notch down and stop being
        so serious and over critical.

      • agree with bozo. that *was* in very bad taste. also, like desimom says, we need to stop being to HYPER critical of celebs. blog posts do contribute in promoting bad body image, which can have serious health consequences. sonam is, compared to most of us, VERY thin. it seems ridiculous to point out that SONAM needs spanx.

        (blog posts also create a branded-bags-only hysteria, but thats another matter :D )

    • Let’s criticize the dress & designers rather than the person wearing it, please. WHY can’t falguni shane peacock make flattering clothes that suit the body correctly?

      Unless you’re anorexically-stick-thinish (not to menton hideously unattractive) like Kate Moss….there is no way anyone else can “pull” this look off.

      • Going by what you are saying, thin automatically means eating disorder + unattractive. What if some just has awesome metabolism (and believe me there are people like that!) do you just assume they got there by harming themselves and judge them? In effect we are judging and assuming just about every body type. How ridiculous! Just let it be I say.

      • I don’t understand why are we suddenly blaming Falguni and shane! I’m pretty sure Sonam makes sure her dresses get altered for her size and she is the one who chose to wear things that don’t flatter her body type! She should have gone for a more VB style dress which really bring out the best in her!
        And there are loads of girls-her age- who maintain a very healthy body without any surgeries, just by a healthy lifestyle! They CAN pull this look off- without spanx!

        • I guess ppl who r blaming the designer do not understand that hips will look like that in any tight fit dress.. I have such a hard time finding a dress that flatters my convex hips.. and spanx can’t fix the convex shape.. only those who have this kinda shape will understand.

      • Wow, Kay. If calling someone unattractive because they are overweight is in bad taste, then so is doing that to someone who is extremely thin.

        Hideously unattractive – that’s a nasty thing to say.

        I agree with what Clueless Snr. has to say.

    • Ladies why the anger? I am not even sure what to look at when Payal referred to the unsightly bumps. As far as one can tell its a great dress and worn well! I don’t think two thirds of us would have even noticed had it not been brought up.

  3. her hips look like any other natural non plastic surgery enhanced hips.

    the unsightly curves are her pelvis area i guess, like deewani mentioned earlier my body would have a curve their too if i wore a tight dress.
    seriously you never saw this common thig before ?
    on a diffrent note..
    lastly sonam dint really pull this look off …she smiles too much for someone who should pull back the smile and give intense looks to fit the part…
    when she smiles like this it looks like “look i wore sucha sexy dress “…..

  4. Hey! Show me one woman who has perfectly curvey-curves! You can’t help those hip’s a part of the body!
    As far as choosing clothing to hide those bumps…now come on…when is the girl going to live a little?

  5. I think her hips look fine..if that’s how you are built it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s kind of like Neha Dhupia..she is hippy and wears regular clothes anyway. We shouldn’t pick on a woman’s body like that :/ What’s Sonam to do if her hips are shaped like that? Spanx is not really good for your internal organs..

    • I agree. Cant us as women cut another woman some slack? Why must we plastic perfect or fit somebody else’s mould of perfection. This post has saddened me

  6. Sonam did admit to being a spanx-fan on an interview….and spanx sometime odd up the shape a bit…the suck one bit in…and push the other bits out…maybe thats the unslighty bump?

    (yes yes….u speak to a spanx expert here :D )

  7. PnP I cant believe you called it an “unsightly bump” Each womans body is different and should be celebrated for what it is. I dont see why everybody should wear spanx to cover their natural curves just because you feel the need to. To each his own. Please refrain from telling us what a “perfect body” should look like. Just my two cents. NOM

  8. hey i quite like the way she’s carrying it… it took me a minute or two to realise what bump ur talking about… i think its perfectly normal… couldn’t even notic it at once…

  9. This is exactly the kind of body policing that is unfortunately quite a common occurrence in this blog. I love the blog because I think it’s still the only one of its kind for Indian celebrities/socialites but sometimes its horrific how critical P and P are of many different body types. This may seem extreme to a lot of readers here but I think even suggesting that someone could be wearing something more flattering is telling them that “you need to wear something that makes your body more conventionally attractive because your body does not fit that bill and that’s a bad thing”. Critiquing one’s fashion could be about shape, silhouette, colour, texture, mood not just about what makes one look most like a Victoria’s Secret model. These women don’t need to be told that they should dress more flatteringly or wear spanx.

  10. Problem is, sonam has been much too a flawless dresser n so d last thing v expect of her is 2 ignore her body type while dollin up. She’s nt ur regular hips-protrudin-out-of-her-tight dress gal nxt door. Havin styld by mayb a dozen of people, and posin b4 scores of cameras 24*7, d 1 thing dat v want 2 c frm her is perfection. I quite agree wit p&p…unsightly stuff is unsightly stuff…d problem nt bein wit d shape/size hips or breasts, but wearin a tight dress ovr them n lettin them poke out(i too m all 4 celebrating one’s body type but in D CORRECT CLOTHING). Esp if u r a larger-than-lyf celeb. But den, lets say dis is just a fashion hiccup, not blasphemy!

  11. She looks great. Do you comment on a man’s ‘unsightly hips’?! The media has perpetrated an ‘ideal shape’ for women which is completely unrealistic. Every woman should embrace her natural, ideal shape and dress to suit it. Small ‘imperfections’ in shape’, in fact, make the dress more interesting instead of photoshopped unrealistic perfection! Dresses were made for women, not the other way round.

  12. It never occurred to me to think of those knobby bumps as unattractive. My hip bones are shaped that way too and I always had a vague sense of ‘Huh?’ when it came to completely curved hips in fashion photographs.

    Personally, I don’t think Sonam Kapoor looks that good. This is less to do with her measurements and more to do with whether she stands out, for me. Wearing expensive, designer clothes is not the same thing as having a sense of individual style. As Garima points out, someone who was less smiley & more intense-looking would have killed this look (regardless of hip size & shape, methinx).

  13. I’m pretty sure PnP will never mention any kind of bumps (not even the ones on a road) ever again. Ha ha ha ha!!
    On another note, it’s nice to see women are friggin’ fed up of idealistic body imagary.


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