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  1. Maya at | | Reply

    That’s a depressing sari, even more so for Diwali. All the jewelry pieces are nice but not working on that sari. A colorful lehenga and low cut blouse would’ve made the pieces look good together(it would be more of a wedding look though that never stops Sonam). The yellow suit is pretty.

  2. slc at | | Reply

    I much prefer the yellow anarkali. I disagree with you on the ‘overloaded jewelry’ comment. . The saree is stark white with minimum work (don’t understand why it’s a designer piece either) that it needs the jewels. Sonam looks nice .

  3. Anya at | | Reply

    That saree cannot possibly be by a designer. It’s something you can buy from a shop and make a saree out of yourself. Rest 2 looks are nice.

  4. Deb at | | Reply

    The sari is divine?! It’s a length of cream silk / chiffon!! Maybe a couple of bits of microscopic embroidery were added or not. There is understated and then there is daylight robbery.

  5. vanaissa at | | Reply

    What is designer about that sari? Kuch bhi. These designers and stylists really rip the celebrities.
    This girl has been dressed to the nines for her last few appearances. She seems almost relieved to have dressed “down” in the yellow.

  6. Sam at | | Reply

    Totally disagree about the jewelry. It is gorgeous. That is traditional HyderabadI jewelry she is wearing going back to the time of the Nizam. The layered necklace is called a satlara.

  7. ada at | | Reply

    The second look is so trying hard that it’s beyond funny. That hairstyle doesn’t go with the look at all.She must be going for Rajmata look.
    Yellow look is nice but needs bindi.
    She looks nice in the first one though.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      +1. The first look is the only nice one relatively and even in it her makeup as always is so white.

  8. aarthi at | | Reply

    P&P, can you please ID the jewelry she is wearing with the jacket/dress combo look?

  9. Desimom at | | Reply

    Saree is divine ??? Really ??!!???
    She looks like she’s on her way for the remake of “Aaja re Noorie” song..
    No way I would hav guessed it’s a diwali look !!

  10. Vidhya at | | Reply

    Thats the worst saree I have seen anyone wear leave alone a celebrity. Period.

  11. rtm at | | Reply

    Whats with the eyebrows??

  12. Mio at | | Reply

    Did Diwali die? The white saree feels so wrong for the festive season. It looks extremely dull and other than the label, has nothing that justifies the designer tag. But I guess, thats all that matters in her world.

  13. Sylviana at | | Reply

    Okay P&P!! When it comes to Sonam , you guys are like the Cam of Modern Family who says ‘divine’ for even the most trivial things!! That’s a plain white sari paired with an even boring blouse and you guys manage to find it ‘Divine’ ,just because it is worn by lil miss Sonam!!?? Tch, Tch , too bad you guys! Please don’t become one of the folks from her entourage who I presume are saying things like ‘Woah you are one youth icon girl!!’ into Sonam’s ears and making her live in one fantasy land !

    1. Tania at | | Reply

      Haha,spot on Cam comparison.
      I am really getting sick of Sonam stepping out wearing everything and anything she can get her hands on. She should have taken it easy with the jewellery.

  14. Avani at | | Reply

    Karisma donned a brighter yellow – ordinary suit and looked elegant & classy in it. While this cheery yellow suit is nice, somehow on Sonam, the overall look falls flat. The white sari and all those jewels seems so forced just to make a statement. I wish she stops trying this hard to look different to live up to the image of fashionista.

  15. Nida at | | Reply

    Lord the girl knows versatility. I personally lean towards the yellow look even though it’s the least edgy. Also her jewelry with the saree is traditional Hyderabadi jewelry. The choker’s called a Gulluband, the layered necklace is a Satlaara (7 layers– saath) and the earrings.. er as far as I know are just called jhumke but the whole thing is a set usually with available matching jhoomar and teeka

    1. Ayesha at | | Reply

      The earrings are known as karran phool

  16. Nida at | | Reply

    Also do y’all know if designers ever get involved in styling aka jewelry? Because Anamika, in the past, has made multiple silhouettes that are very similar to a traditional Hyderabadi wedding outfit called a khada dupatta.

  17. Ayesha at | | Reply

    Whats with the hyderabadi dulhan look? If you dressed like that here and you wern’t a bride everyone would make fun of you…usually I like her looks, but all of her diwali appearances have fallen flat for me. I thought malaika and karisma really looked stunning this year.

  18. begumbrown at | | Reply

    The only divine thing in any of these looks is the hyderabadi jewellery.
    What’s up with her white sari look. Prem Ratan has been released . Move on Sonam.

  19. anna at | | Reply

    This is like the case of a nerd who topped the boards once and now has to keep that topper image alive by staying away from normal school kid behaviour.

    White saree for diwali?? Why is it always about ‘the look’ and not overall feel/aptness of her clothes. It breaks my heart to see people pushed into the corner to the extent of being a 24*7 model.

    1. Avani at | | Reply


  20. BlueBells at | | Reply

    In the white “divine” sari *coughs coughs*, she looks like a mother of some Rajkumari. Hate the first “night gown” type look.. Look 3 is the only saving grace.

  21. um at | | Reply

    WOW ! Just look at her fashion sense & versatility, no one can be like this diva.

  22. Melange at | | Reply

    Only liking the first look (jacket combo) here. Agree with the rest of the commenters on the Sari and the yellow suit is just blah.

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