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    OMG ! just look at her gorgeous face & killer body, i am dead !

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    God !! this outfit might have looked OTT even at most weddings and she wore this to Big boss. *shakes head *

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    The skirt is so exquisite that the blouse just seems like it needs to go to the full length.The bare mid-chest is too stark a contrast with the skirt here.Though the color is very rich and outshines the design even.But she looks pretty though.

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    Call me old fashioned but I think this outfit looks so incomplete without a dupatta.

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      My thoughts exactly !!

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    Stunning color and lehenga (from a total non anamika Khanna fan)
    But that blouse is so awkward and really not well fitted

    And I’m certainly no prude and think crop tops can be cute
    But the gap between the top and skirt is way too wide to pull off without a dupatta

    What a waste of a gorgeous lehenga

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    if the buttons or zipper were at the back,it would have been comparatively more aesthetic.

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    I love it! I don’t think it needs a dupatta. Atleast not on Sonam. She carries it so well.

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    The skirt is gorgeous, but I kind of feel it’s a bit too much for a TV show. Maybe, she is just sticking to her movie’s theme, which then is alright. Yes, agree with others that the blouse looks very odd, and I miss a dupatta on her too.

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    Jeepers creepers….St Patrick went trick O treating…

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    They say that a minor imperfection ozzes the perfect beauty within. She might have thought about this while choosing to wear most imperfect top, it has outplayed the royal elegant rich green gorgepus lehenga,ruining it completely. Jewellery and styling is beauty , but even they couldn’t hide the imbalance of the top. Sonam please let clothes do talking and don’t accept designs and styles blindly.

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    Watched BB9 episode.Loved d outfit n Sonam ws luking drop dead gorgeous in rich green colour.Plain full sleeves blouse ws going really well wid d lehenga n outfit wasn’t luking incomplete or odd at all.Sonam like always ws carrying it wid grace.One more thing, shade of her lipstick ws not red, though here it appears to b red in second row pics..It ws in deep pinkish purplish hue.

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    That’s a lovely shade of green. I like the top half of the skirt..the transition into the remaining part of the colourful skirt seems very abrupt and discordant.

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    Such a badly made top. Too gaudy though the colors are not that loud on the skirt but her face looks nice in the second set of filtered pics.

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    Not feeling the top. Needs a duppata. Love the jewels, make-up and hair.

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      +1 Needs a dupatta or the top needs to be longer. The elegance is lost the way it is right now.

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    She looks amazing head to toe.

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    I wonder how this looks from behind. Any thoughts? Anyone?

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