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  1. pretty little liar at | | Reply

    am I the only one excited for this film? looks great so far!

    1. Purple at | | Reply

      Indeed! An Indian take on a chick flick. I’m all for it :)

    2. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      absolutely not :-) I cant wait to see the fabulous clothes and, more importantly, the adorable Abhay Deol!!

    3. ko at | | Reply

      me too:)

  2. deepkas at | | Reply

    wonder what the costume budget was like for this movie…..

  3. Kayshika at | | Reply

    I love this song!!

  4. Apoorva at | | Reply

    I really love the song…was hearing a lot about it bt it is verrrrrryyy cute

  5. Anu C at | | Reply

    Catchy song. I am really looking forward to the movie and the fashion, but I also hope they do justice to Emma. Hopefully its not all glitz and nothing beyond it!

    1. swati at | | Reply

      i think its going to be only glitz and nothing else …..

      …. i’m excited to see what she is going to be wearing throughout the film but beyond that it doesn’t look like its going to connect with the average movie goer ….

      P&P, after the movie releases, you might want to do an aisha special post and pick your favourite looks , since this is the closest we’ll probably get to a desi version of SATC.

      1. hmmm at | | Reply

        at least ppl are anticipating to watch the fashion, glitz and glamour. it’s not the first Hindi movie with fashion, designer labels, glitz and glamour, but who really cared about those movies just for that? so this movie is a success in itself, until more Hindi movies start looking like this and we get sick of it.

    2. bertie at | | Reply

      Exactly! I am so looking forward to see the indian version of Emma

      1. nitasha at | | Reply

        I dont know about Emma, but this movie seems verrry inspired by ‘Clueless’. Some of the scenes look very similar. Nevertheless, looking forward to it for the clothes and the very delish Deol munda (who is almost as cute as the young Paul Rudd. Almost.)

        1. Anu C at | | Reply

          You know I never saw the connection up until you mentioned and then thinking about it, Clueless was loosely based on Emma too. Google vouches for it! So may be Aisha writers got inspired by a movie that was inspired by Emma, but dropped it from the conversation :)

          Anyway, all of that would cease to matter when Abhay Deol shows up on screen :)

          1. nitasha at |

            Agreed! Abhay Deol is supercute! Sonam Kapoor’s makeup and hairstyles in the movie are also as noteworthy as the clothes. And the Blair Waldorf style hairbands? Come on stylists, how many teen-queen inspirations are u going to use in one movie??

          2. hmmm at |

            at least ppl want to watch for whatever inspired fashion they are. look at the other hindi movies full of designer clothes but they are just wasted.do we even remember those movies? like who really cared to watch the movie for the sake of that? they probably could have just bought some decent clothes from anywhere. waste of buying borrowing designer clothes and bags just for the movies. this movie at least serves the purpose.

  6. Orchee at | | Reply

    How amazing does she look in the sari look for this song! stunning!!

    1. AnI at | | Reply

      Agree…………….she looks fab !!

  7. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    The styling we’ve seen in this movie so far has been great. But I’m sorry to say, they could’ve come up with a better song. This one is not catchy at all. I hope the other songs are better.

    I am a huge Austen fan, and Emma is my absolute favorite, so I really hope that this movie does it justice. But so far, it seems to be all fluff and no substance. I think their PR people need to focus more on promoting the actual movie rather than glorifying the labels. It almost seems like the movie is nothing but a laundry list of designer items that the girls just wanted to display. I really hope the movie doesn’t fall flat in the same way as Bride and Prejudice.

    That said, maybe this is their strategy: minimize expectations when advertising so that the viewers are in for a pleasant surprise when they actually watch the movie. Let’s see.

    1. hmmm at | | Reply

      what “substance” are u talking about? even though the story is based on Austen’s Emma, this movie is promoted as a “chick flick”. haven’t u watched chick flicks?

      1. PeachBellini at | | Reply

        Yes, I have watched chick flicks before ( wtf?).

        By substance, I mean a good screenplay, good direction, good acting, good dialogues. Basically, more than just eye candy. Granted it’s hard to gauge the above based only on promos, but surely the filmmakers have more self-respect than to bank entirely on material items to sell their movie.

        1. hmmm at | | Reply

          lol and u care about those things only about this movie? the way movies are marketed these days, u can’t only blame one movie because u don’t like a certain star (Sonam – based on ur comments about her). Emma has been made, remade into various versions that i am sure u will find plenty more ways to bring it down.

  8. mj15 at | | Reply

    ooove love love the dress…i actually own it and love how it can be styled in soooo many different ways!
    the dress aside…i am unabashedly declaring my love for sonam kapoor :-) this girl is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!! she always looks age appropriate, has great attitude, is well styled (stylist or not)…she takes risks, to the extent possible in the bombay context, and at least never bores unlike the society ladies….love love love

  9. RuchII at | | Reply

    love the song..love sonam..lOoove the dresses/shoes/bags..and Looove loove lovve abhay deol.. have to watch this movie..!!

  10. ko at | | Reply

    I sooooooooooo love that orange dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mona at | | Reply

    love love love the song and the dress. i love the flowers in ira dubeys hair

  12. Naina Sethi at | | Reply

    People don’t know that in this movie, Sonam Kapoor is playing an aspiring Elle India fashion editor. I believe that this is an amazing marketing tactic by the elle team .

    1. hmmm at | | Reply

      assistant to an editor, maybe i can take, but editor of the magazine, not sure. then again it’s a movie.

  13. devika at | | Reply

    as long as we are in the spotting mode, spot a very blair waldorf look at 0:47, white dress/top wid a bowtie!!! bwahahaha!!

  14. Aarthi Sankaran at | | Reply

    This is DVF tabah dress. DvF carries it now in a new print indian temple dip dye

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