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  1. RT at | | Reply

    Ages her tremendously. In this age where everyone is trying to look younger, Sonam tires to look older than her age.

    1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

      You have been classically conditioned to attach “elderly” with this kind of look, but the age you associate with this kind of attire is in your mind…not in the saree itself. I am 23 and I would like nothing better than to wear soft vintage sarees all my life.

  2. Apsara77 at | | Reply

    It’s a lovely saree and the jewellery is gorgeous. I don’t like the drape that much but overall, it’s a really great look on Sonam.

  3. $ at | | Reply

    The jewellery dint go with the look.The gold toned clutch and saree border dint look well put togather with the diamond.Also could not understand the pattern of the saree…clumsy at the neck

  4. Jess r at | | Reply

    Love the sari on her but don’t get the silver jewelry with gold border.

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    She should be in a museum as a relic!

    1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

      As compared to in a strip club as Miss Vinyl? “Museum” “Relic” both massive compliments.

    2. Avani at | | Reply

      LOL. And at Smithsonian, no less.

  6. kiki at | | Reply

    I think she looks good. Maybe its the color that appears to be aging.. but I don’t see why one should always strive to look young.

  7. Vysh at | | Reply

    Just plain old. Love the colour on her though.

  8. Swati at | | Reply

    Not everyone aspires to look “young” all the time! Sometimes people just want to experiment with their look — they might wear a graphic print dress like Parabal Gurung’s one day and choose to wear a look like this the next. I completely get what she’s going for cuz I do the same!

    PS: Maharani Gayatri Devi often dressed in these sort of colours and styles even in her twenties and thirties, and no one ever looks at her photos and tells me she looked “aged”!

  9. Sweets at | | Reply

    Super elegant!

  10. Ritu at | | Reply

    Neckpiece not going with the gold border so looks out of place. N the sari drape reminds me of gujrati women. It ages her and not gracefully this time.

  11. Unda murgi at | | Reply

    The lookin very elegant and seems to be inspired by Gayatri Devi but it makes Sonam look years older than her age. I am on the fence about this one.

  12. Unda murgi at | | Reply

    The look is very elegant and seems to be inspired by Gayatri Devi but it makes Sonam look years older than her age. I am on the fence about this one.

  13. PrettyCritic at | | Reply

    At first glance I thought she looked really old. But the more I see it the less I mind it. She does look lovely.

  14. Dilasha at | | Reply

    Bling clash!

  15. Shefali Arora at | | Reply

    Wow…my grandma would surely love this saree…lolz

  16. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Great vintage look…love this

    1. Kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree. She looks like royalty. She looks her age. Not ageing at all.

  17. Amodini at | | Reply

    She looks charming, although yes, it does age her.

  18. Soumi at | | Reply

    With that soft colour, dreamy hair and make up, she can’t look aged! I think she looks lovely. And I LOVE how she doesn’t try too hard to look “young” all the time. This look is classic without any of the classic-ish cliches. This is something I can wear for my wedding as well as my 50th anniversary. It has such a timeless appeal!

  19. rtm at | | Reply

    She looks like a really stylish 50-year old Parsi aunty….who no denying that all the other 50yr old parsi aunties envy….but yes, this look is very 50yr-old-parsi-aunty

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  21. DramaMama at | | Reply

    Very rajmata vibes. I don’t mind the fact she chose to dress up a little older, it’s a look she carries well. But the drape of the pallu is not something I am on board with. A regular style would have looked much more elegant with this sari, IMHO.

    1. Bluebells at | | Reply

      Lol@ Rajmaata. =)) I couldn’t stop laughing and infact I completely agree with your latter part of the statement. I think if she would have chosen to keep it simple with a falling pallu, it would have looked very youthfully elegant. Sometimes less is always more but as I always see it with Sonam, she always attempts to be unique, so no matter how it comes out overall. Currently she looks like some 45 yrs old daughter of a veteran politician who has come in for the inauguration of some new hotel in the town.

      1. DramaMama at | | Reply

        Ha ha. The politician daughter bit is hilarious and apt. I can almost picture it!

    2. Bond at | | Reply

      i love the jewellery, the outfit should have been chosen in a better way to compliment the jewellery.
      The vintage look is fine but u can’t have gold border !

  22. preetid at | | Reply

    I think Sonam is always classy and try to wear sarees like a maharani would do .. being a punjabi , I can say its not too much bling ..
    I love sonam kapoor because she has a elegant style statement which is classy and expensive .. If I have the moolah i would do the same .. She wears a deep neck with a gown with same poise as this saree .

  23. adya at | | Reply

    I like her outfit. But for a fashionista her hair and make up is a disaster way too often – and here again! Gayatri devi’s make up never looked iffy!

  24. sonal at | | Reply

    I don’t think the entire saree is organza, maybe only the Pallu coz organza sarees don’t sit so well, the fabric is rather stiff

  25. Slc at | | Reply

    She may look a tad bit older, but very elegant as well.

  26. Megha at | | Reply

    It’s not vintage it feels hokey
    I understand being inspired by Maharani Gayatri Devi but here it feels like the inspiration was for a costume party in how literal it is

  27. sandhya at | | Reply

    She looks elegant. What’s not working however is the white gold used to set the diamonds with the gold border…..the contrast is hurting the eyes.

  28. muffy at | | Reply

    I have noticed now u don’t praise sonam deliberately, because haters accused u of being biased towards her. plz be honest & don’t change ur opinions just to avoid bashing from her haters

  29. Fashion bubble at | | Reply

    She looks like a Parsi aunty

  30. urvi at | | Reply

    Plain old…first look at her n it gave me a grandma impression

  31. Puneeta at | | Reply

    She doen’t look aged, nor does she look normal. She looks like she’s playing dress up and the exaggeratedly elegant stance, tightly combed hair and overly blingy jewels add to that feel.

    Yes, Gayatri Devi wore such sarees when she was young, but her jewels weren’t so extravagant or in your face- even now when she’s old she just wears a strand of pearls. Nor would she ever wear the pallu in such a style. That is class. This is just a Sindhi idea of royalty. Sucky.

    Sorry Sonam, but you need to stop *playing* at dress up and instead actually dress up.

    Remember Deepika in that old fashioned peach saree at the Finding Fanny premiere? Now that is class. That is vintage. That is classic.

  32. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Sometimes daring to go different doesnt work, and in this case it didnt. Draping the sari naturally would have made such a more positive difference.

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