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  1. Neharika at | | Reply

    She looks so average without proper makeup. Dont like the outfit either.

  2. just me at | | Reply

    What a pretty dress! Needed a different color cardi. Hair, makeup etc she’s on some private do and not posing so doesn’t matter. But I really want that dress! Maybe I’m yearning too much for spring to fiiiinnallly come around…

    1. Pallavi at | | Reply

      +1 I want this dress toooo..very pretty

  3. Mads at | | Reply

    What a difference to see her as a girl next door sans makeup (dark circles and all) as opposed to being glammed up to the tee… wonders a little bit of makeup can do!

  4. Rishi at | | Reply


  5. neha at | | Reply

    Having seen the recent Kangana looks……….can’t bring myself to like this …….too meh

  6. slc at | | Reply

    Although it’s not a full length pic she wears the dress well. I must say that even without make-up she has great skin. Envy those cheek bones too. Reminds me of Rekha.

  7. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    I like when these ‘normal’ photos come out. After all the stars are only human too. But first thing that came to mind is ‘Woah, what will L’oreal think of these pics’ After all didn’t they have a contactual clause with Ash Rai and Eva Longoria about looking flawless in public at all times?

    1. Krithika at | | Reply

      I actually think L’oreal would be happy as now, it looks obvious what wonders their products are capable of! :P

      1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

        Best comment ever! Haha

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply


  8. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    contractual* sorry

  9. Sej at | | Reply

    Indifferent about the outfit-it’s nice. It’s different to see the not dolled up look-really looks like a girl next door. The glamour quotient is definitely thanks to stylists and designers-not that that’s a bad thing-there are some who I think look glamorous in their non make up everyday looks that’s all and Sonam isn’t one of them after all.

  10. Fi at | | Reply

    little bit of concealer and pink lip gloss won’t harm :)

  11. Zeen at | | Reply

    When you have such great features and skin, any brand would want you to endorse their products. She does not need much make-up and her hair is gorgeous naturally. Anyway, love the dress! Can’t wait to see her promote her new movie!

  12. Ranij at | | Reply

    She looks like your average Indian girl next door. Amazing how different she looks when on the job. Her face transforms with makeup

  13. sk at | | Reply

    looooooooove the dress!! Its so feminine….maybe the bustier version is a tad better ,,,don u think?

  14. Ayesha at | | Reply

    She looks very much like her mother without makeup, and like a completly different person with it:) the dress is pretty

  15. Saya at | | Reply

    Agree with everyone else. It makes you think what wonders can stylist and make up can do to very average looking girls. Wah.

  16. Anamika at | | Reply

    She wore a Dolce and Gabbana for a casual dinner! And didn’t expect to be photographed and skipped on makeup. Sigh! problems of the rich. Love that dress but cannot bring myself to spend $925 on it.

  17. Anamika at | | Reply

    Actually $3095

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