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  1. grozny at | | Reply

    Gorgeous! Now we’re talking! Spot on Sonam. Love the whole look, and she looks age appropriate. Love it!

    1. gaga at | | Reply

      agree. she is so different from rest of b’wood.

  2. hira at | | Reply

    her flats just about KILLED what would otherwise have been a flawless look

  3. Amber at | | Reply

    She dresses up soooo good all the time! I wonder if she has a stylist?

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      She told me that she doesn’t have a stylist but she does take advice from friends… and remember her friends include designers as well as other style conscious people :)

      I think she looks quite good, but it is quite a mature look, it would almost be nice for her to not be so pulled together right now and was more loose and carefree.. wish her style included a bit more of a LA feel rather than NY! She dresses like Blair, not Serena or Whitney Port. From a PR standpoint, it’s better for her to dress as young as possible for as long as possible.. otherwise she’ll have to pull a Katrina in a few years and wear cartoon clothing.

  4. seema at | | Reply

    HOT. perfect. love the dress.

  5. chocolate martini at | | Reply

    This is the first time that I’ve liked the bag out of all the times I’ve seen it on your site.

    I really like the pulled back hair she’s been sporting and the necklace is fabulous with that outfit (although it is nothing special by itself.)

    As for the dress I was drooling over it (in black) on net-a-porter and the green color just makes it a million times more delish!!

    The only let down here are the shoes: an outfit this good really calls for a pair of classic black louboutin pumps/ peep-toes.

    But still, overall, I love

  6. sv at | | Reply

    I think she looks great.Does prove that she has a great sense of style.But it is more of what I would wear when I am in my 30s!

  7. Carol at | | Reply

    I like her hair and makeup. But I don’t like the dress, bag, shoes and necklace together. This is not a ‘hot’ look.

    Sonam looks like what we call in the US a ‘junior leaguer’ – a young socialite who wears all the designer brands but does not own their look – pieces copied from fashion magazines.

    1. jane at | | Reply

      i have to disagree with u here.she is not in “junior league” as u suggest it. havin seen the way she dressed herself for more than a year. i have to say this grl has style nd do nw how to dress properly.

      1. chocolate martini at | | Reply

        She’s not a young socialite she’s a fabulously talented actress. There is NO need to be so condescending, it only pulls you down, not her

    2. neetu singh at | | Reply

      Sonam is really cool..and so young and chic..i love her looks n her style..she makes us Gemini girls proud :) even Marilyn munroe does..

      1. sri at | | Reply

        amisha patel, neetu chandra are geminis ..are u proud of their dressing sense too?? i have seen many geminis in my office..most have scandalous dressing style!!

        1. spongy at | | Reply

          lolzzzzz….sorry but cudnt help typin this…jus cracked me up…

        2. DressyDresser at | | Reply

          Star signs have nothing to do with dressing sense….what are you on about?

    3. DressyDresser at | | Reply

      I see that you have a problem with Sonam too. I’m sorry to bust your bubble but she’s thousand zillion times more talented than socialites in the “junior league” as you have put it. She can dress better than all of Bollywood even if she “copies pieces from fashion magazines”. She owns her look more than anyone.She’s the only one who could carry off a sack with aplomb.

  8. diptiN at | | Reply

    I disagree about the shoes, she is lucky to be tall enough to wear flats and I would certainly not wear high heel to a kids christmas celebration. The dress is OK, she certainly adds to it She is someone with a sense of good sense of style. I sure she does not have a stylist.

    1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      She recently got herself a stylist- Pernia Quresihi as per her tweet. She is also the stylist for her new movie Aisha. She looks gorgeous! I love the dress.

      1. diptiN at | | Reply

        I can understand her having a stylist for her movie, but she has been dressing herself the past year, may be with her being so busy she is having her buy her clothes.

  9. page 3 publicity at | | Reply

    let me wear elizabeth and james dress, lara bohinc necklace & gucci flats and help these poor kids. i am one of those celebrities you see on page 3 who wash hands with antibacterial after touching poor kids. we are fakes and love publicity.

    1. Saya at | | Reply

      Yeah, got me thinking as well. Loaded with designer wear for a kiddy party? Hmmm…

      1. claire at | | Reply

        i agree with you…
        i love the look in itself but it seems rather inappropriate to go to such an event wearing only designer wear

        1. kasthuri at | | Reply

          Totally agreed. Seems like a show off rather than a real intention behind.

  10. evesy at | | Reply

    this girl knows how to dress accordingly for every event. flats are perfect, as diptin said..it was a children’s event…im sure she did not feel the need to tower upon them even more :-)
    and she always wins with that smile of hers, endearing girl!

  11. hana at | | Reply

    I LOVE her style. true fashionista!

  12. viz at | | Reply

    she looks Fab. although getting a lil tired of seeing her in designer from head to toe event after event after event. Would love to see her in something simple and elegant specially at an event like this.

    1. shyba at | | Reply

      I have the same opinion Viz,she should have dressed simply for such an event,even though she looks good in that international brands….insensible dressing for such an event…

      she dresses up fabulously…but she hardly talks abt her acting assignment or related to movies….only fashion stuffs….an actor or model?

    2. Anu at | | Reply

      I agree. I love her style but havent seen her rocking a high street brand item lately. Great looks for less money are so much more inspiring.

    3. page 3 publicity at | | Reply

      same here. it is getting boring now.

      1. antra at | | Reply

        I agree.. She is really pretty but become more of a page 3 socialite type than an actress.. And in her interviews she seems a bit air headed.. She is only giggling constantly.. Need to see more personality beyond the way she dresses

    4. neetu singh at | | Reply

      I DIDNT notice the event until i read what u guys hav written..agrred she shud hav picked up something simpler..but dunno why i dont think she did it intentionally..she comes across as being very chilidish n innocent and shes definitely not calculative like (some actresses) to go and worry too much abt her image..

  13. ekta at | | Reply

    elisabeth and james is not designer, its high street, clothes at topshop cost more, thats about 100 quid, so guys stop being dumb about fashion. she looks fab

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      No, they are designer. Elizabeth and James is by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. That dress costs a good 480 Pounds on net-a-porter… high street stuff do not have that price tag.

  14. ekta at | | Reply

    the back is so sexy

  15. antra at | | Reply

    Really.. whats the point.. You doll yourself in the most expensive designer wear and then you head to a do for homeless children.. thats absurd.. Imagine Angelina Jolie in a designer gown amongst children in Africa.. Just silly

    1. seema at | | Reply

      by the way the last time i saw angelina at a unicef even she was in an armani gown, and in cambodia in a gerrard durrel maxi dress, i know because i own it. its 700 dollars.

      1. sri at | | Reply

        well then angelina also belongs to the not quite category!

      2. DressyDresser at | | Reply

        haha..good reply seema. people,please know your facts before commenting.

  16. Stuti at | | Reply

    Ooh, I like her here. Love the dress on her, paired with the necklace. Hate the Gucci flats though, and the Pauric Sweeney bag.

  17. chocolate martini at | | Reply

    Will you people please stop criticizing so much?

    a) atleast she’s doing something for a cause. I dont get how it matters what she wore, like will the children feel sad if she was wearing a designer dress? Or will they be happier if she was in a simple salwar suit?

    b) She isnt a fashion victim who blindy buys birkins and wears them with boring clothes, she obviously loves fashion and wears her outfits pretty well. So, if she has the money, why shouldn’t she buy the best? She isnt dressing to inspire you, she’s doing it because she loves it.

    Also, ‘the why cant she wear high street brands’ reeks a little bit of envy

  18. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    WOW! I love this dress!! :) This green shade is amazing.
    I love the flats too.

  19. Viz at | | Reply

    Ekta agreed the dress might be high street but put together with gucci shoes designer bag n necklace …. M sure her whole outfit is worth quite a bit…so there u go..my remark was def not dumb..n m sure most ppl with agree with me.. I think mayb u didn’t get the jist of what I was trying to say.

  20. ko at | | Reply

    love the look.. but agree with most not appropriate for the occasion..visitng homeless kids
    oh the rich aunty is here check her out…something we can never ever ever afford:(

  21. suri at | | Reply

    Sonam looks fabulous once again. Love the dress, necklace, handbag, hair/makeup. Would have preferred even more with a peeptoe heel though.

  22. V at | | Reply

    She must be what 22-24 years old?…She dress very well, no doubt, but somehow always tends to look older than her age. Also, this outfit is waaayy too much for a visit to homeless kids.

    And yes, homeless children will definitely be able to connect with a person in plain clothes – my mom is a social worker, so I know.

    1. sri at | | Reply

      i second that

  23. seema at | | Reply

    why should she change the way she dresses just because she is doing something for a good cause? those are her clothes and she should wear them as she sees fit, its part of who she is im sure, as is her social work. i think everbody should lighten up and admire the amazing sleeves on that dress..merry christmas

    1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      exactly, I do not see what would be the point of her trying to project a false image in a white sari (or whatever it is that the commentors above us imagine would be appropriate for a social cause). In India we always tend to associate social service with austerity with is a misconception.

      1. sri at | | Reply

        social work /gratitude towards society comes with spirituality, and not materialism. they dont gel together!

        1. Jimmy at | | Reply

          just to let u know that she did her studies from abroad and every other girl in these countries are so well dressed…

          1. sri at |

            so what? i live in abroad n i see where ure coming from. but that is india. india has always been a spiritual/simple country. mahatma gandhi had also studied abroad n was well dressed too. but when he decided to release the sufferings of people, he became one amongst them. u know how he spun cotton and wear those clothes. i think at such events, it wud be gud to not offend the people around.

          2. Chocolate Martini at |

            “every other girl in these countries are so well dressed”

            the uninformed anglophilia on this site is really starting to get to me.

            @ Jimmy: Have you have ever been to suburban America and seen people lounging around gorcery stores and such like in tattered shorts and unironed tees? Those girls are NOT well put together. To say some one is well dressed because they have studied abroad is the stupidest thing I have heard.

            Especially considering how much pains Indian women take to dress well and how well-put together even the most ordinary Indian women on the road are (sari, jewellery, well combed hair et al)

            @ Sri: Gandhi was ONE MAN who wore a home -spun dhoti when he returned to India. There are HARDLY any men in the coutnry who dress like or dressed like him. If you have ever been to Mumbai you will realize that it is full-on bling mode, its far from the ‘spiritual/ simple’ cliches that some people have of this country. Also it is idiotic to say that Gandhi dressed in a spartan way so all Indians should. Gandhi was a freedom fighter in colonial India. Sonam Kapoor is a Bollywood actress in 21st century Mumbai. To say Indians in India shouldnt be welld ressed is incredibly insulting and condescending.

            And also who on earth said that social work and materialism do not gel together? that is such a narrow-minded way of looking at things. What about Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates and other such philanthropists then?

          3. kasthuri at |

            The logic behind that comment is stupid.

  24. hira at | | Reply

    This outfit is SO suitable for a brunch than a charity event

    I always believe in event and age appropriateness and Sonam’s dress, IMO, is not event appropriate. A simple pair of skinnes, flats and a fitted top/ shirt (maybe white) with the same bag would be telling a different story!

    I actually saw the video and the outfit was looking really garish amongst the anganwadi kids.

    And sorry, attending an event once a year and then tweeting to let the whole world to know about and giving media interviews about your “good deed” it is NOT charity/ philanthrophy IMO

  25. meria at | | Reply

    really cute n nice n simple

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