In Anamika Khanna


Wearing a beautiful Anamika Khanna sari, Sonam Kapoor made an appearance on the show ‘Indian Idol’ to promote her upcoming movie.

I am so in lust with those earrings, guessing that’s her mom’s design.

P.S: Bipasha Basu too wore a version of this Anamika Khanna sari here.


Sonam Kapoor On Indian Idol Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I don’t know – I like and I don’t like all at the same time. The main thing bothering me is her hair. Don’t like how it goes with the sari. Also she doesn’t have that usual confident pose she has.

    • Yea I agree with you.. It’s PERFECT!
      I like this color of the sari a lot better than the bright orange that Bipasha wore.

  2. She looks very nice and it’s a lovely saree. It’s nice to see a film star draping a saree well, and the pallu covering the chest area as it should, amidst all the pathetic displays which have become the norm. The blouse is funky but she’s well covered up as should be the case when wearing a saree so sheer. Overall, a good look!

  3. huh P & P no comments on the sari.. lol
    again make up & hair is such a letdown.. this lipstick shade is not looking good on her either….overall another letdown by sonam.. i was so looking forward to her “sari look”

    • I agree! Her make-up & hair are bad. Come to think of it, her make-up is usually bad. Over done in patches & really pale in others. I’m also not a fan of scalloped saris…though I do like Anamika Khanna. It’s a thumbs down for me.

    • agreed. Scalloped borders can never look classy. Plus I am having major issues with the way sonam has been doing her eyebrows of late.They have taken away the ethereal look from her face for a more harsher one.

  4. Had she gone in with a simple regular blouse rather than this off-the-beaten-track blouse, the saree would have looked much better!! Hmm and where are her saree pleats?! Moreover, her face looks very different this time…maybe it’s the thick eyebrows or makeup…oh where is the glowing, confident Sonam?!

    • I agree- her recent appearances have been a let down cause she just seems tired and seems to have lost too much weight & has lost her charm. Her face is taut, and she looks like a young teenager playing dress up- according to me

  5. Love the whole look! I think she looks exactly how a young girl in a saree looks…not entirely confident as she probably does not wear saree that often but wears it right. Please compared to all the trashy saree displays this is like heaven on earth! It’s draped right and it is a beautiful saree. The earrings are to die for.

  6. The hair and eyebrows are so distracting. Plus, the dark eye makeup makes the eyebrows look even more scary.
    Her pose reminds me of the ‘elocution competitions’ we had in school.. :)

  7. what a massive letdown…nothing is right…it looks she needs some grooming..her eyebrows and forehead need some threading! Hate the sari and hair as well..

  8. I wouldnt call her sari fact its a bit weird looking…not to mention that weird blouse. Only thing good abt is her earrings.

    • they get paid 100 times more than us for doing something so easy.. so this is the way god balances things :D.. u get some u loose some..

      • “for doing something so easy”
        What makes you think that its so easy? Acting is a very demanding job…the long schedules, the constant paparazzi attention, the need to be super-fit all the time etc, etc. And they get paid a hundred times more because they have worked hard to establish themselves, or they are far more talented actors than us, or at the very least because they look much better than average :-)

        • hmm they lok much better than average..u think that abt sonam.. kajol.. madhuri..juhi.. deepika..priyanka etc?? I c girls looks just as good as them in real life if not better.. and abt working hard.. normal ppl like us also work long hours.. like me.. a med student!!! I certainly don’t get paid as well compared to how hard I work.. I would accept working long hrs and getting paid 100 times more any day… wouldn’t u??
          all I wanna say is.. god balance things..if I was a celeb I would certainly be able to handle ppl talking abt my looks and attire cos in return I get lotsa moolahhhh

          • You’re just saying that because you don’t have that life. Everyone thinks that they can handle that kind of attention but I don’t think that its that easy. One example was Princess Diana. She hated attention. After years of being in that lime light she still could not deal with it. Its always easy to say but hard to do.

        • Isn’t looking pretty part of her job? Personally, she doesn’t look too bad but in comaparison to all her fab appearances this is a let down. People criticizes everyone here, why should Sonam be a special case?

    • If you want to give ppl a ‘break’ bcoz you wuidnt like it if someone commented on your clothes..then you have a choice to not visit a blog thats meant to do exactly that….critique fashion…..not saying your POV is wrong….but its like voluntarily entering a room that says ‘bright lights here’ and then saying ‘why are there bright lights in this room’..its coz thats what its for…:)

  9. Like the saree and on her too, the blouse, i wonder if the star trek sleeves are spoiling it, without them, the blouse might have worked better. The hair, makeup and brows are really bad, which is surprising in case of Sonam.

  10. oh yes! love those earrings. On second look – whats with the green lining at the border of the saree, looks bad at the fold of the pallu.

  11. Such a TACKY looking saree. If this was a Manish malhotra, everyone would have shot it down without a second thought. I really dont understand what aspect of the saree is “BEAUTIFUL” ??

  12. love the blouse… its different! jst wish the saree wsnt sooo busy.. if the saree didnt have those glod dots.. i think the look would hve had moreee impact!

    n yah i agree the hair isnt tat gr8.. makeup looks off too

    but somthng makes this look good..

  13. What’s up with that blouse? I think there’s just way too much going on, its a really nice sari but a simpler blouse would def have been better and maybe a simple updo to show of the earrings?

  14. lol the saree n she i think brought an Egyptianness in total..just look at it so Cleopetraish…which the saree reminds of a lot…and hence the straight hair goes with it..and yeh as someone above says she’s covered herself up as a proper saree should be should be left to her…what with all the removin eyebrows comments lol

    • I guess people are just being prickly cause of the heat, wont blame them.

      I actually, in fact love the design of the blouse, its so unique and un-bollywood ish. How many times have we seen the same-old blingy/halter/bikini type of flimsy designs on actress. So this comes across as a fresh and unique design to me. So thumbs up to Sonam for that.

      • Really? Dont you think the Saree is too busy for the blouse? The blouse itself is lovely and should have been the center of attention, to pair it with a busy saree that too a glaringly loud manish malhotra-esque one??? Two thumbs down for that!!

  15. Love the blouse, but I think the saree’s too busy with it. Esp. the border. And of course, hate the hair, LOVE the earrings.

  16. Sonam looks like a school girl who has worn a sari for the first time :) She looks beautiful. There is some kind of old world charm in her. She is different from the others…in a good way.

  17. omg! Dont like it at all and hate the space jacket (it is like she is going for a startrek preview).

    What ever she wears, she generally looks short.

  18. LOVE the blouse i think its rellay creative…
    but i wish the blue border on teh sari wasnt there.
    its makes the sari seem too busy. and I wish the whole sari was a sheer white instead of the creamish color.

  19. the sari blouse is a hard one to pull which she managed. a look that could have gone wrong easily, but she looks beautiful. Im not a fan of scalloped border, but how she it makes it work is fab

  20. I don’t think the pics necessarily do justice. Saw a video of her in it, and she looked lovely, very elegant and moved like a dream (which is what we all want to achieve in a sari) Sari is a bit over the top and shes said its the 1st times shes wearing a sari in public, out of a film, so overall, I think shes done a terrific job. (hair/eyebrows aside. maybe shes tired??)

  21. i love her smile in these photos. she looks so young and cute. reminds me of old photos of my school friends on special occasions when we would wear saris (even though we arent “south indian”, tia! :P ) and look young and excited and cute.

  22. If one looks at both the sarees (bips and sonam’s) one would never realise that its the same saree..
    just the colours and the blouse make so much of a difference.. and also the way it is worn.. agree the blouse is too much for sonam’s saree but it looks much classier and def better than bipasha’s balaji bahu look..

  23. I think the sari is bad, and the blouse/neckpiece??? is also spoiling the look. Plus sonam’s make up so off, i notice her eye makeup is very bad nowadays..

  24. I think she’s been using a different route with the make up because of the heat and humidity.. that’s why she looks odd. This is not the weather for any kind of makeup if you ask me. A cousin is going to get married soon and I dread getting ready for it cause I know my make ups’s going to get drenched and covering up my dark circles will be even harder.

    I kind of love the blouse and wish she’d taken up a less traditional sari with it. Maybe if we did away with the cyan bits then it would be less cluttered and look great

  25. This just goes to prove that by wearing a sari you don’t necessary look indian and beautiful!! Cant bear people who go on about our stars wearing saris on important platforms.. Only those who can carry it off should, I’d pick Sonam in a dress anyday,

  26. i think she looks nice, but dont u think this saree is abit TOO extreme just for an aperence on indian idol? like really, i think u P&P have let her off easy. nice saree, and she does look nice but i think would had perfect for a party or wedding etc

  27. The whole look has a very Egyptian vibe to it. Extremely pretty and original. Like Maharani meets Cleopatra.

    Sonam is young and she has offered a fresh take on the sari. I really like it.

  28. This is really a great sari and blouse. She just doesn’t exude the confidence to carry it off. Very couture, better off on a model or someone like Lara Dutta.

  29. Love it, love it.. she pulls it off… she looks exactly like a girl wearing a sraee for the first time at a public apperance, her hair should have been pulled back

  30. looking pretty, except for the hair. also wish she wore some bangles. looks bare. my friend wore a pretty similar AK saree for her engagement. she looked stunning, even better than sonam:)

  31. Love the Sari and the blouse. Wish though that Sonam had opted for some other hairstyle ( loose waves) other than the straight sleek look.

  32. i didntlike the saree,blouse, her eyebrws,makeup,earrings….first i thought its a Manish Malhotra Saree…I think sha has dark circles…

  33. Funny saree, not liking the star trek blouse, and as you say the ear rings are great. The image is not zoomable, but I guess on the show it would have been clearly visible ins spite of ironed poker strght hair.


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